Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Back in The Saddle Again...The Bestest Times With My Bestie!

Finally getting the time and energy to get back out to one of my Bestie's house for riding with her has been a bit hard with so much already going on for the summer. Seems like you just get all the work done at home, and it's time to leave again. We'll be back out on the road on Friday headed back to Florida; same place as last visit, same family, but more added together for a Carpenters For Christ missions. We'll be helping finish up the church build-on we started almost four years ago. It's been a struggle for the congregation to get it finished, so CFC is providing another trip for inside electrical and finishing touches to the new Sanctuary CFC put in from the cement on up. The current sanctuary will be emptied out of pews,etc. to make room for more classroom space, while keeping the all-new beautiful interior as it is now. Hopefully, the week will provide enough time to fully FINISH the project.
But just getting home from a camping trip, with so much to still do inside the house from not being home, and getting the camper cleaned back up, and trying to get the photo work done that DIDN'T GET DONE while I was camping...dang WiFi that has almost 2,000-ppl-plus-their-brother-sister-uncle-and-long-lost-cousin all online at the same time... Grrrrrrr!
Anyway. *sigh*
It felt REALLY GREAT to just get out in on the road all by my lonesome! Singing at the top of my lungs with the wind in my hair, looking forward to just being out on the open space alone with my Bestie and her big Babies- Apache, Seneca, and Wings.

   I made a promise to Sandy a couple of years ago, that I would try my BEST to get back out on a saddle again with her. It'd been years since I'd ridden and the RA had come on during that time. Getting back to being able to just walk every day took a long time for me, let alone get back into RUNNING. Getting back to being able to handle a horse (esp one with a huge 'Ttude' of her own like Wings has) needs some muscle work. And in the past two years, I have worked my little butt off to get back into shape enough to handle not only a horse, but the roadway under my running shoes! My RA Doc game me an A+ for all that work. :D So I really EJOYED the few hours up on there yesterday!! And while Wings and I initially had some TugOWar going on over who was the boss of our ride...she finally gave in and decided to make the best of it.  

  While we DO live rurally, there's not enough space for my liking to be able to put a horse of my own out here. It pains me to see several horses crammed together  into one small area just so someone can 'have' a horse of their own- and right nearby for their own convenience. I'm one of those 'tree-hugger' people who think that the more space you have around you- the better everything will be able to grow the way GOD planned it all in the first place. So, I'll continue to drive through two counties to go borrow someone else's "pony" (the name my hearing pup knows them by). Besides, I think I'm the one getting the best deal of all out of it: not just some time well spent on Wings- but a ride WITH MY BESTIE nearby for a chat or two together while I'm there. Nothing beats THAT! Thank you, Sandy and Phil, I LOVE YOU BOTH SO VERY MUCH!!!

                                                             And so does Hunni Pi. ;) 

                      THANKS for checking back in yet again, all! I'll send some notes from Florida, and
                            definitely will be checking in on blogs for Tim Holtz's new JUNE TAG !!!
                                                                     Happy Blogging!

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