Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Frilly and Funkie Challenge #15; AUGUST.... Through The First Year and On To The NEXT!

    August...such a simple title for this Challenge, but also very deceiving: the Indiana Education System seems to think that Summer is completely over. On the contrary: this Mom/Grandma/former school Volunteer says it still looks, feels, and even tastes like summer- because it STILL IS SUMMER!! I am so against all this early school start; I am of the 'old school' generation who went in after Labor Day holiday weekend, and got out before Memorial Day holiday weekend. And (for the love of GOD, folks) ours was the generations that MADE all the gizmos and gadgets called "technology"! We split the atom, put the man on the moon, and most importantly of all: we INVENTED Rock and Roll!!!! We didn't need more days out of a summer away from our families and friends, and while we took advantage of the AC (if you were "rich" enough), we took to the water... by vine over a creek, or catching crawdads for the fun of it.... or made our own fun with a plain old garden hose. I must be old-fashioned, and gladly so, if those days are long gone now.
             But, that very thought (the kids of summer) is what brought me to create this project for
The Frilly and Funkie Challenge Blog . Our "Wittle Peanut" first Grandchild, Cole, turned a whole 1 year old on June 7th! I can't get over how much he has changed, grown, and especially learned during that 12 months! And every time we get to have him with us; he just gets smarter- and so much stinkin' CUTER!- than the time before...even if it's just days apart. With both our own boys, we were blown away by how intelligent each was and how quickly they caught on. They both loved books and we considered ourselves extremely blessed by that, and how well they always did in school. Our older Son (Cole's Daddy) did have a bit of an "attitude"...*hut-hum*...quite like his Mom (me) did back at that teen age. Sort of "I really LIKE this Teacher, so I will do my VERY BEST!" or "Man, this Teacher just sucks. Boooooooring. Forget this. I'm done." So the grade kinda depended on how we felt about it. But, our younger Son....just being told to "DO THE WORK", and he aced/breezed through it on gilded wings. Both are Gifted/Talented, but it's that extra "umph" that pushes that Giftedness over the top. I can definitely see that little bit of attitude in our first Grandson. Both girls our Sons brought home to us to be our Daughters are also very gifted in the smarts and their grades (& degrees!) show that. I always say that we will have THE smartest Grandchildren- EVER! But the real bonus: if this first kid is any indication at all...we will have the CUTEST Grandchildren in the whole wide world!!! Blonde and Blue- esp with the younger Son and Daughter who both have almost platinum blonde hair. 3/4 of our kids have blue eyes...with Cole's Daddy going back and forth over the years with Blue (from me) OR Green (the ChiefHubby)! But, ask ANY Grandma and she will be quick to say that HER Grandchild is the cutest....EVER. And it will be the truth, too!

                  So let's get down to Crafty Business and see where I took this....

We're back to The DoodleBook !
I've done a few projects in here that are Archived under past Posts.

I leave a set of pages in between each project I do- because I never know just how WET
I am going to get with the current project. For this; I did one layer of white gesso, then did some Tim Holtz technique of TH Stencils with TH Texture Paste (from Ranger).
You'll notice the TH Thinlit Die Set: #661186 (bricks and stones)…
I cut a few plain sturdy white cardstock pieces from the die set and used them
for my own stenciling. The 'rocks' turned out GREAT! It really does look
like a former wall of a building all crumbling in with no more full walls left.

A second layer of the gesso took on a different look when I used my sponge brush to make changes in the strokes I used: straight lines on the sky...then dabbing all over the 'rocks' and the inside area of the rocking to look like gravel on the ground.

Using a TH Distress Marker in Antique Linen gave a bit more dimension to the 'crumbling rock walls'.... doing almost ALL the lines up close, but in the back- using only a "here or there" stroke in the impression of the back wall being further back.

A little play on the 'sky' with some TH Distress Ink in Salty Ocean, with some
ghost stamping of wording in there, randomly.

The columns were actually the FIRST thing I made:
I used one full sheet of TH GrungePaper and simply cut it into thirds, then 
cut the tops & bottoms away from them and trimmed down the sides of the columns.
Then folded the columns, and used the top of a Tag die to trim the scallops and used the rest
of the trim to top off each scallop.
3 coats of TH Distress Paint in Picket Fence (folding again before adding a coat of paint),
then using some TH Distress Ink in Pumice Stone for a bit more dimension on the 
folds and edges.
Then, I wanted CRACKLE...NOPE!
Arrrgh!!!! What to do?!
So while I had to go for another Dr Dracula visit (aka Blood Draw),
I stopped by JoAnn and Hobby Lobby to pick up a few new TH Crazing/coatings set.

To get the columns to 'stand out' from the background better, I chose to cut an 8&1/2 X 11 in 
white cardstock into 3 parts and then just folded each and taped them down only on one edge.
The cs 'popped up' just like you'd expect! Normally, you'd be wanting to smooth
it back down, but this did just what I wanted it to do.

Cutting out some English Ivy (the older Couple Kids had taken a trip to 
England before they had Cole coming along, 
so this is a bit of a nod to the UK and also to Education- 
Ivy is often used with photos of higher education) ,
using that new TH Alterations Pipeline Die 
and also the Watering Can (gotten on clearance last fall).

I stripped a wiring from some ribbon and saved the wire for another use.
It came in handy for the Pearls of Wisdom I wanted to show all the
milestones a baby passes: rolling over, sitting up, crawling, standing, and walking-
just to name a few large motor skills.
Twisting the wire around each pearl allowed me to space them along the wire.

For the TH Alterations Pipeline Bigz Die: I used the new Memoranda Stash Paper!
I cut several and stacked up the layers to make a thicker cut of each that would "pop" 
from the background, but run BEHIND the columns.....

Here was playing with the already-glued-layers of piping to see how they looked best
on the entire layout...

Before putting them permanently onto the background, I used some of my Vintage Photo Distress Oxide and played around with water to give the piping some REAL water spotting !

The Finished 2-page Project: "Through The First Year and On To The NEXT!"

Some Closeup Photos:

I used Glossy Accents on the drips to make them look like real water!
The sunshine beams show through from the background- both sun and water are needed to
nurture a plant for it to grow. The many things a CHILD needs to grow- includes good food,
clothing, and shelter, but also SONshine and all that comes with that Biblical instruction, 
as well as discipline, and attention. Everything in all those things spell L-O-V-E!

WHY 2 Crowns, you ask??
Because Cole has 2 Grandmas!!
He has his Mommy's Mom- his Grammy Fasha,
and his Daddy's Mom- Meemaw (me).
I absolutely LOVE the fact that my Sons each have TWO Moms!!
Some people may be jealous of their kids' other family, but I think it's a BONUS!!

This is Cole's 1st Birthday photo from his photo shoot over the week of June 7th, 2018...
Is this child not a "Gerber Baby"?!?
The rest of his pics were just as adorable, but this one had to be my fave!!

Lastly- he's already well on his way to Year #2, 
so I had to add a few sprigs and pearls for those things he has already learned in
just the two short months from June 7th to August 7th.
Let the ride be LOOOOOOOONG! And BLESSED!!!

I actually had this entire thing already finished within the first 4 days after the
Challenge was posted! It was so much FUN, and when I checked back into 
see more inspiration posted onto The Frilly and Funkie Challenge Blog ,
I was awed that another VERY talented crafter thought along the very same lines!
Great minds DO think alike! LOL!
There are Badges and a drawing for a $25 Gift Certificate
Sponsored by The Funkie Junkie Boutique ,of course.
But the real fun comes from the great feeling of sharing
something created that is close to your HEART !

A BIG THANK YOU shoutout to the wonderful folks checking in to see 
these crafts on my blog, and especially to those who leave a comment-
you guys are THE BEST!!!!

Ya'all make the rounds to the other Crafters involved in this Challenge if you get the
chance, and if you have the time: PLEASE JOIN US!!
We promise not to make fun of your inky hands, and to fully embrace
all your mistakes- as if they were our own!!   ; )

Till next time: BE SAFE &


Maggi said...

Wow! Your project is fun of so many great techniques! I really love how you made your columns, they look great! The rust pipes add a great touch of whimsy and the background treatment is perfect. Thanks so much for joining the Frillie and Funkie challenge!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Lyla, you never disappoint! I love, love love your columns. This is whimsical and fun and oh, so fabulous! Thanks so much for playing along in the August Challenge at the Frilly and Funkie Challenge Blog.

sarascloset said...

Lyla, you sneaky girl, you! this one almost got by me over at Frilly and Funkie. I just have to tell you how much I snicker when you enter at the last moment! That's me to a tee!

Your pages are AWESOME! What a SWEET photo of Cole! He is handsome, indeed! I love the special meaning behind every single detail, especially the water faucet to make your little man grow (as he should) and the string of pearls. Your columns are amazing and make this perfect for the 'August' challenge, too!

I loved reading about your family-always do. That little guy sure is blessed to have such a wonderful loving family! Sending hugs!

Jenny Marples said...

Oh my goodness this is inspired Lyla! LOVE the way that spread tells a clear story with few words and so much clever design. Love the columns and path leading you across the pages to the most important place - Cole! Absolutely love it all. Thank you so much for sharing it with us at Frilly and Funkie xx

Barb Turpin said...

Congratulations on your awesome project! So many beautifully detailed pages! And Cole! What a sweetie!

sarascloset said...

Lyla, I am so thrilled to see your project recognized as a favorite over at Frilly and Funkie! Congrats and hugs!