Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The Funkie Junkie Boutique Challenge #13; Stencil Mania... "Sweet Land of Liberty- of Thee We EAT!"

he July 4th holiday is already upon us and that means all my kids and Grandbabies will be here for that first week. I'm going to really enjoy that time with them, but there's so much to get done before they get here. That includes a sweet night at an "America" concert!! ChiefHubby scored four tix so we could also take our set of Besties who have their 38th Anniversary just a couple weeks before our own 38th (we were married by the same Preacher in the same church as well). I'm very excited since their biggest hit, Sister Golden Hair, is one of my all-time faves! Yeah; I'm firmly a Beatles girl practically from birth, but those 70s hits are some of the bests I remember hearing. This is gonna be COOL! Frame me as a hippie and that's fine by me.

    With the last half of June, came the activity I've done since I was a little girl: picking wild black raspberries. I started out picking them with my Grandma (whom I share a middle name with) and picked them the years I lived out here in this same area well before I met the ChiefHubby and purchase of our home here. Our boys grew up picking them also. Our area is the "wild black raspberry capitol of the world" with so many bushes that regrow each year along all the roadways and in most of the tree lines. There's been years where I had 8 or 9 gallons of them in our large freezer- waiting to be jam or jelly, but mostly baked into hot, yummy pies for holding a scoop of ice cream on top of. I'll be making one for the kids on Saturday for a family cookout. I've always made at least one for our Besties camping on one of the 3 summer holidays, but not for this Monday. Baking one pie means a 5-inch-deep pan that is 13x9 and takes 4 crusts and 1 full gallon bag of berries (the bags hold more than a gallon, actually). It's a bit of work, but it's sooooooo good! We traded out our big family freezer for a chest that is for 2 older people, so my 8 or 9 gallons picked is now more like 2 or 3. The season lasts for about 3 weeks in a good year, and I pick every day since they ripen so quickly. At the peak, you'll start picking at one end and by the time you've gotten to the other end, the starting end has already ripe for picking again. The Grandbabies all love picking with me, but their picking is more like "one for me, (*munch-munch-munch*) two for me, three for me....gimmie yours, Memaw....etc," If I want to freeze any at all, I simply have to go pick ALONE, lol! It warms my heart that all three LOVE berries and picking them with Memaw, just like I did with my Grandma.

   We're at another new challenge over at The Funkie Junkie Boutique Challenge Blog, and this one is a real challenge for me, Stencil Mania! Of course, you all know I've said before about how hard it is for me to figure out the how and where to use stencils. With this challenge, Teri's asking us to use at least THREE stencils...yikes! So, I plunged in and just did it. I think the color scheme is what helped me: Americana, with a little boost from the Professor! Let's start the scroll...

I started out with these things I wanted to use.

I opened my Tea Dye Distress Ink Pad to find it a bit dry.
Time to reink all of the pads.
I always buy new pads with their coordinating reinker- never run out in the middle of crafting!
While I had the Tea Dye out, I decided to use it to make "splooshes".
Place larger dots of ink around the glass mat and spritz with water.
Then take your tag and make sure it goes face down all at the same time.
Gently tap and quickly pick up all at once, repeating until entire tag is covered.
Heat dry, spritz again with water directly onto tag.
Heat dry.

This is the result. Those "splooshes" are kinda like fireworks- the ones that
go "poof.......BOOM!!!!" leaving smoke in their wake.
We always have fun with those; I can feel the "poof" take offs and they all
hold their ears for the "BOOM!!", lol!

I needed a mask, so this piece of trash will do.

Two techniques used with this TH Stars Stencil:
1) plain old blended directly onto the stencil, then hold down and roll over it with pressure.

I use a floor press- used for putting in wood floors- it helps me get firmly onto the tag.

The 2nd technique with the Stars:
Use blending tool to add ink to stencil, but this time spritz water onto the stencil.
Line up the stars exactly along the first time you stenciled- right on top of that.
Gently rub with your fingers for pressure this time.
You don't want the watered ink to run everywhere- just a few nice "splotches".
You can see the difference between the two; the left has only the first technique,
but the right tag has the added splotches to give a bit of depth to the blue.

Switch out the mask now- you want the stars covered up after you did the heat dry.
Technique 3 is easy- simply tape down the Stripes Stencil horozonally,
and rub the ink in with a Blending Tool, careful not to move the Stencil.
Tim now has Grip Sheets that work well for this, but I'm an old-school girl. :)

You get the idea here, now.

To add his hat without making his hair show through it and mess up the perfect stamping,
I cut tape along the hat edge...

...taped the top of his head before I inked him up,
and stamped the Professor where I wanted him...

...then added his hat where I wanted it.
No overlapping lines.

Now that the stamp is on;
I was free to do the 3rd technique with the 3rd Dot Fade Stencil as well.
Just a few random dots with the Distress Oxide Ground Espresso.

 Just click on the items listed below for the link to take you to the product!

Ranger Archival #0 Ink Pad - Jet BlackRanger Archival Ink Cleaner INKRanger Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad - Faded JeansRanger Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad - Fired BrickRanger Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Pad - Ground EspressoRanger Tim Holtz Distress Ink Reinker Faded JeansRanger Tim Holtz Distress Ink Reinker Fired BrickRanger Tim Holtz Distress Ink Reinker Tea DyeRanger Tim Holtz Distress Paint - Black SootRanger Tim Holtz Metallic Distress Paint - Antiqued BronzeRanger Tim Holtz Distress Paint - Salvaged PatinaRanger Tim Holtz Distress Paint - Walnut StainRanger Tim Holtz Distress Crayons - Set #3Tim Holtz Tonic Studios Kushgrip Snip w/Non-Stick Blade & Cap 7"-SmallTim Holtz Tonic Studios Black Thread Cutter/Paper DistresserRanger Inkssentials Glossy AccentsRanger Inkssentials Ink Blending Tool + 2 Blending FoamsStampers Anonymous Tim Holtz Layering Stencil - Dot FadeStampers Anonymous Tim Holtz Layering Stencil - StripesStampers Anonymous Tim Holtz Layering Stencil - StarsTim Holtz Idea-ology Countdown BradsTim Holtz Idea-ology Ephemera Snippets, Number StripsTim Holtz Idea-ology Hardware HeadsTim Holtz Idea-ology Long FastenersTim Holtz Idea-ology Remnant Rub ToolTim Holtz Idea-ology Remnant Rubs, EccentricTim Holtz Idea-ology Tiny ClipsTim Holtz IdeaOlogy Adornments- StarsTim Holtz Distress Heavystock #8 Tags

This was definitely the first time it's hit on me to use both the Star and Stripes TH Stencils 
together like this- although I've had them both for years now.

Added some rustiness to this very old American holiday.
The Professor is decked out in atomic goggles so he can watch the fireworks.

So much rusty goodness and texture can be put into anything using IdeaOlogy !!


Blackberries are abundant around here as well, but I don't like them as much.
As for the BACKSIDE of my Tag... I'm loving all the IdeaOlogy!!

THANKS! for all the kind comments on my projects,
and for those who are passing them along to others for sharing!!
I really hope you'll take inspiration from this and join in on the fun for

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I'll put this out there because I know it's been a bit tough for everyone.
It seems that we've had this "sudden onset" of inflation 
with costs becoming almost rediculous in the stores- for just about everything,
but especially for gasoline and groceries.
I've felt the crunch as well, and while I'm still pretty comfortable,
I've cut back on some things so we can stay in that same zone.
It's not so for many, many people. My heart keeps hope and I keep up my prayers for these.
Especially those who find themselves facing dire needs,
and the animal shelters also (I just had an emergency myself- again- with strays dropped out).
Being summer, it makes it hard when we'd normally be traveling more.
Whatever has come about (or whomever has brought it about)
please know that you can simply get out your older crafting items and still play along!
When this has passed - and it WILL pass-
you'll be happy you kept up with your crafting passion.
Plus, cash in all those "Soon, but not right now" promises of purchase. ;)

You'll see me again this week;
Don't miss it, Maties!

Have a Happy- & Safe July 4th!
Happy Blogging!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

The Funkie Junkie Boutique Challenge #12; StuckInTheMiddle...File Box with Mini Files!

'm loving every minute of June and the hot weather it brings! I always keep out a bowl of water in case anything happens by in the night who gets thirsty. I do the same all winter. It was officially 101*F today, yet I hardly felt it since I spent most of the day trying to get ahead paper-wise, then an eye Dr appt. I saved my pool time for the cool of the evening at 10pm. The long days are my favorite, but they start getting shorter in just a few more days already. We're currently 'recovering' from 2 Family Reunions over this past weekend and have one more this next weekend. With those done, we look forward to some time for just our own family in July and then Besties together again, at the end of July.

      June brings two of the last family birthdays until the Fall; younger Daughter will turn 31on the 26th, and is still having morning, noon, and night sickness in her 7th month with Baby Girl. I keep hoping it gets better for her, but I went through that also, and sadly- it doesn't end till Baby gets evicted. Our older Daughter has been having so many pain issues and hoping the Drs will finally get to the bottom of it, I lived through THAT also and it's like you are the mouse for whom they put cheese on the end of a string and pull it around for you to allllllmost grab it before they yank it away; promising that this time they've got it figured out. Right. But no matter how they both are feeling, they still manage to do what needs to be done as much as they both can- that's what real Moms do. It makes me so proud of them, on one hand, and on the other, I wish I could wave a wand and make it easy for them. Older Daughter put up decorations and went all out for Peanut's birthday party: the BIG HALF DECADE!! If there is any milestone number that shows how fast time goes, it's that year 5, because the big bad school bus tries to come around and take them away. But not this boy just yet. A just turned 5-year-old is ready for a HALF day, but ALL day?? Yeah- if it was half day care and half learning. Both our boys just turned 5 when they went in but we were very blessed that both were gifted and well ahead of the average; even being the youngest in their classes. Why schools had to go and mess up a good thing and make Kindergartens into 'the new' 1st Grades, is beyond me. But then.... a lot of things are upside down these days. At least Peanut will have more time to use his first new fishing pole to catch more fish, until then. Here he is with his very first catch from our lake!


      Suzz is leading the way for this new TFJB Challenge; "Stuck in the Middle" in which she's challenging us to "showcase something in the middle. It can be a pop up card with a surprise in the middle, it can be a mini journal with pages inside, it can be anything that highlights the middle of something"! I've had two of the new Tim Holtz Vignette Card Files but not a chance to use one of them yet. I took up her challenge with one because...well... it DOES have a MIDDLE! So I started with that. 

                    Scroll down and let's get to it!

I started out with 5 out of these 6 items.

The Tim Holtz Paperie came as a surprise: a gift to me from one of my Besties
who is de-stashing. You cannot believe how EXCITED I am over these stacks!!
The one on the far left (TH Correspondence) is one of my all-time fave stacks!
The other two; I've only seen these in photos, having never gotten my hands on either!!

That middle stack (Yep; that's a "MIDDLE" for ya!) is one of THE coolest I've ever seen...
and FELT with my fingers! It's got vellum paperie included among the regular TH cardstocks.
Yet- this 'old' stuff is different than his paper stacks of this day and age;
the old paper is 'layered' as if there's a top and bottom with a cardstock in the middle.
Sanding or tearing had to be done gently, as one of the layers would seperate.
But, it's one of the reasons I LOVE that old paper!!!

 Be sure to click on any of the links below for help to find these products I used:

Ranger Inkssentials Ink Blending Tool + 2 Blending FoamsTim Holtz Tonic Studios Kushgrip Snip w/Non-Stick Blade & Cap 7"-SmallRanger Inkssentials Glossy AccentsRanger Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Pad - Ground EspressoRanger Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Pad - Vintage PhotoRanger Tim Holtz Distress Paint - Antique LinenRanger Tim Holtz Distress Paint - Bundled SageRanger Tim Holtz Alcohol Blending Solution 2ozRanger Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Mixative - GoldTim Holtz Idea-ology Vignette Card FileTim Holtz Idea-ology Paper Dolls Solo

I'm starting with the box- taking out the screws from the pull handle.
I advise taping those screws down so you can easily find them when it's time to put them back in.

I gave the top edges a couple of layers of Antique Linen Distress Paint,
since it soaks in quickly- as you can see in the lower left corner.
Then gave a full coat inside and out of Bundled Sage Distress Paint.

After the paint coats were all dried (I air dried as well as heat dried), I measured 
for the paper covering. I'm lucky in that it's easy for me to "guess" sizes without too much
measuring. Most people have to precisely measure to the point, but I can eyeball it and it fits.
I'm also pretty good at "middling" which is what we call finding the middle of anything.
That gift comes in handy when the ChiefHubby is building or hanging anything. 

I did sand all the outside edges by laying the paper flat and gently going over
with the TH Grip Sander. I made sure there were peels from the first layer
to allow an aged look to each piece. I LOVE that look
and decided only the box would have a touch of Distress Oxide in Vintage Photo.

I wanted it to rest on legs. I dug these TH Mini Foundations from last year-
waiting in my drawer till I found time to do a file box like

At first, I thought it was a no-go. The Gold Metallic Alcohol Ink was a very old bottle,
and came out somewhat gummy at first. I thought I might have ruined the 
feet, and wiped it down to start over. And then it happened: one of those
crazy mistakes you didn't count on, but fall in love with!
The pastiness came out looking just like the pull handle on the box!
I simply allowed it to dry and then polished them up with a tissue.

Now, we're getting into the mini folders I made.
I actually made them the same day I die cut & made the 
Photos say a thousand words, so if you need to read how- just click on the link above.

The only difference in these booklets made into files:
I left the string on the spines.
I simply tied them together at the opening and you have a tied file.

But the gift of the Tim papers made all the difference in the look!

I sanded the paperie and edged the files in Ground Espresso Distress Oxide.
I did not use anything else to distress the papers.

There was one full sheet of calendar (probably 1989 as my dial date showed) 
which was the year our older Son was born- Tuesday, May 2nd. 
So that was cool! I sanded all of the pieces after I fussy cut all the months out.

Got out the TH Paper Dolls (listed above in Materials but not shown in photo).
This is where I chose 
the MIDDLE compartment of the box
with its MIDDLE mini file
to junk journal
the MIDDLE pages!

I spend waaay too much time when I get these out. They're so FUN!

And this is what the results are:

the MIDDLE compartment of the box
with its MIDDLE mini file
to junk journal
the MIDDLE pages!

Backsides of the files match the box- using the smaller images of the same papers.

I also die cut some TH Tags from his Tag Thinlits Set and 
trimmed them down a bit shorter. Now I can make the odd Tag when I want
and file it behind the right month in the correct compartment.

I chose to display the finished Vignette Card File to the left upper corner of my main work desk.

Shoutout of THANKS! for all the wonderful feedback, support,
and lovely comments on my recent projects!!!

Now it's YOUR turn!
Create and take your make over to The Funkie Junkie Boutique Challenge Blog
and you may be surprised how easy- and pleasing- paper crafting can be!
Our Sponsor,
has rewards for Winners/Top Picks, as well.
You've got two weeks, and your own imagination is the limit!

Until next time...

Stay Safe &