Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

The Funkie Junkie Boutique Challenge #11 Triple the Heat... 3 is the way we roll!

'm in my 'beat the deadline' mode today; with things to get caught up on because there are more places to go and people to see- the Red Wing kids and Baby Pecan, to be exact! It's been a month since we have held that happy baby and I can't wait to enjoy being with him again! We've managed to have the older 2 Grands here and there over this month, and even went with them on a family trip to see the Children's Museum in Indy back at the first of August. Seems like every trip we make, we see a TRAIN of some kind- and the Grands all love trains! But most of this month has been just the ChiefHubby and I getting things caught up or making shorter trips on our own. In any case: this entire family ROLLS...and very OFTEN! It makes me very happy that our kids want to show their own children the good things our USA has to offer in the way of travels. There was not much travel like that in my own childhood, unless it was with my Maternal Grandparents, up until my Dad came into life when I was 7. In fact, I had very little

knowledge of the roads and places outside my own town- and even inside town was pretty roughly by map only. I just never had anyone interested in showing me where to go and how to get there. By the time I was a teenager, I loved going anywhere with my Dad or older siblings; it was exciting to go fishing, camping, or just babysit my many Nieces and Nephews at their homes. But that was about the extent of it- just here in our own county. When I met my ChiefHubby, he opened up a full-page-color version of life going places and doing things. I picked up water skiing and boating almost overnight. The site of sailboats on the water was a favorite and led to fulfilling of having my own for the past 5 years. Driving to the next county to visit his Grandparents on their Isle of Homes on Lake Shaffer was a favorite, since I was always close to my own Grandparents. I loved staying all night in Grandma's guest bed and waking up to the sunshine on the lake. Later, jet-skiing out on my own when the kids got back to school and the ChiefHubby was working all day. And like mine, they loved going places. They'd moved there when Grandpa retired from the railroad as a Yardmaster. They shared their love - and life- of both boats and trains with us, and it's passing down to our own Grandkids now.

     Some of my earliest memories of my own Grandpa involved cars, because he drove up to Detroit in 1965- the year I was born- to purchase his second Durant (1931, his first was  1929 as a teen). He spent a long time restoring that car and it became his pride and joy. I was with him in many parades, car shows, and visits to folks in that Durant, and the smell of that 'old car' remains with me to this day. It was featured in Hemmings Classic Cars magazine (click here for article) and more than one photo appeared in the local newspapers over the years. But my favorite of the 3 he restored (red Ford Galaxy 500 Convertible, the 31 Durant) was his 1955 Packard. One day, while I was visiting him in the garage and he was working on it, he asked me to get in and 'hit the brakes', so he could rig up the tail lights. I was sitting inside and looking at the newly-covered seats that had previously been an ugly green shade and asked "Grandpa, why'd you change to blue?" since he'd stuck with original coloring of the other vehicles. He stopped what he was doing and went over to the back wall, picked something off the board, then held it up to my eyes and said "Because it's the exact shade of YOUR EYES. You have your GRANDMA'S EYES." And I just about melted into the cement flooring. I had to wipe away the tears (which still happens now) because I also have my Grandma's middle name as my own middle name, and that was a lesson in learning to be proud of the name Louise.

I chose these three things- boats, cars, and trains- for the theme of my make. 
So let's see what happened!

Tim Holtz has tons of things to choose from for use on ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) of any shape.
Quite a few of my items here- especially packages of all my Paper Dolls-
were purchased from The Funkie Junkie Boutique.
I like to get out everything I MIGHT use and stack it all up. 
I also take a photo of what I have out, just in case I forget to do so later.

While I had plenty of time to choose what I wanted to add to the ATCs,
my plan for color and tools was pretty straighforward:
3 colors and 3 set of stamps on 3 ATC circles:

I did use several layers of cardstock for the middle of each ATC shape. 
This helped keep them stiff on the inside while the two outer layers were for looks.
Using Glossy Accents also helps everything keep its shape!

Next, after all the outside layers were all put together, I snipped out some stash paper
from the TH Destination 12x12 stack I was using, for some reinforcements.
The TH IdeaOlogy Ring was my plan to hold them all together as a complete set of 2 threes.

When everything was dry, I used some TH Distress Oxide in Vintage Photo
to add some aging to all of the edges.
Heat dry is a must since the DO/RegD are 'wet' until heat set.

Now the real fun begins!
Choosing which color was to go with which stamps.

While HEAT was not a requirement for this Triple the Heat Challenge
I decided that was the perfect way to go; HEAT EMBOSSING!
Now, if you're into making details just right, like I always try to do,
here's how to separate stamp images to make them go where you want...

...1- Tape over the part of the image you DON'T want to show
2- Then add paint/ink to the stamp's un covered area
3- Remove the tape and stamp where you wish first part to be
4- Use emboss powder or glaze of choice and heat dry....

 ...Repeat the steps for each part of the stamp's image you wish to do.

As you work, the part that is heat-finished will look differently in color,
but it will all end up looking the same shade when finished.

I'm using TH Embossing Glazes for my project.
This is Fired Brick.
You can see the TH Glazes are absolutely FABULOUS looking on backgrounds!
Just the right amount to see the stamped image, yet the background shows through it!
With all my stamping and heat emboss glazing finished,
I noted that the Antique Linen was not as visible, so I lightly ran some
Distress Paint over each image in Walnut Stain, then pounced on it with a wetwipe.
Then heat dried again.
I also wanted to add some "rust" to the edges, since these little ATCs looked
like miniature metal signs (like those sold at Hobby Lobby).
So I used the same Walnut Stain Distress Paint onto my TH Glass Mat
and working one side at a time, scraped each ATC edge through it,
dragged the edges through TH Distress Powder,
heat dried, and repeated the process as needed till I was satisfied with each edge.
It took a looooong time to do both sets of 3 ATCs,
but the effect was worth it.

Here's the pic of the items I actually ended up using out of the first photo you
saw of all the choices I laid out at the start....

...and the tools I used.

Here's the CUTE results:


Made from 3 sets of stamps and 3 color schemes
3 ribbons, 3 sets of 2 ppl/pet

Made from 3 sets of stamps and 3 color schemes
3 ribbons, 3 children


FYI: The paper I used to lay the ATCs on for photo taking was the backside
of this TH 12x12 Destinations paperie sheet. It reminds me of Grandpa's cars.

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by!!
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SewPaperPaint said...

Such a fun mix of tags! Love this project. xx, Autumn

Suzanne C said...

These are beautiful! So much loveliness front and back! Thanks for playing in the Funkie Junkie Boutique challenge!

Tera Callihan said...

These are awesome! Thank you for joining us in The Funkie Junkie boutique challenge

sarascloset said...

Oh, wow! I just adore your project! I love the inspiration behind it and the wonderful distressing throughout your tags. Well done, as always!