Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Sunday, August 24, 2014

AUGUST Tag: The 12 Tags of 2014

      The August Tag was a challenge from T!m for all of us to let our muse lead us in creating a tag that we would enjoy just for the very sake of CREATIVITY. And my own muse is definitely spurred on with the help of my cameras! So instead of using the camera this time to do the work (using the photographs from the cameras), I decided to let the camera itself shine! And in my case; I have several cams (both digital and filmstrip stills, and VHS, &digital video) to choose from, but my favorite has to be my 'Big SLR' (each has a short Name so that my ChiefHubby -or my kids-  know which cam I am talking about if they end up helping me gather together my stuff to get out the door) which is a Canon Rebel XRT ...AND...any old camera of the past. The older; the better! I have a few oldies in my collection that came from different places we've been in the eastern half of the U.S.A.

        I basically used the same techniques T!m used on his tag. But, I chose to make two tags and use one for the front side, and -as I always do- make a backside; using the second tag. Like T!m, when he changed his mind with how dark his colors looked; I backed up, and changed direction a bit when I decided to re-stamp my main camera stamps in two of the upper layers (the larger TH 'Camera Blueprint' stamp again just before adding the layer of Medium, and the older small camera stamp after the layer of Medium so that it stood out overall). That took me a bit of time to achieve as I wanted just THE CAMERA again but not the background of the stamp (the blueprint markings). So I got out the temp tape and hid the background.
(As shown in several of the middle photos.)

        I cut my own stencil from the TH Filmstip strip die and used another self-made stencil of numbers dies I have, using both to make a filmroll going across diagnally, while the numbers represent the "Ready, And, 3, 2, 1, *finger-point*" countdown for "Action!" that is called out for filming.
       I used the same IdeaOlogy items: Pen Nib, MiniGears, Wire Pin, & Filmstrip Ribbon (on both front side and backside) that T!m used. But I also made up a few little wooden camera charms with Black Soot Distress Paint, and found another charm to pin to the top of the front with more of the same Tissue Tape used on the tag to begin with- film/theatre/cinema tickets, of course! ;) Using one of the photos taken on our recent cruise in July, I chose a photo of just myself (the one always behind the lense -for once- alone IN FRONT of it) to put into an IdeaOlogy CashKey Charm held to the Tissue Tape ribbon by a Trinket Pin. My ChiefHubby had me get that shot done on the boat while we were having lots of photos taken as couples and as a group with our friends taking the trip with us, simply because I am the one usually taking the pics. So it was PERFECT for this tag!  I finished it all up with stitching along the tag as if it were found and someone tried to 'fix it up' by sewing it in places. The 'rust' tech is one I use often on old keys I make out of layers of grungeboard made from TH Alterations Hardware Findings die. (You can see a couple of these made on a previous post titled: "Handcrafted Travel Journal" from Feb 2014.) I added the IdeaOlogy Word Key "MUSE" and some red hempcording tied around the tag after putting in some side-tabs with the 3 things photos & videos need: lights, camera, and action (a subject), tucked in between the 2 tags. The number 23 on the back is part of the TH Numbers Remnant Rubs....along with a few others randomly cut to put onto the Label. That actually is what my desk looks like as I am going through photos from a shoot I've done: a massive hodge-podge of numbers that represent the image shot number. You'll see tons of them on a scrap of whatever paper I find closeby, lined up and crossed through as I choose the best pics out of the hundreds I took and then one main number circled, underlined, and otherwise pointed out to be THE best main photo of the entire bunch. 
         What a FUN tag this was!! I actually had it all done early in the month, but again, forgot to blog and post it to T!m's blog!! ARGH!!! So here I am doing it till the wee hours before church, and leaving with the Ygr PURDUE NukeEngineerSon to head to Minneapolis, MINNESOTA for a job interview at the Nuclear plant up there!!! YAY!!!!! Of course, I'll be taking LOTS of pics!! Especially since the reason I am riding along is because everyone else has to work, or be at school (his PURDUE English Honors Wife's first day Student teaching at a local High School in our county....GO HollisterGurl !!!!!). So, ok....yeah, I prayed hard for California, or Texas, or Florida. And GOD answers with Minnesota. Go Vikings...?? lol!
      But they have family on her side up there already, and they are excited to get a state THEY like...and her fave color is purple. Good thing, I guess. ;) ChiefHubby says we DRIVE up for the first visit over a Holiday they can't make it home for. Uh-huh. I give it ONE TIME before he comes home with FLIGHT TIX for further WINTER trips. hehehe! 6 feet of...snow....longer winters than even INDIANA.... Yay. :/
THANX! for checking back in....and HAPPY BLOGGING!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Those Special Days Just Keep Coming In Our Life!

August brings with it, another special day in our family's life...the 1st Wedding Anniversary for our Purdue couple! It's hard to believe it's been a full year already, but I can clearly remember our own First Anniversary in 1985 when I thought it was a HUGE milestone. Not everyone felt that way- but then, they'd been married several years and thought our 'big first' was such a tiny dent in time...and it WAS. But it was no less important, and I feel the same way for our own children's timelines. While this past year has had many changes for this young couple (and everyone in both sides of their families as well), we still hold fast that GOD has a special plan for each of our kids, and HE's working on those plans each and every minute they live! This very moment I type, has the couple just arriving back from Minnesota, where Brett was offered to interview for a job. What a wonderful chance that is for them, as Holli has family living there! No matter where our kids all end up; we hope they will always know that home is indeed where the heart is!
My ChiefHubby and I just celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary in July (which I have yet to post on here... yeah, yeah, I know). And all I can think of when I look back on our own wedding photos is that our love has grown deeper, surer, more fun, and that "mystery" of GOD's LOVE that He puts into a marriage -if you allow Him to- just gets better and better. This is what our hope is for each of our sons and their wife, and wife-to-be: that they never let go of that wonderful love they had during the moment they made those vows to one another.  And that they someday see how much GOD has blessed them.  Whenever I look at our children... I know The LORD has blessed US when He gave us these beautiful gifts!


Thanks for allowing me to share, and HAPPY BLOGGING!