Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Thursday, December 31, 2015

DCEMBER TAG; The 12 Tags of 2015....Happy New Year's Eve !

The end of another year! I can hardly believe it, and yet, as fast as life goes.... oh yes, I CAN! So here I am posting my Tim Tag at the very last minutes. I can read your mind: "She's gonna make it her New Year's Resolution to not be so late this coming 2016," but actually, you'd be wrong. For one, I'm not big on resolutions (except maybe the fitness kind) because they usually fly out the window (along with my best intentions) after that first month. I have, long ago, just come to accept that this is the way Lyla is. And I think GOD accepts that part of me since HE & I have this agreement that there are alot more important things HE thinks we should be working on as a Team.

       I will be honest about all Tim's 2015 Tags: they are among my fave ones he's ever done! I usually go for all the July Tags as a general rule of favoritism, but I think I have learned the most from this year, done the most new techs this year, went outside of my personal box this year, and actually came out with almost all I've done as a fave! Now THAT'S progress!!! Not to mention that I earned a JUNE TAG WINNER spot out of it! (A new Winner Badge that Blogger keeps kicking me off every time I try to add my new badge to my page...Grrrrr!)
     There IS a definite lean toward the good ole' Red/White/&Blue Americana in my themes this year. Probably the biggest part of that has been the newspapers, television casts, and general world goings on. Plus, the fact that I've been helping my Dad this last few months of the year, and I am remembering his teachings of respect and dignity of others that he honed in my soul while raising me. I guess it does hit home alot more lately with all that going on around me. In a lot of ways...not a bad thing. So my last tag of the year also leaned that way, and I will proudly stand up and say: this one's for those who were not home for CHRISTmas this year- for whatever reason kept them from being so. I'm going to Pin this one to my Pinterest and...

   Like I typed above; I am late going with this. The ChiefHubby has been off for the 2 weeks, but returns to work on Monday. We originally planned to put in all new wood flooring, but after several discussions of time, finance, ordering, moving, visitors and parties here....we changed that plan. I am happy to just go with the original plan and wait the 2 yrs for our financial to all be paid (the Prius and my Avalanche), and free us up with the next big project. With time how it is for ME: lol !!!
So, yeah, I'm late....again..... but lookie at just PART of what I accomplished this month (and more of that to come as well as some waaaaaay put off posts...*a-hem!*:

This first one is Front & Back of an Ornament Exchange Tag. Unfortunately, I was in 'organized chaos' to get this one done and out the door, first. I'd had everything cut and ready according to my plan of doing the full techniques Tim did on his, or follwing my own Creative-Genius muse. For one who doesn't care much for glitter- hey, this one turned out really nice! The rest of them all went out together, so the rest of the photos show each seperately, so you will be able to tell where I turned off from Tim's path and hacked my own way through the Everglades. I must say that I had a great time doing these for everyone, and made each special in some way even if they looked like another's Twinner. The monochromatic tags were prob the most fun!

THANKS SO MUCH for checking in- and especially HANGING IN THERE (waiting on me) !!
I hope to visit my fave pages playing 'catch up' for a view of some what are ALWAYS
                  AWESOME TAGS created by so many AWESOME CRAFTERS !!!
   Thanks has to go out to Tim and Mario, too, for starting this 'Tag Thing' and especially for moving it to a 12-month format which enabled me.... and so many others as well.... to play along!


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