Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

DECEMBER Tag ; The 12 Tags of 2014


   This is my own take on the monthly challenge of Tim Holtz's December Tag of the 12 Tags of 2014. It was easy to get the tags themselves done, but it has been rather hard to get the photos edited and put up into a blogpost since we hit the road well before CHRISTmas this year. I really thought I'd have more time to get it all done and up while enjoying some downtime with the Bama/Fla side of our family. Of course -as always- best laid plans... but it's been a VERY enjoyable holiday and even though I'm getting this  month's Tag up at the very last hours; it seems rather fitting to be doing it on the very last day of 2014, and ring in the  New Year 2015 with a big bonfire party (don't let being in USUALLY WARM, SUNNY Florida fool ya: it's close to freezing today)... and Tim's first Tag of the new year just after midnight, along with the First Family Foto I always take just after midnight as well. (We'll give Tim a wee bit of leeway here, and not expect it until at least!)

          As you can see, my usual 'look' is different because of not having my home setup for editing my photos. I actually took these as soon as I got done making the tags, then concentrated on getting them put along with all the gifts packed with the tags (jars od homemade "Indiana2Florida Wild Black Raspberry Jam/Jelly"). And, as always; I made many copies of my December Tag, but some of them had different items on them. I also had to make some changes with Tim's use of the Frosted Film since I didn't have any of that. Instead, I utilized an old 'imperfection' which came from mistakenly putting white distress paint onto a plastic sheet then realizing it was NOT what I wanted to do during that project. I did keep the mistake in mind for another useful time, and this just fit. I like to use, re-use or recycle items, and I use the top-loading plastic page savers that are for school binder reports or scrapbooking sheet covers. I run them through the BigShot with my Bookplate Tag die so there is no extra trimming to match the Tag itself, then for this Tag- I used Picket Fence distress paint to cover the cut plastic, let dry, and wipe off slightly; leaving a 'filmly white' look which then can be embossed using the snowflake folder. Sewn onto the Tag, and follow along the rest of the same basic instructions for background colors.

         For my December Tag, I made two sides as I usually do. I made the FRONTside a 'darker' blue using Broken China Distress Paint for the background that I wanted to dipict a night-time scene; as if the deer were "playing in the moonlit night" decorating their own tree while all the humans were in bed asleep. The BACKside of my Tag shows the snowman, who ends up just a wee bit dirty from a full morning of playing in the snow-filled community with all his snowman friends. He's just about ready to come in for some hot chocolate, a hot bath, and snuggle under blankies near the fireplace with the rest of his snowman family...and wait for the CHRIST child's birth to be quietly celebrated with the special awe of music floating throughout the house while watching the lights twinkle on the nearby CHRISTmas tree. 

        In case you're wondering why some of the deer are cut off at mid-body... I'd cut those from actual Bible pages of an old one I purchsed at a yardsale. I copy off the old, yellowed pages, add some Vintage Photo Distress Ink here and there, and adhere it to Grungepaper. The pages read out of Luke 2...the story of JESUS's birth. I needed those tags to fit into smaller treat bags for gifting, but the full body wouldn't fit. So I trimmed them down and that's how it came out. They still weighted evenly for tree-hanging, so I went with it. 

       So, here they are: I showed the FRONTsides first, & BACKsides lastly. The two sides adhered together made striking ornaments...if I do say so myself! ;)


THANKS SO MUCH for checking in at this busy, last-minute time!!! 

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