Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Sunday, July 31, 2016

JULY TAG; The 12 Tags of 2016... Part 2

Click here to see JULY TAG; The 12 Tags of 2016...Part 1     If you're reading this in August, it's not because YOU are late. The Queen of Procrastination strikes again! Cutting it a bit too close this time. Tim's July Tag has a few of my fave components: my fave month of July, travel & summer! The only letdown comes from the fact that July is over tonight. So let's get to this last half of my 2-parter...
Since I am REALLY down to the wire... this half of the posting is going up first, then the 1st half -last. We got back from our Montana Trip and ordered a Kayak. The younger Son cpl kids went out and got a set of them without knowing Mom and Dad were planning on getting a doubler Kayak. We just got back home from our first big run (7 miles down the Wabash) and barely made it back in time for me to get this typed up! So here goes:

I just happened to havea Mount Rushmore stamp !!! Who knew?!

I got smart and PRACTICED this time FIRST on scrap.

The inks ALL came out in my usual creative chaos.

Just adding a cutout word wasn't enough for ME. Noooooo....just get the whole stash out and find what I wanted in the first two bins I looked AFTER going through ALL of them !

TAG BACKSIDE: the TH States Thinlet had to be used here- to show the States we added to our Bucket List (for at least a short visit this time).

I got out the machine for this one. I stayed really close to Tim's techniques this month. I actually got it all done by the 25th! WOW- cause we didn't get back to Indiana until the 9th, and still had places to go once we got back home... but not quite HOME just yet.

I printed out some of the fave pics for the inside pocket idea that came to me. The pocket would be BETWEEN the front and back sides of the Tag...

... for the pocket- I used one of Tim's old items: Craft Glassine Pocket. Haven't seen those out in use for a while! So I decided it would work for this.

I used my date stamp to add the real dates to each 'File Card'.

The ribbon came along with an order I made from The Funkie Junkie Boutique- owner Linda Ledbetter is SUPER!! She keeps as much Tim stuff in stock as she can, and I got my hands on BOTH the Gears#2  Bigz Die AND the new Gearset thinlets!!! Can't wait to have time to play with them! I thought the ribbon Linda sent out in my July order was PERFECT for this. THANKS, LINDA!!!

Instead of cutout words... I got out the Chipboard Letters!! I LOVE THIS!!!

I DID do the double-layer cutout on the backside... and used a heart instead of just a dot on top of the J. :)

The entire backside.

The FRONT of the File Cards shown with the BACKSIDE of the Tag.

Add captionThe FRONTSIDE of the Tag shown with the BACKSIDES of the File Cards.

I made a second tag as well, but it is totally flat. It is for the Younger Couple set of kids to use as a bookmark since they made the very same trip from their home up in Red Wing, MN, just before WE did! They got all the way back to Red Wing and then drove all the way down to Indiana a day early to see us before we took off. They were down here to see her new niece and nephew from Canada. The older Couple set of kids take off for LONDON, ENGLAND in 2 weeks. We sure are getting around!

The flat side of the bookmark.
THANKS for looking in !!! I catch you up on the next post - the Part 1 of this!!

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