Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

TFJB Challenge #22 P, O, G, Eek! It's Halloween/ Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge; Movie Inspired... Bell, Book, & Candle Box!

 I'm "Back Home Again in Indiana", which means I am also back to my normal photo editing and computer layouts. We left Minnesota on Oct 18th- my 55th Birthday- just in time, as it became MinneSNOWta the next day with over 6 inches. Yikes! Not that it's not cold here at home. Yay. The leaves were still on the trees, so that means I am fighting Leaf War 2020. But frankly- with the rain AND I slipped the belt on my brand new mower (new belt ordered), I gave up...temporarily. Besides, other things needed my attention at the moment. I had a wonderful birthday up in Red Wing as the younger set baked up a gourmet Chocolate Cherry Cake that was to die for, and just Saturday the 24th, the older set brought Chinese takeout to have some time with me also. Having my ChiefHubby, our 4 Kids, and 3 doesn't matter where I am; they are HOME to me wherever we are. 

The things that needed my attention- besides my family, that is- just happened at the same time I was obsessed with them: CANDLES! I had finally gotten some Tim Holtz Embossing Glaze and was having too much fun with it looking like melted candle wax! So my fingers were on their way to making another set of candles with a candlestick holder, when what to my wandering eyes should appear? Tim Holtz showing a new technique on making little tiny candles that look too realistic to be fake! Well, that changed my direction like a horse called in for oats. Of course, I had to do just ONE MORE Halloween make.

                          So let's see where I took this new technique...

I began this make just like the last project with a candlestick 
CLICK HERE for more details.
(My posts got out of order somehow and it caused a problem with my links-
hopefully, it's all cleared up now.)
I left off the Embossing Glazes and simply went with a plain gold again on the holder.
The 'candle' was snipped off the next day- after I saw TIM'S CANDLES!!

"Skelly" (purchased up in Minnesota) became fodder for my newest thing: Modeling Clay.
After making all those gravestones, I wondered;
could I make molds from this clay of Skelly's head and hands, and
then use those molds to form exact head and hands?
Obviously- it was something I needed to know. So I tried...

And this clay- after baking- is easily scraped, sanded, and cut so that the
shape can be molded yet hard for what you want.
Here, I shaded the pieces after being done finishing them.

And then came TIM'S CANDLES...
If you missed his Demo;
and click on Halloween Tips and Tricks Part 2

I posted the next 3 pics on Tim Holtz Addicts (Facebook group)
after practicing a couple of candles.
I was now into platter 3-wick candles, tapers, and the sky is the limit here!

Once I got the hang of it a bit- I made more for practice.
Since I cannot hear Tim (nor Mario) talking on the Demos, and they don't
have CC for the deaf yet, I have to rely on watching what he does.
So I do my best to look closely at LOTS of people's makes to see what they also did.

Next, I wondered if I could put a bit of scariness in there- a knife.
Tim already has a knife in his IdeaOlogy, which I've used for
~a Baby Spoon with a keychain photo
~ a Thanksgiving Tag
~ a set of tableware for a Cruise ship tag.
Wondered if I could get a Halloween SHARP knife from this??


Then I decided the Skelly not only would pop out of the wall,
but he was going to pop out of a FRAME...
then it came to me Skelly could pop out of an Ephemera PHOTO!
I painted the IdeaOlogy Foundry Frame with Distress Paint in Black Soot. 
Let dry then rubbed a bit off for the metal to show through.

Then I needed a couple of books... easily made by stacking paper and sewing together,
then adding a cover. Some IdeaOlogy Remnant Rubs (Numbers) on the covers.
THEN I needed a crystal ball.
We couldn't let the rest of Tim's Demo go without trying it ALL, right?! lol

This is the result of those little things put together...


I needed to show the back of the book- I added more hot glue (as Tim did) and 
folded a firm cardstock piece- that closely matched the outside box's color- 
and glued it into place that tucked the edges in and covered up the excess wiring/battery.

Skelly! Enough already! We KNOW you enjoy looking at YOURSELF.

And here's the full inside... 

Purple, Orange, and Green, Eek! It's Halloween!- 
Purple, orange, green, AND's all in here!

"Bell Book, and Candle" with James Stewart and Kim Novak!
(I also loved "Rear Window" and "Vertigo" with Jimmy Stewart- who DIDN'T?!)

Just so you can see the stand I made from jTH Thinlits Die Circle Play 
by cutting two sets of the gumball machine stand and stacking the 2 cuts- 
leaving out all the detail pieces save for the top and bottom to form a crystal ball stand. 

"Then, the lights went out!
Candles were lit..."

Skelly sure is scared- biting his...fingers??

Not too shabby for a first try.
But in my own critique: the hand holding the righthand side candle-
the lights didn't go up far enough and show too much inside the HAND.
The globe (TH Dimensional Domes from Sizzix) fit neatly inside here,
and trying to get that wire into a HALF ball wasn't too hard,
It was trying to resituate the FILLING after getting it glued on
( I adhered it using Glossy Accents and set it aside to dry overnight with
heavy dies weighting it down. I was afraid glue from a glue gun would just rip out
from the force inside.)
BUT- getting the filling to rearrange to hide the bulbs was much harder.
In all; it turned out VERY WELL, I think.

Purple, Orange, and Green, Eek! It's Halloween!
Colors and Halloween- LIT UP!

Movie Inspiration
"Bell, Book, and Candle"... LIT UP!

This make can be seen on 2 sites:

where EVERYONE is welcome to join in, and EVERYONE has a chance for the
random drawing Sponsored by: The Funkie Junkie Boutique


where, once again; EVERYONE is welcome to join in and have a chance for a
random drawing Sponsored by: Simon Says Stamp

Once again, I send a SHOUTOUT of "THANKS!" to everyone
stopping by to check in on my makes- both old and new!
And "THANK YOU!" for the sweet comments!
(A special "THANKS!" to Sara for seeing my URL misposting,
and to Jenny, for fixing the link! I had quite a time without my usual setup,
and it was a 'dry run' for the near future when we are in Florida part time.)
Since the ChiefHubby officially filed his intent to RETIRE...
his last day is December 23rd (the 37th Anniversary of our Engagement),
with the signing to take place on January 4th. 
Yikes: it's getting REAL! Lol

I have more projects that are finished but yet to have blogged,
as well as a couple more projects in various stages of 'made' to finish.
So, stay tuned!

Let's GOOOO, Los Angeles DODGERS!!!
(World Series Game 6 RIGHT NOW!)

Stay SAFE, Wear the MASK, Wash the HANDS, &


sarascloset said...

Oh,my, Lyla! You have really outdone yourself on this one! I love those candles--I wish you could see my face! Sheer delight on every single detail, and it lights up! What could be better, and SPOOKIER???? Well done on entry #2, girl! And happy belate Birthday! That cake sounds yummy! May this be the best year yet! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us at The Funkie Junkie Boutique!

sarascloset said...

It's me again! I forgot to say how much I adored the skull peeking out of the candle wax and those tiny books! SQUEAL!!!! They look like the real deal! Just wow!

sarascloset said...

And me again, one more time! I'm tickled pink to see this amazing make was the lucky winner of the shopping spree at The Funkie Junkie Boutique and that your other entry was chosen as one of our favorites! You rocked this challenge, Lyla!