Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Friday, August 14, 2015

Compendium of Curiosities Vol.3 Challenge #34....And That's A Wrap, Folks!

Well, here we are; at the very last Challenge for the Compendium of Curiosities Vol. 3, and while I only began at #19, it still seems like a loooong time ago. I am really happy to have joined in on all the fun, learned a lot of new techniques, and made some new friends I hope to keep in touch with and craft with in the future! So, here I am at the last minute again, and burning the 11:00 pm oil to make the deadline once again. Forgive me the times I've nearly missed it, but life keeps me on my toes. And that, my readers, is a VERY GOOD thing! With this last Challenge, there will be prizes again... and I feel like I've come full circle with this since I am using prize $ won from my JUNE TAG from Tim and Mario, to make this last Challenge project with !!
I must add a huge THANKS to everyone who has been checking in for all my posts and esp these Challenges! I still have one I missed that will feature a Bucket List happening of mine. Plus a few more that our busy life has not allowed me time to post yet. *sigh* Then, I must thank Tim Holtz for making these awesome CoC books that have me trying out new things all the time in my studio. And to Mario Rossi- for keeping us all in the know with his BTS photos, and doing all the sending of prizes!! A HUGE THANKS to all the ppl I've gotten to know in these Challenges on Linda Ledbetter's site- truly AWESOMELY TALENTED CRAFTERS!!! And their encouraging ideas and inspiration has kept me going.
And lastly, THANKS SO MUCH for all the prizes sponsored: The Funkie Junkie Boutique ,The Inspiration Emporium , and of course- Tim and Mario !
All that said; here it goes.....

It all began with my winning JUNE TAG. Mario sent out a $25 Gift Certificate for my prize and I chose to use it for adding another rack to my Blending Tools Spinner. But, like I've complained before- each rack comes with a base. I already have a neat looking base and wanted to just add another rack for 8 more Mini Blending Tools. So the base was leftover. What to do with that?? I came up with a neat idea and dug up a paper mache star and a tough paper tube.

The first thing I did was add a little bit of texture to my star with some Guesso. I wanted to use Tim's stencils to give it a texture you could SEE as well as FEEL...

I had to think ahead because I knew the star was going to be at the top. So I cut the tube to fit the star and pinched it tight with a SPINNER to hold the star onto the top! :)

I didn't want to get any Guesso onto the base, so I taped it up nicely - it doubled as a place to put the tube for drying.

Yep- I wanted to add texture to the tube wasn't easy !!

Then I used Black Soot Distress Paint to coat the tube and it actually matched the base PERFECTLY!

This is the Guesso'ed star- with stars at the top and all bricking at the bottom 3 points.

I then used Tarnished Brass on one side only.


For the actual Challenge- I can't show you that, but I LOVE stars and stripes and those stencils would go really WELL with this star!!! Full circle...see what I mean?? (Hint: My JUNE TAG 2015)

Here's the finished Side 2 after the technique.

Side 1 also has the technique done on it- with a white background/ I used a pattern to decide how to embellish it.

For those of you who wanted to see HOW IN THE WORLD I DRILLED THOSE MIRROR STARS:
veeeeery carefully !!

Some pearls onto red wire and a few IdeaOlogy items....

I chose to do some "rusting" of the Brass side... then some IdeaOlogy embellies...

And some ribbon in Distress Fired Brick....

I used my new TH Heart Punch (which I also got from prize $$) to add our wedding photo to the charm...

And there is Side 1 finished: it has all the colors of our wedding in 1984. Sitting up on my dresser next to all our family photos is a really COOL touch!

And in the summer, when it's Americana Flag time- I can just turn the star around for some antique look.

            Thanks for checking in this last Challenge and I sure hope to get the rest of some really COOL projects I've done in the past two months....POSTED SOON!!!
                                        Have a great weekend, and Happy Blogging!


Candy C said... are so creative! I love your idea of the paper mache star on the pole. It looks fantastic! I soooo could identify with your dilemma of having so many bases when you get those spinners. They are wonderful, sturdy bases and it seems a shame to just pitch them. So, this is a great way to use those! Your star turned our really pretty and I love that you've done two completely different looks on either side of the star. Makes it that much more versatile. Great use of the monoprint technique on the already embossed star sides. Wow...this was alot of messy work but the results are so worth it! :) I wanted to thank you so much for always playing along with us at the CC3 Challenge and I'm so glad that you won some of our prizes. Your art is wonderful. I also wanted to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your really lovely comments that you've left on my blog. They are heartfelt and sincere and I truly appreciate them! <3 Candy

Anita Houston said...

If you wouldn't have shown the process photos I would not believe how you did this. The embossing is a difficult I'm sure. LOVE the whole design, and this will look great anywhere! VERY COOL!!! Thanks so much for joining in on this last challenge and all the challenges before at CC3C!!!

Cheryl Grigsby said...

Wow!! What a totally creative take on this technique! I want you to know I've so enjoyed your art and your blogging is so much fun, you've just drawn me into your world. This is just fabulous. Stay tuned, the Curiosity Crew has lots of ideas and creativity for the future!

Yvonne said...

Wow...what a cool piece of decor! Love how you added the texture to it as well! Thanks so much for joining in our last CC3 Challenge and taking part of this amazing journey!