Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NOVEMER TAG: The 12 Tags of 2014

   Tim's November Tag with the leaf is actually one of my faves of his out of the year. It lends itself to the tones & shades of color I love using. I probably use them way too much, and need to practice getting outside my own colorbox now and then. And,I actually ran into a 'problem' since Tim's leaf theme was the same theme I chose to use as my take on his October Tag. (I like his better, too.) So, that left me a bit stumped, but as Tim would have it: I let my "LylaMuse" lead me, and once I got going I ended up with not just one, but THREE different tags. That number actually ended up totalling 8 since I was planning to give out 5 of them. I am short on time this month since I used a good 2 weeks for my "By The Sea" project, and we are leaving for Minnesota to join the YgrPurdueNukeEngineerSon's Wife (PurdueHonorsEduDaughterIL) on a trip up to be with him for Thanksgiving. So I needed to get my Nov. Tag done and posted since we won't be back until after Decemeber's Tag is posted.

        I was pretty pleased with the outcome because NovTag#1 was my original idea; using my own WLYLA "LEAF BREAK 2014" photos on a puzzle-cut. As soon as I got the die cut using Sizzix #654992 Puzzle Maker #2 (retired) didn't look like I was going to be doing any coloring of the tag itself. So I put aside that one set of cutouts to see if I could use it later for anything. After I got the other two done, I went back to this set and played around with it. This is what I came up with:

It's my love for photography- and GOD's wonderful outdoors - that gets me going. It celebrates the world we live in; a gift we often take for granted. I came up with this idea a few yrs ago to share the season as it changes. I was noticing that the leaves seemed as if they 'changed overnight when I wasn't looking' and wanted to remember to ENJOY IT. So I started sharing it each week on my WLYLA as a kind of 'commercial break' halfway through the song choices. It's made me aware of how truly BEAUTIFUL it is up here in Indiana in the Fall each year.
That's our Creator GOD -the greatest Artist!

     Tag #2 was my next plan after thinking Tag #1 wasn't going to allow me to use all the techniques Tim was showing. I chose to use my Movers & Shapers Mini Old Glory Set, and changed only one other part; I didn't have any sticky embossing glue or tape product to use with the foil. My stand-by for this part was using a stiff brush to splatter some Ranger Silver Alcohol Ink. I didn't get the 'blunt' look of the foil, but it did get some silver sparkle that ended up looking just right for this Tag #2- along with some tiny buttons hooked into a Trinket Pin with a jumpring. Some scrap Americana cloth torn into ribbon topped it off nicely.

    Since the reason I chose to make this R,W,B theme was due to my strong feelings for the men and women who serve in our US Armed Forces, and honoring them from each branch of Service, in each era of our USA History. One of these tags went to our Older FFCaptSon's girl, Ahsley, whom we are VERY proud to say is U.S. NAVY. (So is one of her older Bros, and her Dad is Marines.) Since both the ChiefHubby and I have our Dads both served in the ARMY, along with just about all our Uncles, as well as several cousins in Air Force...Veteran's Day is more than just another holiday. So this Tag#2 will be my choice to post on Tim Holtz's Blog.


      And the last Tag, #3, is a bit of a joke the weather chose to play on us all. While I was getting out the cardboard, I found a stack of white ripple cardboard that usually comes as cushion for alot of the ChiefHubby's Fire Dept. items. I keep tucking it away thinking I'll use it for something, and that something hit me as the SNOWFLAKES FELL....literally! I also found some small wooden snowflakes that already had a cute finish of white with sparkles on them. I added 2014 with my  trustly little date stamper.
    Since I am lucky to already have a Sizzix Bigz Die #655545 Snowflake, I settled in making three of these; 1 for my own collection, 1 for a birthday gift, and the last will go into the drawing for the home-crafted CHRISTmas ornament trade we do each year in our church's Ladies group. It gets challenging to come up with a new idea each year and even those who admit to not being 'crafty' are giving it a try! 

By the time anyone sees this, TAG No.2 will already have been posted to Tim's Blog. But if you have a different fave of the three here; you are more than welcome to let me know! :D
Thanks for checking in and esp for reading through this long posting really meant for just ONE Tag for the month.
"I just have too many Tags!" said NO CraftGurl EVER!!! ;)
Happy Blogging!

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