Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Saturday, January 30, 2016

JANUARY TAG- The 12 Tags of 2016

         Ohmagosh! How much more AWESOME can it get?! We're not just doing new techniques now, but we're taking a time-travel trip with TIM HOLTZ! Going back to some of my- and probably YOURS, too- very fave Tags !! I don't know about you, but I am pretty excited about this and can't wait to see which ones he ends up putting together. This very first one really got me going a bit overboard. And that's perfectly OK...          Tim says so!

 I started this year with a change in my life- I've decided to go full retired with my photo work. I mean, I will still do some of it for church, family, whatever is going on in our life. But it won't be 'getting out all the equipment and carrying it to the ends of the Earth' any longer. Part of the reason is my choice in not replacing the camera I depended on for everything but still photographs. It came time to replace it, and I had a choice of going all out with a new one (I still have, and use, my big Canon Rebel XT... which isn't going anywhere without me) that would do all the same photo/video major work, or paring down. 'Paring down' meant doing what I never did: DEPEND on a cell phone as a camera *GASP!* In fact, I actually found myself using my cam AND cell phone at the same time- just to make sure I got the shot I wanted. That meant carrying all the stuff I usually liked to use....tripod, monopod, extra battery sets and charger, flashdrives and cards, etc. A photographer never really travels LIGHTLY. So I made the big leap and decided I wanted to have a camera for my own use, without actually getting another whole setup. This pleased the ChiefHubby GREATLY. And frankly, since I still use my XT, I have actually been ENJOYING using the cell phone cam! If only I didn't cave for all the do-dad junk... Yes, I fell for the S-Stick.
So here I was thinking this, and looking at Tim's Chalk Technique when all that was going through my mind was using my TH Stamper's Anon. camera stamp. And, I LOVE the result I came up with! I didn't make this Tag for anyone else, this time. So I had a ball just doing ONE TAG!

I used some of the black cardstock to make a plain backside for this Tag. It seemed like everything I wanted this Tag to 'say' was going to end up on the FRONTSIDE.

I drilled (very carefully with the tiniest bit I have) a hole in her head... she needed it! LOL Using the Foil Sheets of blue and gold (for my own eye and hair color) on all her hair and clothing before rubbing the words about "time' all over her.

I absolutely LOVED the overall effect I got out of this TH Salvaged Doll !! It was my first chance to use one of them that I'd gotten while in Minnesota over Thanksgiving with the Purdue Younger Couple. My ChiefHubby is SO SWEET for indulging my spending habits!!!

Notice that I even put a 'clock face' on her since I am NEVER EVER on time, and my own name (LYLA) appears right near the bottom of the camera.
This is prob my fave part- the 'flying time' on top of the camera. note the Film Strip Ribbon wound around it using the Mini Gears and a spinner pointing down towards the other camera which sports the Word Band with just the right saying!

I'd just gotten done with my January Tag when the handle on my BigShot broke. I found help from another Blogger who'd been through the same problem and it gave instructions on calling the site for help in replacement parts. Let me just say that those folks at Sizzix are SUPER GREAT !!! I ended up needing help twice because after I got the first set of parts replacing the above parts, it turned out to also be the smaller bearing sets. I am currently waiting for those to arrive tomorrow. THANK YOU, SIZZIX!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

I was fortunate to get my Tag done in the first two weeks of January before this happened. But the rest of January, my workspace looked like this. I was also working on crochet blankets, so that kept me busy in the meantime.
The old and new parts from the handle....

... and the totally shot smaller bearing sets. It was EASY to take this apart, and since mine is 6 yrs old now... that's ALOTTA cutting in those years. I am very pleased with my BigShot !! The parts came to a whole $5 !!!

                   I hope you're enjoying Tim's direction for the Tags this year, and I am sure I'll be taking alotta looks at many awesome Tags from everyone ! After posting this, I'll be Tag-creeping and having a great time doing so! Thanks for checking in on my blog, even when I am so late !

                                  Be Safe, and HAPPY BLOGGING !!

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