Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fun With The BEATLES!

                The BEATLES are...THE best band. EVER. What more can I say? My "fixation" with these guys began way back when I was a tiny girl of around 3 yrs old- and yes, some people CAN remember that far back; especially if there was an event (personal or public) that triggers those memories. And for some reason, I am one of those. My 'trigger' is usually a dream while asleep that I remember upon waking, or more often, a familiar song. Beware: a mind that can hold memories so long can be a Blessing as well as somewhat of a 'curse'- depending on your perspective of the memory. I have no idea HOW I knew who these guys were, as I was born in 1965 well after their initial 'invasion' from Britain, but I did. And if the TV was on and they were being shown on that channel, or their songs were airing on the radio- I certainly could pick them out. (I could hear normally up until I was about 11 yrs old. For more on how my deafness came about- go to my post:                       )
And as one older brother (closest to me in age) became more and more interested in details about The BEATLES, the more I learned about them and my "fixation" was more driven to find out more about them and remember their songs that were my fave picks. Our Public Library was our main source there. Well, that, and the MusicLand Store inside our local shopping mall. :)
      Only kids who grew up before the computer or video games became household items,  knew what it was like to have 'albums'. Not the CD, DVD, cassette tape or even (geeky-so-freaky-man! & state-of-the-art) 8-track tape kind of albums...but REAL albums. Kids call them "Vinyls" now. But I grew up with the kind of player that had a needle/turntable which could be manipulated to play the record in reverse. (OMGosh! I must be ANCIENT!) Since the newest soundworks then were 'mono' or 'stereo', it was a bit of a trick to pick up the clues to find out if Paul was really dead or not. And after those first times; alone in the dark of my room with my head stuck up between the two speakers, listening intently to the 'car crash' going on in reverse... and the sudden holy-poop-scared-outta-me scream I let out in hearing "Iiiii BURRIEeeeeed PAaaaaauuuuulll!" come out of the end of Strawberry Fields Forever- after which, my bro and I argued as to whether it really was "I buried Paul" or "Cranberry Sauce" as John Ono Lennon claimed...there's just no stopping the need to solve that mystery by getting your hands on every album cover you could. Abbey Road really scored some great clues!!
     But alas, I grew up, and got to finally see one former BEATLE- and that he is indeed very alive and very well- on his "Out There" Tour when Sir Paul McCartney played the Indianapolis Collosium on July 14th, 2013- the 29th Wedding Anniversary for the ChiefHubby & I. Walking that famous crossway they painted down on the street in downtown Indy in his honor...yep- cried all the way across. (Along with thousands of others, btw.)
     So. That's my entire inspiration for the craft you are about to see as the reason for this posting. I've included some stil shots after the video, so you can get a closer look. Enjoy the journey back through the years...I DID !!! ;)

The mess on my kitchen table at as not to wake the ChiefHubby. I have a hard time stopping when I'm on a good roll! :)

Probably my fave set of clothes. Took longest time.

Looks like these still need a little sanding on the edges. The drumsticks were made from sanding cut pieces of bamboo skewers. Our older FFCaptSon was a drummer in Marching Band, Concert, and Drum Line for 8 yrs and the Younger PURDUE Nuke Engineer Son and his PURDUE Honors English Comp Wife were Trombone, Jazz Band, Concert and Clarinet for Marching Band and Concert Band also each for 8 yrs. This former Band Mom KNOWS her instuments by now.
 All this came up in good timing. The ChiefHubby scored a couple of front-row seats for "Yesterday- The BEATLES Tribute Band" which is set to play Saturday evening at McHale Auditorium in Logansport. He's been to each concert with me to several of the tribute bands: "Tribute", "Rain", "Yesterday", and also twice "1964". (Once in Indiana, & once at a week-long stay at Walt Disney World, when Brian and I both exclaimed aloud "I hear BEATLES!!". As we rounded the corner, I swore I could feel the beat of "She Loves You" while we headed to yet another land in Epcot.Finally, David agreed he heard it, too, and led us all to where "1964" was set up and playing in the gazebo ! It had been raining, so the crowd was pretty minimal, and we sat right up at the front steps and sang along. That was my fave moment of live replay "Here, There, & Everywhere" which -as usual- got my waterworks going big time.
        I'm glad you popped in to see this and hope you've had alot of great musical memories of your own brought back. :')
Hearing is such a PRECIOUS GIFT and we should share it all we can- whatever brings a smile or uplift to another person is well worth the effort and privelige to be able to hear. But then...being deaf...what would I know about that...  ;)

           Be safe & HAPPY BLOGGING!

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