Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Frilly and Funkie challenge #17; Haberdashery..."Fitting For Grandma, and Grandpa, too!"

       September brings us to the end of Summer, but it's also the usual month for Grandparent's Day. I enjoyed my first such holiday last year, but I think this one will be even better since our Wittle Peanut actually recognizes all four of his Grandparents now! I can only see each year getting better as our family grows. This "Grandma thing" really ROCKS! It's like I've been lifted up into this elite group for whom certain things no longer matter (like a little weight gain, or a few more wrinkles) simply because a tiny human causes us to look upon those things as if they were hard-earned solid gold crowns...and they ARE! So, once again, Peanut brings me another Challenge project entry & it goes something like this...
    I first met the other family back when I was about 12, & still in Elementary School - same school corp  & area we've lived for 31 yrs now. The one bringing us together that first time was my CAT. cat and the spools of thread she ate. Doc Anderson was the veterinarian who saved all 9 of Sizzles' lives. His Assistant/Wife, Connie Anderson, and their future kids, were destined to be a part of our family's lives. The first re-meeting was when our older Son, and their youngest Daughter both started Kindergarten. We found each other attending the same events, as well as being Room Mothers or Helpers with each other's classes. Our younger Son was born in 1992 & had severe asthma. During one of his Dr visits, we had to reschedule- he'd been called out "to deliver the Anderson's twins", which was how we found out it was twin boys- whom we'd meet a couple months later during the GVFD Fish Fry my ChiefHubby & I always worked. The 3 (plus our younger Daughter in law) entered Kindergarten together & all graduated together. The 3 boys were also in Cub Scouts & began Boy Scouts together- of which the ChiefHubby was Pack Cubmaster & Troop Assist Scout Master (while I served as Chairperson & general Go-fer). All of both families' kids were involved in Band starting in the 5th Grade. This meant lots of time spent together- especially when it came to HS Marching Band. The Pioneer Legion of Gold took us all on the road every fall, and gave us quite a few hard-earned great awards at the State contest level- as well as many great memories (including playing for then-sitting President GW Bush)! Then, just as those last kids were graduating in 2010, a litter of half Chesapeake Bay Retrievers were born & a mutual Bestie of ours helped Connie deliver them & name them all after Doc Ralph & his Anderson siblings- 1 of whom was also our other veterinarian & the CH's Grandparents' for years. One of those pups was with our Bestie camping with us & that little blonde, youngest/runt girl they named Imy, toddled over & sat on my feet. She became my next Hearing Helper: Hunni Pi! And there's another story also: one for the Firefighters in our family. Circa 2004...Connie's oldest Daughter was in a serious car accident out on our main highway (mutually used by all families mentioned in this post). Her vehicle was hit as she pulled out of her road, and her very life was ebbing away as her own Dad was sitting in traffic not far away, while on his way home. He recognized the car and went running to it, but was met and told "Tell your Daughter you love her,". No Firefighter, POfficer, or EMS personnel needs to be told the meaning of those words. She was air-lifted away within her "Golden Hour", and she not only lived; she came back from it very successfully and married her Sweatheart (who stood by her throughout all), and is raising THREE of her Mom's Grandchildren! The tie between us in that story? The fact that it was my ChiefHubby who helped lobby and get that Life Flight training for their GVFD just two weeks prior to that very accident- the only one where a helicopter could make a difference in saving a life on that highway. Yes...I still feel the chill of "WOW" in that and am VERY PROUD of the 26 years my ChiefHubby sacrificed time, energy, training, and his very sanity in that job- with never any pay.
     Fast-forward from our younger kids' HS Graduation,  through all our kids' college years & marriages, to the present: Connie now has 6 Grandkids, the last coming just after our Peanut- from classmates (their younger Daughter & our older Son). A few weeks ago, our mutual Bestie passed me a gift from Connie...this book. She'd gotten one herself, and then gotten one for our mutual Bestie. And now, I am the glad receiver of a copy also!  If you aren't familiar with it; it's about how whatever happens Grandma's house... stays at Grandma's!  ;)
 Since I wanted to make a little item for Connie as a "Thank You!" for her lovely (& hilariously true) gift, the Challenge theme of "Haberdashery" was perfect timing. While my own talents do not include more than passive stichery on paper crafts or as clothing repair needs, my mother, Nola, has been a professional sewer all her life. Not a seamstress- who just alters items, but a professional designer/creator. And Connie knows her through not only through past vet care of Nola's pets, but through sewing also. Thus came my idea of a vintage double-sided tag that would date far enough back in design as to for a Grandmother on one side, and a Grandfather on the other. I made two- with each being slightly different, yet similar, to the other. And here's what I ended up with....

                                   The "how to" photos come first:

The finished "Grandma's" sides of each Tag...

                          The closeups will show Tag 1 (left side above) first.

                       These next 2 closeups are both Tags combined in same photo.

                        Now, we have the flip sides (Grandpa's side) of both...

       And again; closeup photos with Grandpa 1 (left side above) followed by Grandpa 2...

Extra photos for the fun of it- so Connie can show them off, or use the photo however she pleases.

    The comments -and compliments- left on my last post (Frilly and Funkie Challenge #16) are so sweet, & greatly inspiring: THANK YOU, ALL! It's another F&FFavorite Badge on my blog wall, and a huge honor to be considered for among so much GIFTED TALENT!! Just when I think I've "seen it all" in paper creation...I get blown away all over again by the ideas brought to paper-life by people who love crafting and sharing it!
    If you haven't tried one of these Challenges on The Frilly and Funkie Challenge Blog
you are missing out on some FUN! Who knows: you might even win the drawing for a $25 shopping spree from the Sponsor, The Funkie Junkie Boutique  At the very least, you can learn a few new tricks and make some wonderful new friends because Crafters make the best! Pun totally intended. ;)

   THANKS so very much for taking the time to pop in and allow me to share yet another piece of my life with you. And until next time....
                                              Be Safe &
                                  HAPPY BLOGGING!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Frilly and Funkie Challenge #16 "Back To Nature"... Pick Ur BEACH!

   As per my usual- the last to get done is the blogging post...within hours of deadline, even though it looked like I was going to make it a full day earlier. Best laid plans always go wishy-washy on me. But, the important part is not WHEN you show up, but the showing up itself.
    I spent some time looking at journals and booklets, and especially the projects posted online (Facebook- Tim Holtz Addicts) and got some awesome ideas puppy-running in my head! So this was my chance to try out a couple...

                 Let's begin with the video, so I am not typing so much under the photos, but allow the photos to just give further closeup still shots at the work done. In the video, I explain the difference I have encountered between "regular" cheaper cardstocks and the Tim Holtz cardstocks. Since that made the biggest part of this challenge to be...well, rather challenging...we'll start there.

I'm not 'knocking' this type of cardstock (nor any other brands) and will likely keep buying it as I choose for whatever needed solid-color projects. It IS still very useful! (And bargain priced for several types of things.) BUT- it does tear too easily when you are using adhesives and need to remove/replace/repair your project along the way. That was my main point.

Starting this book- measuring and cutting for my own likes and specs.
This is the FUN way to CREATE a unique project all your own design!

Here, I have the basic background for the book, and am choosing not to add any ink or edging to 
to it at all- just the covering backgrounds of TH cardstocks/paperies. This matched very nicely with my theme and is the main reason I used this stock. 

I'll break in here for a minute or two so I can show you how I made the fish!

The first step was to make a page of 'deep ocean' where the fish would be;
this required some Ranger Alcohol Inks, Ink Blending Tool, and Alcohol Ink Blending Solution.
Now, while I got to use my new Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat...
I totally forgot to add that new Alcohol Lift Ink Pad and the Lift ReInker!!!
BUT- there is STILL fun to be had with the Alcohol Inks and Blending Solution, so...
here's my take on The Deep Blue- complete with Blending Solution droplets
to look like fish air bubbles.

Shrinky Dink "paper" can be found at just about any store that carries copy paper or paper supplies.
This particular kind (shown here) can be printed with your computer (I use Canon Pixma or my travel Canon Selphy) OR used with a good permanent ink (I chose my Ranger Archival Black)…
the trick is to SAND THE PAPER DOWN FIRST! 

You can use any stamps after sanding, and I happened to have a full set of ocean-themed clear stamps that came in a box of yard sale goodies for a bargain of $5 a couple summers ago (but never got the chance to use them for the right project). They are clear, when I really prefer TH's red rubber stamps, but they were too cute and I love anything ocean!

After making 6 of the fish, I decided I needed just ONE fish to "escape the bunch caught" and wanted him to look different. My mind went to 'numbers' and 'statistics', so I got out my TH red rubber sets that had anything numbers, etc on them (he has quite a few that qualify) and chose the Reflections with the numbers. The Mind-Puppies got me going here thinking fish will swim ANY WAY they can  in order to escape: upside down, sideways, backwards (if they can), and so on.  So why not have the numbers taking the escaped fish off into the hiding place?! He's not about to let himself become a statistic being caught and eaten! 

Here is the fish being stamped with the Reflections Stamp....
those of you who have done this before will notice that I am actually going BACKWARDS with the technique: the fish stamp is the one holding still, and the Reflections Stamp is doing the moving.

I put the sanded Shrinky paper on top then gently rolled it without allowing it to move.
 A plain stamping block worked well for this and it was only ONE fish.
If I was going to do several... I'd make it work in the Stamping Platform!!

The end result was pretty COOL, and even MORE SO once it was shrunk!

Using the block came in handy for heating and shrinking, since the shrink paper WILL curl.

The 6 regular fishies…

...and "the one that got away"!

Now, let's finish out the rest of the photos...

This was an extremely FUN (very challenging, too) project, and I am not ashamed
to admit that I was completely OBSESSED with it- from start to finish- I couldn't seem to just leave
it 'be' till it was totally finished! I would even wake up after a few hours of sleep and think "Omygosh; I've got a thought of how I can fold that!" and run off to do it before I could forget.
Now THAT is "OCD" a good way, of course. ;)

I also need to take a sec here to shoutout:
to you folks leaving such SWEET comments on my previous projects!
As much as I am on the run all the time (as I can be and then down flat from all the running after it hits me), I try to leave notes for the projects that really strike a chord in my Artful Muse, because it can be a real up-lifter to an artist when others see their work. Sharing is the basic theme of what it's all about- no matter what kind of art you are into, and no matter what talent you have (and our Creator GOD has indeed given EVERYONE a talent...they just have to discover what that talent is)!

On that last note about sharing...
these projects can be seen as entries on 
and every entry is automatically in the drawing for a $25 Gift Certificate sponsored by
where you can find just about anything you need to make any of these projects
at a cheaper price than in most stores.

THANKS! for everyone checking in on this post,
and so many other posts in the archive!
I find myself truly HUMBLED to think others actually LIKE some of these
crazy creations my Muse has me making!
So, until the next Challenge post....

Stay Safe &