Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Friday, September 12, 2014

Booklet Dollhouse With Sizzix Dress Ups Dolls & Clothes

      Hello again! This posting will be a wee bit outta my norm as it will have just one video that shows and explains the Booklet Dollhouse and items, as well as still photos so you can enlarge them onscreen for scrutiny of details. Oh, shoot! I won't be able to do all that typing/talking I love to do! I just know you're all saying "Rats. Rats, rats, rats." ;) For real, huh?? Well, here they are...including the Firehouse and Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto dolls with the Big Red firetruck shown on yesterday's post in a 'sneak peek'. I got 'challenged' by my DiL after she saw the Firehouse (with rolled eyes, of course...haha!) "I hate pink. I hate the GirlyGirlStuff. Where are THE BEATLES?!?" So, next, since I have one more to make anyway...  :D  We'll see. Meanwhile, here's what I've got:

This is the LARGER Booklet. After doing this one, I folded down about 2 inches off the rest of the sacks and made the other three Booklets shorter and more compact. I like the shorter ones better.

You can see from the photo above this one, how I used the FF's turnout coat to cut into jackets by cutting out along the lines of the front and then cutting the neck into a straight diagonal and folding that downward. I used the same technique to make the tuxedo jacket of the wedding outfit. Placed on top of the Policeman's shirttop, it gives a nice double-layered look! I used the police shirt and pants for the men's wear- for the most part. The dresses were simply extra layers and I am hoping to make an exact replica of YgrPURDUEdil's wedding dress that is cut across the of of the bust, and the YgrPURDUEson's tux as well.  ;)

                     Thanks for stopping by again! Keep busy, safe,
                        & HAPPY BLOGGING!!

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