Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Friday, January 16, 2015

"From Fats 2 Stitches" is my entry for Inspiration Emporium's CoC3 Challenge 19...

The new year of 2015 is in full swing as far as weather is concerned; snowing, blowing, below zero, and in just the past two days...finally a little sunshine! All that cold wouldn't be so bothersome if I didn't also happen to be SICK again. Since the morning we left for the latest Florida visit. I was kinda hopin' to leave it all there with the fam, but their warmer temps probably help them stay a bit healthier, and it only managed to pass to the ChiefHubby. :(  So I really didn't manage to get much done. But, I DID view another "Compendium of Curiosities" Challenge 19 for Tim Holtz's Vol3, being held by Inspiration Emporium.
I've watched previous Challenges go by thinking "One of these days..." when I can honestly ask "Why not THIS ONE?" since so many of the things I recieved for CHRISTmas this year were of the Tim Holtz line, and my stash of items is just screaming "MAKE THIS!"- esp with a pkg fat quarters of Tim's fabrics from my ChickCousin Bestie! She found some online and also made me a BEAUTIFUL quilt out of them, too! What a lucky gurl I am, huh?!

   So, while I am totally out of practice with my sewing machine, other than fast-fix-its, I plugged in, plunged in, and came up with a couple of pretty 'decent' looking tags. I wanted a REALLY 'raggy' look, which is what caught my eye on this challenge..the style I love. I dug up some of the tattered endings of a set of sheets that had belonged to my ChiefHubby's late Grandparents, to whom we were both very close to, and spent alot of our weekends with. ChiefHubby's Mom (who also died in 2011) had put the sheets onto her own bed to help her through the loss of her parents. While going through the same hurt during our own time of loss from her death, I chose her bedding for our 'treasure' to do the same for her Son and myself that she had done. The sheets finally gave out at the end of last summer. The ChiefHubby bought all new bedding for me, and I saved both the well-worn bottom, and the not-so-worn top sheet for it's now-lovingly-tattered borders and to make some heart shaped pillows for each of our grown children. The endings were PERFECT for the ribbon topping on the tags. And since one of these is for my ChickCousin Bestie (who is really my ChiefHubby's first cousin- not mine)...she also gets a part of her Aunt's treasures. You can see in the details, I chose Philosophy Tags "Inspire" for hers since she does inspire me, and "Altered" for mine, (I was altering it all to suit the occasion, but having been labled as such...well, shoot....whatever floats) lol! I added a pearl from Ideaology for the 'softened' look I wanted. 
   I always add a backside to my tags, I made another side to match the front. This one shows our faith in The LORD as being part of our marriages. "You, Me, & Thee" with the You and Me together in a pocket and Thee above watching over us.
  I had FUN with this, and while it certainly is NOT as LOVELY as the wonderful items I see as I get this typed up to post it to the CoC Challenge thru IE, I learned from doing it- how to enter into things like this. So the lesson is certainly HELPFUL!!! 
And, I got a neat Tag out of it that I LOVE while sending one on to someone special to my heart...BONUS UNENDING!

Thanks for checking in to view my posts and pls check back as I have a couple more- one which has a BIG, life-changing announcement to it. The other is my January Tag;12 Tags of 2015.

Happy Blogging! 


Hels Sheridan said...

Wow, your tags are awesome, I just love that you went straight in and made gorgeous tags... loving all the elements you have added too... bravo! Thanks for playing along with the CC3C x

Yvonne said...

Loving these tags. Love all the fringiness going on! Thanks for joining us at CC3C!

Candy C said...

Your tags are awesome. Beautifully created and layered and stitched. I love the fabrics you chose and how you pieced them so perfectly. I thank you so much for joining our challenge and I am thrilled that you loved doing the challenge. Hopefully it is the first of many to come! <3 Candy

Anita Houston said...

So happy to have you join us...and what a great Christmas present getting the fabric!!! Your tags are fantastic!!!! Thanks so much for sewing along with us at CC3!!!

Cheryl Grigsby said...

You may be out of practice with your sewing machine, but you got right into the flow here! Your tags are beautiful. I love the frayed feeling and the dimension you've achieved. Thanks for entering these for CC3C, hope to see more from you!

Rea' said...

So awesome, love ALL the details !!