Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Monday, October 28, 2013

OCTOBER TAG- 12 Tags of 2013 by Lyla Larimore

      My blog is now up & running, although I will probably need tweaks here and there....basically, it looks like I want it to look. So for my first Tag that's a product of my own work to post, it is fitting that it happens to be for my own birthday which falls in October on the 18th. While that was my inspiration for making four more for other 'Fellow Pumpkins' in our group of close friends (better known as 'The Chickstas' as we call ourselves- which I'll explain at some point on this blog) whose birthdays also fall (hehe) in the month of October.
       T!m Holtz's tag was a technique showing off the Distress Glitter. And here is where he and I part ways on the Crafty Road....I absolutely detest glitter. Ok, that sounds kinda strange coming from a girl. But ever since I was little, I see glitter as being an ugly-cheapo-cheesey kind of....what's the word we used to use before "bling" came along...??....."glitzy"...??? So, there ya go. While I will admit to the draw that the Distress Glitter COLOR did for my eyes, I am still put off by it. I will also admit that looking through his technique, I was drawn in by the fact that it can be SHADED or played down by using Distress Inks (which I'm crazy over!) around the edges. That said, it makes me ....just a TINY BIT....wanna give it a try. So next time I am near any of it on my next shopping excursion - provided they have some neutral shades of color stocked of it - I will give the Distress Glitter a fair try. Until then, you will not find even one grain of glitter in my home. ICKEY-POOEY! (shuddering)
         So, I did the next-closest technique to the glitter-thing; embossing powder. Other than that, I stayed true to the rest of his techniques used in the October Tag. Seeing that I love playing with numbers (that's the closest you will get me to saying I like any part of the Honors Math my kids are gifted at), I decided to make my cut elements and background stamps pertain to the numbers found on a calendar or in time. That's kind of a hoot when you think about "Lyla and TIME" in the same sentence. I am ALWAYS LATE- almost to a point of OCD with it. I'll hopefully be late for my own funeral and eulogy. Oh well.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

OCTOBER TAG 12 Tags of 2013 by Tim Holtz

      The October Tag from Tim Holtz's 12 Tags of 2013 marks my very first blog post! From this point on, I may post his next to my own, but that remains to be seen as to how I will go about this. And how often I will add a post to my blog. Generally- whenever I make something is when I will post. And more than likely- those items will vary from papercrafting to my photography work. And as I get this blog running, I'll add more decor and ways to mainstream so it can all be easily borrowed for ideas if others wish to. Here's what I am all about: as long as GOD provides a way for me to share it, then it will be so shared. And what is the fun of having a talent in anything if it can't be shared with others so that GOD will get all the glory for giving us those talents. Esp in my photography- the subject of the photo is the most important part be it people, animals, or the world around us.