Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another Big Day...And Another PURDUE Nuclear Engineer Graduates Into The World!

It seems like just yesterday...well, that's how it FEELS anyway. But the reality is: it was 17 years ago in the fall of 1997, that I left BOTH boys at school instead of just one. Each of their first day at school in Kindergarten was a huge milestone as far as this Mom was concerned. And from the sight of other parents also holding cameras that day in the room- I'd say I was not alone in that perspective. But, giving your kids up to let them spend 8 hours with other people...that's rough. I was among the VERY BLESSED ones to be able to be at home with my kids, and then I seemed to join them at school also. But in doing so, I ended up not having just TWO kids... I ended up with over 1,000- every year! I spent 11 years being a Volunteer at my Sons' Elementary, and at the Jr.Sr.High School- in the Band Dept. doing just about anything and everything that needed to be done. While my "work" was important to me; it meant nothing without the KIDS I did it for...ALL of them. Now, here it is 2014 and the last of those kids I worked closely with are now getting married, having kids, graduating college, or already gone off to work fulltime having been out of school totally since HS Graduation. Enter now: Empty Nest Time.

  And a PROUD time. Not a 'puffed-up proud' as The Bible would say is a bad kind of pride to have, but a 'tears-in-your-eyes' kind of pride. But before I get too far, let me be clear: I am proud of BOTH our boys. VERY! One chose not to finish school, much like his Dad did back at that age (David had in one year at PURDUE when I met him and he chose not to return that fall). And one has finished his four-yr degree. My pride comes from the GENTLE MEN they have each become. Each one has a soft side and a stick-firm side. (Some say it's 'stubborn'?? Myehhhh...could be!) And somehow, after all the prayers their Dad and I have offered up in their lives, I have faith that GOD will be FAITHFUL in HIS WILL for them and their wives. (Yep- the wives have been prayed for even before we knew who they would turn out to be.) I can look forward to sharing more of these "BIG DAYS" as each one does something that brings out that pride in our hearts. Us old 'Rents' can never live our lives over again in our kids. In fact; I would NEVER EVER WANT THAT!!! This is THEIR life to live. And for each thing that WE did- I want THEM to do THAT MUCH BETTER, HAVE that much MORE, BE that much HAPPIER, GO that much FARTHER, SET that much HIGHER GOALS, DISCOVER that much DEEPER in their Souls, and HOPE that much MORE for whatever they have in their hearts to HOPE FOR. And if it all pales MY life in comparison- then I will give THAT much MORE and LOUDER PRAISE TO GOD for HIS promises kept!!!
   With the saying "A photo is worth a thousand words" here they are- on Sunday; May 18th at PURUDE UNIVERSITY in West Lafayette, Indiana...Mr. Brett Dylan Larimore -Member of The Class of 2014- becomes one of 40 newest Nuclear Engineers to head out into the world and make Nuclear Power into useful energy of tomorrow! (As opposed to what I used to joke: "I have one Son who will blow up the world as a Nuclear Engineer, and another Son who will save the whole world as a FIREFIGHTER!")


Astronaut and 28 yr NASA veteran Dr.David Wolf was presented with an Honorary Doctor of Engineering. He was born and raised in Indianapolis, Graduate of Purdue School of Engineering, and considers Indiana his Earth home.
Here's a part of Former Indiana Governor/Present PURDUE University President, Mitch Daniels' remarks to the Engineering Graduate Candidates. I wish I had taped the entire thing; his words ring true and it's an awesome feeling to have been a part of so many people's lives who have attended PURDUE. It's staggering to think this is only a small portion of kids who will be looking for jobs in this world's economy this Summer. I'm truly thankful for people like this man who REALLY DO care about others.

Go figure. I was so excited and trying to get everything with 2 cameras, I end up getting a nice shot of one of Brett's roomies but not a clear shot of my own kid. *sigh* This is Eric Lemmel who roomed with Brett during their first year in Honors Engineering at the Top 200 of their classmates. (CONGRATULATIONS! to Eric Lemmel, Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, and to another roomie, Steven Loudenback, Bachelor of Science from the College of Technology. Three more roomies will graduate in 2015 through the CoOp programs.)

Mr.&Mrs.Boilermaker GraduateMay2014 &GraduateCandidateDec2014

The three REAL Boilermakers!

In front of Union Hall at PURDUE University.

Yeah, Mom just hadda photoshop this one w Mickey in it. :p  lol!

There it is! Their tassle/and scarf color is Orange for all areas of Engineering. Considering the warning color for Nuclear as being was kinda fitting! That's a little pun on our Berber who got his nickname from his springy-blonde hair that was in a huge 'fro' prior to his Junior Year at Purdue....thanks to his Wife, Holli and her oldest sister, Shawna. :) For THIS graduation, the hat actually FIT onto his head!
CONGRATULATIONS, SON!! We are so proud of you, and we love you !!! :')

THANKS for sharing this Special Post with us!
Hope you check in again and Happy Blogging!

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