Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Saturday, June 14, 2014

JUNE TAG- The 12 Tags of 2014

June, at long last! The first day of SUMMER in just a week from now...and I've already had the first midnight swim in the pool- before May even ended! DOUBLE YAY!! So with more things to get done outside and more trips to make  out of state, my time has become short for crafting right now. I had to hoof it to get June done, and now I am hoofing it to get this posted before we head back out East in just a couple of hours. Yes, this is another midnight-oil-burner. No surprise there. I can sleep allll the way over. :D
I'll make this post short&sweet.
Truth be told; I dislike the butterflies. I mean, I DO like butterflies that are alive and flying in the yard and around the decks, but frankly, I don't care too much for crafting with them. Or birds for that matter. My BudderCup kitty goes a bit too far with her dislike: she's a well-known Butterfly KILLER. And sadly, a bird killer, too. (For which I generally beat her little butt for, but she barely notices my reprimands.)
So, of course, I had to change the June Tag to something I enjoy...SURPRISE. And since it's usually with my photo work included, this month celebrates 32 years since the ChiefHubby asked me out on our first date June 16, 1982. And since our 30th Wedding Anniversary is also coming up on July 14 (1984) along with BAHAMA CRUISE with a bunch of our besties...I decided to add in a puzzle of photos collaged together of us over the years. You'll notice a February 24, 2002 photo of us with our kids when we had a ReWedding for renewing our vows for our 17th Anniversary that year. Our close bestie (whom we just spent two weeks in Florida with so far this year) was the presiding Minister for that. Plus- our kids got to be in it with us and that made it all the more special to me. I even got out my wedding dress....and GOT INTO IT! Whoa! Another bestie couple (who are going on the cruise with us too) took the professional pics that day...and she's always very GOOD. Bonus for me! ;)
So here is my JUNE TAG....


The above photo -which is the front of my tag- comes out right side up when uploaded...but the photo to the left absolutely REFUSED to budge, no matter how I cropped or turned it...go figure. So since we are ready to leave, I gave up so I can get the post up on Tim's Blog. Here's wishing everyone a HAPPY FLAG DAY- and a reminder to fly that Red,White,&Blue Old Glory in all it's pride...and to enjoy the first actual day of SUMMER coming up next week!  Thanks for checking in again, take care, be safe, and HAPPY BLOGGING!!

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