Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sing The Changes....Sir Paul McCartney makes it look soooo easy to do!!

Anyone who knows me will be able to tell you that my family is my LIFE. I try always to put The LORD first, where HE belongs in all of our lives, then my family, and then those closest to me outside our own home, and lastly myself. Oh, nooooooo...I did NOT forget the FurryKids. They're right up there in that word 'family', and frankly; if you have any FurryKids yourself, you know the facts: 1)YOU do not own THEM- they own you, and 2)they take up as much time out of your life -if not more than- the rest of your family put together! *sigh* And that's partly what this post is about.

At the start of the summer, both Sons put in for Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) where their Dad is currently celebrating employment of 25 years as of November 1st. He is being honored -like all those starting out with the company 25 yrs ago- with a dinner which I have also been invited to attend on Oct. 20th. :D   YoungerPurdueNuclearEngineeringSon, Brett, got hired first. And then after Summer Shutdown was over, OlderFFCaptSon, Brian, started training also. While Brett's was really just summer job employment, Brian is probably going to make his more permanent, unless a paid Firefighting position opens up in or near Lafayette that he is interested in. Meanwhile, he has moved from his first home- the dreaded of all Moms' ongoing nightmares- bachelor pad "The Brown House" as it was always called. A total of (I THINK!) 7 young adult men have lived there in that house at one point or another with only room for 3 at any one time as it is a tiny 3-bedroom house. But that means that as each guy moved in and then out again; they ultimately would leave behind some amount of 'belongings'. whether it was clothing tossed around or furniture....well, let's just say that cleaning the entire place out meant that the OlderFFCaptSon did alooooot of burning stuff that was basically just trash. (You can join me barfing here.) Ashley transfered her classes to the Ivy Tech down here and she is definitely a study-gurl!! After being on her own for 3 yrs in Japan while serving in the Navy...she's got Brian hopping much to this Momma's delight! They have officially moved into a new REAL HOME of their own in beautifully kept old town of Delphi, Indiana...right on the way to SIA from our house. So it has been a once-in-a-lifetime chance for the ChiefHubby to be able to car-pool with BOTH SONS all this summer! The sad part for this Firefighter's Mom is that since Brian moved out of the area, he turned in his Georgetown Vol.FD gear and will no longer be on the GVFD. As happy as I am to see him get goin in life, I am happy and yet sad at the same time to see some changes have to happen. One of those is both his pup, Moose, and his kitty, Shax, are not allowed to live in the home he and Ashley are leasing for one year. Of course, Shax was a given: come live with him's MeeMaw and Papaw. He was used to coming here on holidays and other visits. But almost 2 yrs old...still a HUGE handfull of PURE PUPPY.....*sigh*
Of course, Papaw and Meemaw (Dang us BOTH!!) just hafta end up crying because it really HURTS to see our SON cry over having to give up his hearstring-tugger of a pup. guessed it...Moose is also a semi-permanent FurryKid along with Shax. I will admit that those first few weeks Moose joined us I was reaaaaaaaaaaally wondering if I'd lost my marbles, paddles, and anything else along with my mind by saying "Yes," to the ChiefHubby when he came to me with his own puppy-dog-sad-eyes over keeping Moose. Well, shoot, he did ok Shax coming and since HE is the one who pays all the bills......dang it all. Well, fact is: you'd do anything you can to help make it easier on your kids, and Grands. But, I tell ys, while I have PuppySat both Grandpups, and even one daughter's Mom's pup, too, and KittySat Shax....I never thought I'd end up RAISING MY GRANDS. *smirk*  :/  We ARE having alot of FUN with them and believe it or not; they all four DO get along pretty good. Esp the pairs of same together, and they absolutely have a BALL in this house. I, however, get completely WORN OUT. :/
        Earlier this summer, our YgrPurdueNukeEngSon graduated from his 4yr program which began in the fall of 2010 with his entering into the top 200 students of Purdue Engineering Honors. This elite group of kids were from all over the world, and it struck home with me when we looked at the map to see our own kid included in with this group that the HS hi-jinks of small hometown doings were a joke, a nasty thing of the past, and his future really IS bright!! I trusted GOD to help us make the right choices for both our sons, and while it was a struggle concerning small towns, HE is always FAITHFUL and wins out in the end of it all. So, at this very moment, while I type this...our YgrPNEson and his wife- along with some of her family- are on their way to MINNESOTA!!!! Red Wing, to be specific; yes, the home of Red Wing Shoes- the very same of which the ChiefHubby has been wearing at work all these 25 yrs (more to come on that subject, too). For the next two months, Brett will be living up there on his own while doing his training with an older Mentor as a NEWLY HIRED EMPLOYEE OF Prairie Island Nuclear Facility!!! (*Can you tell how much shouting this deaf gurl is doing?!?!?) Then, after her own PURDUE Honors English Major Graduation on Dec 22nd, Holli will be joining her Hubby as permanent residents of MINNESOTA!! Incidentally, her own Mom and maternal family are from that area, so it's nothing new to them and was one of their top picks of hopeful jobsites. Yes, they are excited and very happy! But they also have a separation to get through the next couple of months that will be difficult while she continues with her Student Teaching position at Lewis Cass HS here in Cass County. That is her last thing to do before Graduation. The ChiefHubby and I will be taking her up there for Thanksgiving and spend the Holiday there with them in Red Wing. They are getting alot of help in moving and it will be a VERY different experience for Brett while Holli has already dealt with moving back and forth from UMBC (U of Maryland at Baltimore Commons) where she attended her first 2 yrs on Scholarship, before transfering back to her other choice (PURDUE) just to be nearer to Brett again. :) I am VERY HAPPY that BOTH girls have been able to see alot more of the world than their family before them.
  But I am surely getting in all MY time NOW! And loving every minute of it all!!!

Thanks for checking back in and letting me share all the GREAT news with you all !! Happy Blogging!!

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