Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Monday, May 26, 2014

MAY TAG- The 12 Tags of 2014

While it may seem like I always wait until the very last minute to work on my Tags, the opposite is true. I actually get so excited to get busy on them, that I stay up through the night of the last day of every month just to get a first-hand glimpse of Tim's newest creation! And a few very "lucky" times, I've even logged in just seconds after he's posted one! :D  More often than not, I run into my studio to grab whatever supplies he's listed into a pile, and might even start cutting shapes needed or at least choosing 'the perfect paper' or the best color/shades for that Tag project. My own creations get done on a VERY timely manner- believe it or not!- usually within that first week. Mostly because I just know....that with my ChiefHubby and the busy life he drags me along in....I'll never get time to finish it if I don't get right to it. Which is the reason why it's always POSTED last-minute. :/
    But, at least it all works out, and that's all that really matters. :D And Tim's May Tag is yet another one of my 'VERY FAVE' Tags! As an OCD person; those little perfectly-lined-up, itemized collectibles in a very oh-so-orderly pattern are such a dream!!! With this month's Tag, I've followed the same techniques with the only exceptions of the items used and the layout for them to fit. Since my photography is always a central part of my Tags, and the ocean is my obsession; last month's Florida trip photos made THE perfect project in moho! I've even added one of the photos as a miniture postcard with embossed lettering & even miniturized a TH "Post Card" stamp on it. The sets of shells were actually found by me during our stay and my usual walks on the beaches. I've fitted the heartcharms (which I ADORE!) with a photo of my ChiefHubby &I in one, and Our FFCaptSon & his girl in the other. I happened to get a pkg of those that was MISSING THE CLEAR TOPS that give the illusion of that was a HUGE BUMMER!!  :'(   The apothocary bottles each contain real Emerald Isle, Florida, sand with tiny pearls in I dropped into the sand. I added a piece of a found sand dollar to mine, and a tiny halfshell to the other Tag that was made for our FFCaptSon's US Navy girl for her to keep as a keepsake of their trip with us in April. Since Ashley is Navy, along with her family, and Memorial Day is an important holiday to honor those who gave their lives for our freedoms...I've chosen a US Flag background. I simply adore Americana, Colonial, wood primitives, etc, and have no ending of such items throughout our home and property. Being a Firefighter's Wife, Mom, & DIL (retired)...what other decor would I choose?!? :D

THANKS for the kind notes, to those who have been so encouraging in my artwork!
Hope to make time to check in on the MANY WONDERFUL blogs of so many HUGELY TALENTED, and warm-hearted fellow artists out there!!!

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