Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Thursday, September 29, 2016

A TimTag NOT For September...A Family Thing.

    Back in June when Tim Holtz debuted his monthly Tag, he used one of his newest dies that recently hit the market. I was absolutely thrilled with this die, and both the positive and the negative cuts can be used in so many ways!! The die itself reminds me of the old classic movies of "The Invisible Man".  I immediately put this die onto my Wish List, but found it on sale via The Funkie Junkie Boutique and thought it would make a cool Tag gift for the "Daugherty Rocketeers" aka my older Brother & Sister remaining on the Daugherty side of my family. They'd been trying to make a gathering since the spring that we could all attend. With the third try hoping to be a charm- it was not so for me. We had already committed to a cabin stay up in Michigan with 2 other sets of friends. There was no other date to change the gathering to, this late in the year, but I seem to run into this kind of quandry quite a bit these last ten yrs. We used to scramble dates bk & forth until we satisfied every event with our presence. But even then, it would somehow let someone down in the end. We have tried to keep along the lines of whatever 'firm' commitments were set to the calendar (with the exceptions that come along in life; births, weddings, illnesses, deaths, and more often- the celebration of life itself in gathering together). Ultimately; you do what you gotta do, even when it hurts. So we missed this gathering and while I am often thinking "What if that turns out to be the very last chance I had to be with that person?", and indeed we did lose one older Sister to both us younger Sisters this past Spring whom I had never yet met as an adult. She was almost adult herself when I was born, and while I do remember being at one brother's house (I was told he and his wife babysat me) who died before I got the chance to remeet him again either....I keep trust in The LORD's perfect timing and the fact that ANY time could be the last time we see a person - ANY person we know. That leaves me with one sister and one brother from our father Lyle (from whom I get my first and maiden last names).
           That all said, I chose to do a Tag for both of them in honor of the earthly father (and Heavenly Father as well) we share. I was able to get them to my Sister at church before the event/our leaving for Michigan. I wasn't getting the story out in a timely fashion though- as per my usual. So there you have it, guys... with LOVE!!!

All Front Sides: The lapels on each "gentleman" show a rose for us girls, and a star for the oldest brother... as shown in the following photo below:.

I chose the Chit Chat Sticker "family"...

...and a Type Charm "D" for Daughterty- the family name handed down from our father, Lyle Audrey.

The backsides with the "positive cut" from the die... shown closeup below:

The stitching was fun but I am NOT a sewing person (as in clothes, etc.).
David and I were both humbled and very HAPPY to finally meet that side of my family in 2011 for the first time since I was a baby around 2 or 3 yrs old. I last remember seeing my Father, Lyle, just before my Dad (Don Rush Sr) married my mother the summer I was 7 yrs old. My Dad told me as I was getting married in 1984 that he had sat across the table from Lyle during a school dinner/play at Lake Cicott Elem School (torn down old Elem School in Lake Cicott, IN, that was part of the Pioneer Regional School Corp 3 of our 4 kids went on to graduate from). I was a Narrator of that play and my Dad said that Lyle seemed to enjoy watching me that night - both fathers were able to meet each other then. For some reason, everyone thought it was best not to tell me Lyle was there and I don't remember getting the time to run into him as I was onstage in front of the curtain all evening.
Our boys get the Dougherty nose from ChiefHubby's Mother's Dougherty side of the family (her maiden name from Grandma and Grandpa Doughtery spelled with an O). And they get their frizzy hair from my Daugherty (spelled with an A) side of the famiy.
Love you, Topper, Pam, and the rest of the family !!! Maybe 2017 is a charm??

Thanks for checking in to read this post, everyone!
Next post is the late-as-usual posting of the SEPTEMBER TAG; The 12 Tags of 2016...
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