Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Thursday, January 14, 2021

The Funkie Junkie Boutique Challenge #1 ... Put A Good Word In... 2021 Fresh Start Cards (Guest Designer)

   HAPPY NEW YEAR; 2021!

   For those of you who may be new to my blog, my name is Lyla Larimore and I've been blessed to have been Guest Designer for The Funkie Junkie Boutique Challenge Blog several times now. I've been crafting with paper in some way or form just about my entire life, beginning with making my own dollhouses, furniture, and then worked my way up to reality as a homemaker. Those skills came in very handy when my kids got into school. I spent my afternoons making whatever paper project the school's hallways needed for each subject of study, event, or holiday where help was needed. My projects since having to retire from school and photography have toned down quite a bit- but not in the sharing of it! And just this very week- Monday the 4th- my ChiefHubby joined in on the retirement- living the dream of being able to stop his paying job so that he can still have time to do the work he wants to do for The LORD. Papers were signed and we rode off into the sunset- literally- crafting gear came with!!

We made it! We're officially retirees; "snowbirding" from snowy, frozen Indiana to warmer, sandy Florida Emerald Coast for the next three months! We took off on Tuesday, arriving in the evening, and

by Wednesday afternoon, we were all set up for housekeeping in the Panhandle. A huge THANKS to the  Tri-State Christian Camp for use of the (original) Director's House! This house was built, and originally occupied by family which we've been part of for 23 years now. And while we have been working at, staying in, or helping with this Camp and the First Christian Church of DeFuniak Springs during all that time- the camp itself has just made leaps and bounds in changes! They are now equipped to host handicapped campers in full! (Removing The Barriers). That makes me very proud since I am handicapped myself, but the pride is for GOD. Totally!! This is what we came to do for our retirement time down here; to help at the Church and the Camp. Our current situation is temporary since our hope is to work for the Church, bringing things up to date, and give help on the side to the Camp. It got switched around for this year, but until we decide to build a home or purchaser a larger RV than we already have (the option we are leaning with- for use in future travels as well). So this next few months is our 'dry run' so to speak. As far as my own usual crafting... I'm all set!! I was able to purchase (after finally FINDING one) an XXL Crop In Style box/rolling tote, and I am amazed at how much I was able to fit into that thing!! For weight concerns;  I brought along the Big Shot instead of my Vagabond, totally leaving behind the CriCut. Stowaways included all my Tim Holtz brands: a dozen Bigz Alterations Dies, and at least 20 Alterations Thinlits Sets (extremely easy to travel with), and some matching sets of SA Stamps and all my Stencils (those take up almost no space at all).I had a little 'fit' trying to choose just 15 Distress Reg/Oxide Inks, but took all three sets of Distress Crayons, all my TH Tonic Scissors sets, and almost all my little TH tools, quite a bit of my newer TH Pastes, Emboss Powders/Glazes, plus a good  bit of my fave papers. When the ChiefHubby saw me stressed out over which papers to bring, he said "Now Dear... we can always FIND you the paper you need down there- you don't need to try to take it ALL with you. He's just sooo gonna REGRET saying that, lol!

After my surprise win of The Funkie Junkie Boutique's Challenge #25; "Celebration", I was happy to find out the timing was perfect; winning the 1st spot as GD for January, meant having almost 3 weeks free. I needed that time to finish packing and for the trips we made. We'd driven up to Red Wing, MN, to see the younger set of kids and Baby Pecan (who is growing by leaps and bounds both in body and mind!), then back to Indiana to see the older set with Peanut and Princess Pistachio, then down to DFS.I think we need to invest in our own plane, or rail car. In any case; during those 2 weeks, I DID manage to get my project totally finished, with only the blogging and turning in of the deadline blurb/photos. I must say that I am very pleased how these turned out! So....LET'S GET TO IT....

                                                                          The start:

                 The first FIVE photos are a repeat from previous card posts-                 having prepped the entire deck all at the beginning of all projects done with this deck.

 (And MANY THANKS to all the Tim Holtz Addicts folks who made ATC Cards from a deck of        playing cards- or their own ATCs from which the inspiration came! You know who you are!)

I started out by playing with a full deck.

I really wanted to keep the backside the way it is: pretty old and well used.

The gesso job I wanted needed to be LIGHTLY done.
I really wanted the card itself to show through- at least for now.
I did the entire deck- thinking if I wanted to cover any of them more, I could do it as I crafted them.

So here's the first batch lightly covered...

you can see I was fighting my usual "coat it thick" habit.

The very first thing I did was come up with WORDS.
My ChiefHubby helped me with this- I was shouting out to him about my WIN!
As I read the details from Cec what was expected from this project to match the theme,
I said to him "I need to come up with - I'm choosing FIVE - words that
are important and fit this coming year."
Not surprisingly; we came up with the very same 5 words at the same time.
After the COVID19 of 2020, and the tumult of the 2020 Election,
we were both on the same thought level.

*A needed note here...
You'll notice later on in the photos that the ribbon tape is light blue OVER black.
The reason is hilarious...
I actually began with black, and during the last thing (splattering with Black Soot Distress Paint)
I accidentally MELTED the black ribbon tapes! The wording disappeared but left the black tape intact.
Not being discouraged since I was not all that fond of the black tape look overall;
I simply cut new letters from light blue and clipped the words closer so that the black ribbon 
showed up underneath as a backdrop. In the end: I liked it much better.

Also in that order was TH CRACKLE PASTE!!!! 
Can you tell I am excited to finally get my pallet knife on this stuff?!.
I'm going to want more if I keep going at this rate; it's TOO FUN to use!!!
Here, I'm using the TH Stencil Numeric. I thought using words or letters was overkill.
(PS: I really wish they still added the title to the stencils- to make it easier for "How-To"s,
but having my iPhone Tim Holtz app is a huge help during this- I simply look up
the items I have on my "Inventory" list to find the correct names of what I used.)

I finally chose to get the Speckled Egg Distress Ink- in Oxide-
and am VERY PLEASED with it!
YES, folks, it IS that cool of a color!!

Packing was a chore; only in CHOICES.

Step 1 (for this project) : I shaded the entire surface with Speckled Egg Oxide,
then heat dried.

Step 2: I colored HEAVILY -onto the Crackle Pasted areas only-
using Chipped Sapphire Distress Crayon...
then used a paint brush, with plain water, to rub all that Distress Crayon into all the cracks
and around the raised edges of the numbers.
Heat dry again.

Step 3: I went around the EDGES with full force on the TH Blending Tool... holding it in one hand and "hitting" the edges all around.
This really coats the edges and actually 'fogs over' the numbers again.
*Note: The usual way to add ink with a Blending Tool is to start on the GLASS MAT (or Craft Sheet)
rubbing circles as you go onto the paper, going back to the glass mat/craft sheet to pick up more ink.
Repeat Heat Dry.

Step 4: Using Distress Spray Stain in Brushed Pewter,
spray a good-sized puddle onto the Glass Mat, and scrape the card edges through.
Heat Dry.

Isn't that cool?!

I now had the background for embellishing with Tim Holtz IdeaOlogy - to my heart's content.

Here's where I "Put A Good Word In"...

I sincerely believe we - as a United States- need these words desperately,
and need to put their meanings into practice IMMEDIATELY!

-Distressing some IdeaOlogy items with Vintage Photo Distress Oxide Ink
-Choosing and adding TH Paper Dolls (using same Vintage Photo Distress Oxide Ink)
-Punching out ribbon type (not TH brand) in light blue with chosen words
- Adding various Tim Holtz IdeaOlogy items (distressing with same above Ink) such as:
*Mirrored Hearts
*Salvaged Stickers: Crowded Attic (retired)
*Ticket Booth
*Snippets Ephemera
-Lastly; splatterings of Black Soot Distress Paint.

Again: I've left the backs the same- other than where I needed one TH Long Fastener.
I've added a TH (retired) Salvaged Sticker on top.

What FUN this has been to be the first Guest Designer of 2021!
I pray that these WORDS- and all the words chosen by the various Crafters who chose to join

will have a positive and lasting effect that will ripple through the rest of the world!

So come join in on the FUN, and be included into the $25GC random drawing
Sponsored by:

Until next time...

Stay SAFE, Wear the MASK, Wash the HANDS, &

3 comments: said...

Congratulations on being the 'first' for the new year. So, funny that words have been on my mind too. While I'm not even going to try 52 of anything, I'm looking forward to your challenge!

Art By Wanda said...

Your atcs are wonderful, Lyla!!! And I loved hearing about your life!!! I hope and pray all is going well for you in FL!!

sarascloset said...

I was so pleased to see you as the first GDT of the year at The Funkie Junkie Boutique blog and what a fabulous project! Love these and seeing here how they came together! Thanks so much for your inspiration and hard work and for being our special Guest Designer--you rocked the words! Big congrats on being snow birds!