Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

WELCOME To Year 2014!

                                 The end of 2013 has come, just when I got used to the odd number. Thankfully, I'm pretty situated into using the 20 prefix. But that actually took the better part of the first decade before I stopped using the old number 19. I'm so situated, in fact, that a paper I'd dated and signed was returned to me for correction of the right century where my birth date was entered. So here we go into another year- but this one's a year I am definitely looking forward to! The ChiefHubby & I will celebrate our 30th Anniversary on July 2014! Bahamas are waiting for us with a total of 10 booked to go....and we're planning all the stuff we did when we were younger; jetski, riding (, WHAT ELSE??), swimming, skiing, and coral-reefing. A new thing we haven't done is parasail. THAT oughtta be vewwwy interwesting, to be sure!
              But, it's not just the cruise I can look forward to...but rather the continuing JOURNEY of LIFE itself. After all the illness that struck at 39, I can finally say that I can not only handle what life hit me with, but also feel as if it BLESSED me in the long run afterward. I feel like I have more to look forward to than ever before. Not that I didn't, mind you. But when you get hit with one thing after another, sooner or later; you break. It's how you handle that breakdown, and WHO you ask to help you handle it. JESUS has been there every step of the way- even when I kicked, screamed, and protested....allllll the way. HE stayed near me and helped me keep seeing a little light whenever the tunnel seemed to get too dark for me to see the way. HE never let go of my hand, and HE even sent me a ton of WONDERFUL people for me to be humbly honored to call FAMILY. As this year moves on, like all of them, it will likely move on faster than I want it to. My goal will be to just make the most of each day- even if it seems nothing at all happened. Just being ALIVE is a GIFT. A precious gift that is not meant to be taken for granted. Let's be thankful for the little things, be generous with all the big things, and learn to let the unimportant things go where they belong: into the past.
                          HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

         Every year, our group of peeps - the bunch of Besties we do so many things with, share so much of our time with, and that we love so dearly that we are proud to call them FAMILY- gather together on New Year's Eve to ring in the new year, and take a group shot that is always the first photo of that year. So here it is: 2014.....

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Wishing you, and yours, a very Merry CHRISTmas!
May the blessings of The newborn KING bring the comfort
of His tender mercy, infinite love and gracious forgiveness
He offers freely to all who will turn to seek His face, and accept the wonders He promises to us -not just in this earthly life- but in the Eternal Life to come! Amen!
With Love,
The Larimore Family;
~David, Lyla, Brian, Brett& Holli~
~BudderCup, Baxter, HunniPi, Shax & Moose~

Thursday, December 19, 2013

2012 Family Photo Books

                   I made these mini scrapbooks last year for our annual fam photo shoot I love doing! I am a creature of the 'same place every year' shots, and while I get tons of rolling eyes (making me think of calling 911 since they all seem to be having some kind of...seizure...??), the fam tends to go along with me on it. So Since our family began growing, I added two more sets of whatever I am making so each of our boys' girls would have their own also. I am hoping to make a different each year. 'HOPING' is the key word here.
                   These are 2012 books.... and posted below the photo, You will find videos so you can see each of the pages on each book.

More PHotograPHy PHun...My PHamily...

                        My fave photo subjects are probably the people in my life. Closest would be my ChiefHubby and our kids, of course. Throughout the years I've had 'the camera bug' bite going on since, ohhhhhh.....probably when I was seeing my Grandpa Raymer with his camera or movie camera out. And years later, I'd see a homemade setup he came up with for his title-making. It was awesome to see that it closely resembled my own that I came up with! Great minds DO think alike!! ;)
                         I claim to be 'officially retired' now from all the photo work I used to do for our kids' schools, Bands, etc, and also from a group we joined in 2000? based in Birmingham, Bama called Carpenters For Christ that is a missions where a few hundred or so take a week during the early summer to build churches ; yes, with hammer, nails, and lots os sweat. I do still take and post shots for church most of the time. But I encourage everyone to join in on that and help post info of whatever group they are in doing whatever they are doing!
                         Of the many cams and video equipment I have, the Canon is my fave. I have a RebelXT which I love for the 'old way' of doing photos (the only "right way" but with digital added) and the newer little cam that does all my big cam does plus takes pretty good quality video the Rebel doesn't do at all. My cell phone is....myeh. And while the iPad makes working for church photos easy-as-storebought-pie, the quality sucks. But I end up using it alot more since it uploads during services so others can enjoy as it happens without interfering with the soundbooth/video feed. 
                         So, here are a few of my faves...just some within reach.

2013 SelPHie Shots...Photo Phun!

                 This past fall, I had some phun with my photography...selfies! One day while the kids were still in their teens, I had some (actually a couple of years) down time and opened up my laptop going through alot of pics taken of our family...our Wedding Day, birth of older FFCaptSon, birth of younger PurdueNuclearHonorsEngineeringSon, lots of pics of my ChiefHubby as he moved up the ranks of firefighting classes& training, family trips, holidays, etc. (You get the picture...hahaha!) When I noticed that other than the 'mandatory' family shots on timered-cam....this Mom was rarely seen in a any  photos simply because we MOMS are the usual ones taking the photo. 
                  And then came along 'selfies'... or should we dubbed that, more appropriately; 'selphies' with the correct ph as in PHotograPHer?? 
                  Whatever. In any case, I was never one to want to be on camera, because I was more comfortable behind one. Unless we're talking STAGE, here: I could be up on a stage in front of a live audience and feel quite at home there! Having said that, a few years ago, I decided it was high time I took some photos of myself, lest our children, while looking at pics long after I am passed on, think : "There's none of MOM in these!", whilst they will surely remember me as Mother, Maid, Sweeper-runner, and carrier of the loaded dustingcloth. Enough chit-chat as I have tons to do before the CHRISTmas holiday gets here. It's already Dec.19, and while I do have the tree out& is missing the ornaments. My cards have not yet even been made. YIKES! Late Lyla is REALLY late this year! So without further ado...
                  Photog phun this past phall...(Crop, align, and touchup on these was a must where flubs were evident in the, oh..say... 100 oddpics I had to take to get these how I wanted. And, you'd die laughing as I did on the ones that got me TRYING& FAILING to get up on that phallen tree!!) The first set taken at GVFD station, and the middle & last sets were taken at Roller's private camping place during one of our many churchbuds camping outings all over Indiana together...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tags of Another Kind- The Giving Kind!

             These tags are something I've been making for the past three years. Two from previous years are shown in upper right corner of the photo. I simply start with a good, stiff cardstock ;double-sided not only works well, stands up to time better, and is easier to work with, but it also gives you a writing side of the tag with no extra work on your part. I like to do a lot of tearing of papers- usually in my fave Americana Primitive colors -and do some gluing, and then roll over them with a fave stamp-roller. But you can cut shapes to glue (such as the star on the ragged colored, stamped with BIBLE verse "As for me and my house; we will serve The LORD.")  In this year's tag, I'm continuing from last year and using my fave Stampin'Up Jumbo Roller with "Red, White, & Blue" Jumbo Stamp (which I don't think is available any longer, sorry). Finally, either run them through my Big Shot with a tag die, or use a hand-punch for the desired shaped tag. Bits of ribbon, torn cloth, jute rope, binder twine, etc for the ends, and hemp string or other thinner string for tying to packages or gift.  I usually write the person's name onto the back so they can hang the tag for keeping. I can make up 80 to 100 of these in one afternoon, and they last me quite some time into the new year. 
              Making my own tags is a way to stay "Green" as well! Using up those papers you don't really like the design of, but the paper itself still has a good use left for it. And don't forget your scrapbin too!

DECEMBER TAG- 12 Tags of 2013

         December brings with it, the last Tag for 2013. I was somewhat...relieved?? it actually looked pretty simple. This relief came as a result of too many things yet to get done before CHRISTmas Day gets here. For the first time since I've been doing paper cards for CHRISTmas, I am really late with them. Since our wedding in 1984, I was giddy over sending our first CHRISTmas cards out! Now, however...being a bit older and WISER...I almost dread it! Not the actual giving & getting of them- but just the work getting them finished and out. I make my own with several photos of how our year went. A twist on the usual- and rather boring- CHRISTmas Letter. So getting that Tag done was first in line since it was going to be my "Ornament" for our exchange in the Ladies Circle group of our church. It's always fun to see what everyone else makes... or buys if they're not so 'crafty'. This Tag didn't look too hard at all. Ahhhh...that word...."LOOK".
          After looking into the instructions on the new technique Tim was showing, I knew right away I was going to need to modify my tag a bit from his. I didn't have the special plastic he has, nor the tissue material he used. But I did have the grungepaper and inks, etc...basically the rest of it all. So in place of the tissue, my heart went right to the main idea- CHRIST. I used an old Bible that I salvaged for just 25cents, and copied JESUS' birth story from The Book of Luke. (Matthew is better, but I actually used those pages on another project before I started copying pages as I kept wanting my same fave verses over and over.) Using paper copy holds up better for gluing to grungepaper than the regular Bible pages which tear easily and make gluing difficult. I used Glossy Accents to adhere the copied Scripture and then cut petals using TH's Alterations die Tattered Florals. No, I don't have the Poinsetta die, as I would never use it...until this tag came up, anyway. But I was able to cut the floral shapes more into pointy-looking poinsetta leaves and then color as he did his petals. So that was the only major change from his tag done to my own. 
       One could argue this tag is "too simple" but I think that just makes it stand out all the more lovelier! Simplistic & very pretty! I added a pair of miniture skates to the Tag I kept for my own collection, and for the one given into the Ornament Exchange, I added a few Ideaology pearls to the ribbon- which I chose to use an old crochet-like lace. Gave it a kind of old-fashioned but elegant feel. I think the December Tag may be at the top of my "Fave List" of tags. 
         The backside of the tag- which I usually also decorate- became a nice place to add a photo. Perhaps I will add our traditional  all-humans&furries-in-front-of-the-tree shot. But for now, shown, is a summer photo (taken on the beaches of Emerald Coast, Florida). I used the Tim Holtz Alterations FAMILY Movers&Shapers die, then tucked a tied ribbon in between the two front and back tags for holding the photo. 
      While time is so short these days with so much to do (making gifts for others is usually what takes up much of my time) plus lots of baking and this year, I tried making my black raspberry pickings into jam. It turned out VERY NICELY, and I can't believe it took me so long to try it. I often say that the area we live in is "the Black Raspberry Capitol of the World" as they are so abundant and if you cannot find me at home in June and July...along the roads covered in purplish-pulp is where you will probably find me. I usually stash away into my freezer 5 to 10 gallons of them each year. Before that is Morel mushroom season- another thing we are well known for out here. ;)
         I also got the idea of a cushioning for the jars of jam gifts: crocheted hotpads for warm plates of toast to sit on. I used Jute binder twine- easily found in most stores, esp in farm supply stores. Those were difficult to do with the spun twine, but the result is a really neat and usable pad! Definitely can be great used in all our campers during joint trips we take together throughout the summers!

    I plan to add more things I've done before 2014 blows in. But until then- 
Have yourself a MERRY little :D