Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Monday, February 22, 2021

The Funkie Junkie Boutique Challenge #4 Mostly Neutral...& Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Textures...The Word is Love!

    This post is finding its way out in time for the SSS Monday Challenge "Add Some Texture" before the deadline in just a few hours. I actually hibernated all evening on Sunday, and that's the reason I am up doing an all-nighter to get this out. At least I will be a full week early for TFJB Challenge "Mostly Neutral" which runs till March 2nd. That'll actually make a lot of people *gasp!* over my being early, lol! I was surprised and soooooo HAPPY to be sporting that coveted badge: being featured by Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge "Love&Hearts" !!! I am over the moon!!

While the above 2 challenges are combined into this one project, neither was themed about Valentine's Day, which I'm not quite yet 'over' since we have yet to go out on the catamaran 2-hr cruise. The original trip got canceled due to inclement weather, and we are waiting for a new date to reserve 2 spots. I was really looking forward to that, because I am a sailboat owner/sailorgirl myself. But, rather than end up like Skipper and Gilligan (we're both Captains of our boats, depending on which boat we're on) and have our 2-hour cruise hit bad weather in the Gulf waters...I'll hang in there for the clear skies.

   The Grandbabies are all enjoying the deep snow up in Indiana and MinneSNOWta while we both enjoyed National "I Hate Florida" Day down here. We were one of only 6 lower 48 states that didn't see snow over that week, but we did 'enjoy' a low of 21*F chill during one night, with a high of 41*F during that day. Granted, it was not the 30 below that Indiana was feeling. The youngest Grandbaby is officially a walker! He's finally decided that crawling is just not going to get him there as fast as he's

decided he wants to go; very much like his Daddy was as a baby! They had a rough month since they had to help Baxter, our "Little King" rat terrier, across the Rainbow Bridge. I find it so hard to face that, but it's a responsibility of having FurryKids that we cannot walk away from. I will definitely miss him bossing the rest of the dogs around. He was the littlest of all. The Golden Retriever Grandpups are the 2 youngest of the bunch, and Grandbabies Peanut and Princess are old enough to run outside- joining in on the snow fun. We've gotten a lot of texted photos of all three Grands and while it makes me miss them, I really enjoy knowing they have WONDERFUL PARENTS!! It sure brings back a lot of good memories I had when our own 2 boys were that age. I may miss our Grands, and Kids, but I sure do not miss the SNOW. My own Hunni Pi is doing much better now and enjoying the warmer weather walks.

I am catching up with Tim Holtz's many posts- especially with the recent new items out, and that LOVELY heart he made! My favorite new thing of all, however, has to be the new Distress shade;

Kitsch Flamingo! It's so hard to find right now, and I am kicking myself for not pre-ordering. However, I did preorder the Eileen Hull Folio Die, and am waiting on that to finally ship even though the other two dies have gotten here. I still need to catch up on all the social media and there are times when I totally just ditch out on the entire thing because it's so much to keep up with: everyone has something to show or say. While I try to get around to everything, it's impossible to keep up on sm and still just live life outside in the real world. I'm one of those ones who can DEFINITELY leave the phone sit. I do still keep it in hand simply because I have never been without a CAMERA in my hands!

                         Let's get down to the latest make...

I visited my favorite out-of-the-way store in Alabama and found a couple of 
"Valentiney" items that sparked my interest. I've wanted to do a tag with a zipper for some time now.

I ended up ordering a Sunday School Lesson Book (to help me read since I am deaf and
can't follow along like others can), and found several lessons from last fall that we missed.
I thought I could use a favorite set of verses for a Valentine tag.

I used ModPodge to make the paper sturdier by adhering it to a plain cardstock.
I added a top coat as well and allowed it to dry before die cutting with the larger of 
the two TH Faceted Hearts Thinlits Set, and embossing the heart shape with
the TH 3D Embossing Folder Mechanical.

I then used plain Kleenex tissue to 'stuff' the heart while leaving the upper right side of the 
heart open, The Kleenex was allowed to show as if the heart was bursting open.

I cut my own sized tag from matboard and then die cut several gears from the new 
TH Alterations Bigz XL Die Industrial, and cut a load of the "bolts" from the
TH Alterations Bigz Die Voltage to use with the gear pieces.

I  used Glossy Accents to put all the 'bolts' together and then gave all the cut pieces
(including the Tag piece) a coat of TH Distress Pain in Antique Linen
then allowed it all to dry completely.

While everything was drying from the Distress Paint coat, I tore some neutral colored- cardstocks
from large scrap pieces leftover from another project. I then used Glossy Accents to
layer these to the Tag. I was making this Tag a one-sided Tag this time. Rare for me to do! 
I love the feel of plain torn paper and cardstock- the edges are such a soft texture
and you can't go wrong with simply tearing paper!

After the Distress Paint was completely dry, I coated all the gear and bolt pieces with
TH Distress Crackle Paste. This pic shows the paste drying and leaving
all that yummy CRACKLING!! Loads of TEXTURE!

Before doing more to the look of the gears and bolts, I needed to figure out
the arrangement. The shading would depend on where each piece was- I always like
to make sure the "wear and tear" and lighting look as realistic as possible.
While I had this all figured out, I found it better to "flip" it top to bottom.
So I took this photo, flipped it on my camera, and then used the pic to help me
recreate the same pattern after using the Distress Oxide Inks on each piece.

Here is the finished full background: shading all done with Distress Oxide Inks 
in Ground Espresso and touches of Vintage Photo. 
As the Distress Crackle Paste gets rubbed, it cracks even more and that just adds to
the look of the process.

Then, I used PINTEREST photos of so many other awesome tags/books that used zippers in
their designs to get an idea of how I wanted to add mine to the tag. I wanted
the heart to be show partially inside and partially outside of the zipper, while 
also showing the gears all around. So I opted to keep the torn paper look as well- on top.
After cutting the paper to fit the design I wanted the zipper to follow,
I used the Glider Tape Runner to adhere the pieces together,
and then run each 'side' of the pieces through my Big Shot with the Mechanical 3d Embosser.
It was then touched up with Vintage Photo Distress Oxide Ink and  adhered to the zipper itself.
The last part was to add some bolts to make the zipper complete.
The last touches are shown in the end photos.

Basically- the paper materials were scraps, and the rest were all tools.
I also used TH IdeaOlogy: Paper Dolls and Heirloom Roses (cream colored ones).

Here's what I ended up with...

I was thinking of a little girl who first heard about GOD's Word from her Grandma,
who also shared the same middle name.
Her Grandma knew that The Bible (also called The WORD) was all about LOVE;
hence the title "The Word is Love".
The heart keeps The Word in it, shares it, and is guided by it throughout life.
That love blossoms and spills over, and blesses others as well as the heart itself.

fulfill both sets of REQUIREMENTS for both Challenges.

With TFJB Challenge Mostly Neutral, we were allowed to use one color 
or use of metal items; I chose the closest color I could get to the new Kitsch Flamingo-
until I can get some of the real macoy!!
Here, I used just a touch of TH Distress Paint Spun Sugar.

I found this by happenstance at the local WalMart, during a run for a couple things.
It's not only the right shade of matching pink, but it also matches the neutral shades here !

The zipper adds even more TEXTURE!

The backside is just plainly painted over and touched up with TH Vintage Photo Oxide Ink.

THANKS! to all who followed my SSSMonday Pinworthy Feature and all
the congrats that I received: it was definitely a THRILL!!!

Thanks to the Sponsors of both Challenges;


Here's hoping you'll come join in with us!
Until next time...

Stay SAFE, Wash the HANDS, Wear the Mask, &

Monday, February 8, 2021

The FJBChallenge #3; Groundhog Day!.... & SSS Monday Challenge; Hearts.... Hands and Hearts Full !

    Life in Florida during the winter months has proven to be just as busy as any time spent down here during the summer months. And while we've been coming to this state for over 30 years now, it still has lessons to teach us. One of the biggest lessons we've learned now: fleas are very abundant here. And even while this has been the duration of coldest temps for some time (dripping with sarcasm: aren't we so lucky?), the sand and fleas apparently still thrive in it. Not so up in Indiana, and while our choice of discontinuing the flea drop medications since the death of our precious BudderCup kitty back in 2018, it never crossed our minds what our Besties do for their numerous FurryKids in this climate. We know NOW; the hard way. Poor puppy pi, Hunni Pi has suffered her first "hot spots" of her lifetime, and it has NOT been a fun learning curve. But thanks to the awesome Faithful Friends Animal Clinic, who called Hunni's Dr back

home in Indiana, they got her on track once again and she is on her way back to healthy! They set us up with everything: from shampoo to Rx meds and even furniture/carpet spray- to get rid of this menace. And, she's now on chewable flea meds- seeming not to have any sensitivity on her stomach with it- the way most Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are with lots of things. Wearing the "Cone of Shame" has been another new experience...imagine, if you can... bumping into every single thing in her path and basically being so MOPEY about it that she gets away with simply being told "don't lick!" which she does obey pretty well anyway. So that took a bit of energy and fun out of the week for all of us. Because of all of this, her first trip to any beaches has been put off for now, 

     Getting into this new couple of challenges was pretty easy- I'd had this in my mind ever since I saw another person's version of the Tim Holtz octopus stamp with watch pieces, sometime in the past month. I wanted to try the stringed theme, but with a slight twist to it. I've told about the three kitties who have come into our lives to claim us as theirs, and I figured that I'd give them their due with this make. The TFJB Challenge #3 "Groundhog Day" is about repeating; repeating patterns, colors, shapes, whatever is chosen must be repeated as in the movie of said title, where the day keeps repeating itself. And then, Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge "Love or Hearts" seemed to work out perfectly along the same idea I had. All I needed, was for the "kitties" to all go along with the plan- lol.

    As for the big day of love itself; we'll be out on a 2 hour catamaran ocean cruise- sailing a reach before the following seas... of the Emerald Coast! As a sailor myself, I am excited for the trip, and the ChiefHubby really surprised me with the reservations on the 76-person boat! (COVID19 regulations apply as well as my own 'bubble-wrap' medical situation; details will be TBA since we also need to wait on the weather for the Valentine's Day Cruise). In the meantime; I may have stumbled on another version of sailing which might be easier than finding and towing another sailboat; it's called kite sailing:

Looks like FUN to me!!

  Moving on: the above TFJB Challenge of "repeating" made me think that's actually correct when you think of it: having kids is just repeating yourself and then repeating AGAIN when the kids have Grands! Those three tiny "Repeats" are our pride and joy! We already sent out packages in the mail for little Valentine surprises of their own. In the meantime- they are all thought of during this make.

The Oldest "Repeat Repeater"

The Princess "Repeater"

The Youngest Repeat "Repeater"- both his Parents are also Youngest of all.

                                          So, let's get to it!

The first thing I did was to make the hearts.
This also doubles as
The hearts were stuffed with tissues so that when the panel is stored away,
it won't crush as much.

I then took a full 8&1/2 x11 manilla cardstock sheet and used mostly Black Soot 
Distress Oxide Ink on my Craftsheet to make a basecoat of a grayish color.
After heat drying that base coat, I then used Distress Oxide Inks in Iced Spruce and Speckled Egg
(heavy on the Iced Spruce) with just a touch more of the DO Black Soot...

...and came up with a more blueish-gray hue that resembles the color of my 3 kittycats.

Tim Holtz's newer "Snarky Cats" just would not do here:
my kitties are definitely much more like TH "Crazy Cats", so these three out of the
five would work nicely along with the Octopus....whose name would come to be Lolly.
The kittes were all stamped with Distress Oxide Ink in Iced Spruce- and all pieces- including Lolly-
coated with just a touch..very lightly...of Distress Glaze in Antique Linen for that
bit of creamy white fur they each have in varied amounts.

Using Distress Regular Ink in Chipped Sapphire, I made three of the same stamped images.
(Another "repeater, obviously.) 

I then used some DO Aged Mahogany and some Distress Embossing Powder
to add some faux rust to the hearts, and edged all the kitties with more DO Iced Spruce.
And a tiny bit of edging on the kitties was made with DOxide Black Soot, for more depth.

All three sets of "repeats" getting the last depth coloring.
Ready for popdotting to a panel.

First, the octopus had to be layered by cutting each stamped image according
to the layer it would be on.

Then cutting several very thin strips of black Sizzix double-sided popdot sheets-
the black would also add to the dimension with the edges showing just a tad bit.

Adding a hat and some coloring to her suction cups...
ya'all; meet LOLLY!

Adding some hemp string ties to the hearts.


The blue is the base of the panel itself, but I took liberties with the paper confetti hearts for the
purpose of photo-taking. 
The kitties do look EXACTLY like each acts!
Lolly Octopus is, of course, myself- juggling all the love for each of our family...
the heart in her...hand?...belongs to the ChiefHubby,
while the rest of the 7 hearts are our four adult kids and the 3 Grandbabies.
We have 5 Grandpups and at least 3 GrandKitties, and our own
Hunni Pi....
what's THREE MORE?!? LOL!!!
But, that will be ALL since we'll be having all three fully vetted when we get back.
They'll be old enough by then.

REQUIREMENT: SSS Monday Challenge; Love and/or Hearts.

Lolly herself is definitely REPEATING....legs, and suction cups !!!

Chase- Kitten #2...named for Chase Utley- the playful, sneaky one.
We still have yet to get hold of him and see if he is really a HE or a SHE!

Mokie (full name is Smokie but we're calling her Mokie for Mookie Betts)
is the one that is gullible and is easy to catch.
She's also the one most afraid to trust. 

The Momma of the two kittens: Artful Dodger (calling her just Dodger).
She's no more than a kitten herself, not quite a year old yet.
Makes me want to spit nails at whomever dropped them out in our area,
as I simply cannot see how anyone can treat animals so.
Makes me very afraid of how they would treat CHILDREN or older people.
But, their heartlessness has been turned around by GOD to be a BLESSING to us!

The backside- just plain blue.

This is another 'build up' with lots of shininess mixed with roughness in texture for 
a fun-filled panel that tells yet another story of our family.

Once more, I give a huge shoutout of "THANKS!"
for everyone who stops by and for those leaving such kind comments!

I am saddened to say that this Friday; February 12th, we will  be losing
our very first Grandpup as the younger couple of kids deal with helping Baxter,
a rat terrier mix they adopted in 2013 after they were married
(aka "The Little King" of Memaw's) cross over the Rainbow Bridge.
He's was older when they adopted him, and this past year 
had an extremely rough time with being able to move.
While we will be very saddened at this loss, we also have the responsibilty to
take care of our FurryKids- in every way- as GOD commands. 
This is the tough part. But without it- we'd never know the best parts.
GODspeed to our little Baxter pup!

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Until next time...

Stay Safe, Wear the Mask, Wash the Hands &