Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Thursday, January 22, 2015

JANUARY TAG- The 12 Tags of 2015

   Believe it, folks; not only am I headed into my 4th yr doing Tim Holtz's "12 Tags" challenges, but I am getting this first set done and out before the end of the month... while also having done my first of another challenge (COC3 #19 by Linda Ledbetter)!  I guess I am on some kind of a...roll....??? Speaking of whicha roll of TH tissue was one of the only things I didn't have on hand for this Tag. So I got out my plain roll of tissue (you can purchase it in bulk online at most sewing stores), and stamped out my own 'yearly' fashion.

  I made three tags this time, and other than the few odds and ends on each, I stayed with Tim's technique for the front sides, the backgrounds, numbers, chitchat stickers, and the arrow adornments. The backsides were basically done With the same background technique also, except for the Fire Tag. You'll see more detail in the following photos...

This 1st tag is basically just for myself- the collection I am making out of all the 12 Tags of each year as I go along. I kept to just about every same thing Tim did- for my front side. For the backside, the background is the same technique, but I added my own touches for my love of my ChiefHubby and the job he's done for 26 years as a Firefighter.

        This tag was made for one of my Besties. She and her Husband were one of the couples who joined us on a cruise in July 2014. She not only shares her horses with me, but she shares her LIFE with me. I love her so dearly! Sandy & Phil will celebrate their 10th Wedding Anniversary on Jan. 29th, so I even include some 'diamonds' on her tag. I also chose to use a couple of the toss-away edges from the Alpha Parts to ofset the numbers & balance the look. I topped it all off with a Cash Key photo of us all on our "Anniversary" Cruise. On the back, I embossed some fireworks, and added another photo of just Phil&Sandy on the ship & an "I Love You" sticker.

     That leaves the last tag that will be the entry for my first tag of the new year of Tim Holtz's January Tag: 12 Tags of 2015. While I love the other two tags, this one is for a very special person; My ChiefHubby, David Larimore. It's made to honor him for his 26 years of service on Georgetown Volunteer Fire Dept. Here's the link to my blogpost on that:    
This tag took the longest time, as you can imagine. I wanted to make sure the details on the firetruck matched 'real life' as much as my TH Old Jalopy Alterations die would allow. I love how I chose to include real canvas, not just for a couple of the numbers, but also for the trim (which was the edge that most people usually toss into the trash), and the hose as well. The 'metal' is actually foil glue-sticked onto reg white cardstock, left to dry overnight, and then die-cut and embossed through the BigShot. Some of the numbers were Alpha Parts done by Tim's January technique, and some were other IdeaOlogy items or from the mish-mash of my stash. On the frontside, I added a small pocketwatch charm that I filled with smaller jewelry Items

in the shape of: firetruck, firehelmet, turnout coat, and the word "HERO", all topped with a Maltese Cross on the outside lid. My ChiefHubby first went out for the GVFD in 1988, but began as a "Boot" (the common name for a rookie FF) in January 1989. He just retired as of Jan. 6th, 2015. After I gave him this tag, he gave it a pretty thorough viewing, then put it up on his bookshelf with all his fave items collected over the years in his walk-thru office. I think he really liked it. :) 
 The 2 Fire Tags are probably going to be among my very fave of all the ones I've done so far. Not just because I am "Firefighting crazy" (which I wholeheartedly admit to being), but because of who they are about: someone I deeply love and respect! And while he will no longer be an active Firefighter, there are two things that will remain true: 1)that saying is spot on- "The funny thing about Firemen is; they're ALWAYS Firemen," and 2) "You can take the man out of the fire, but you'll NEVER be able to take the FIRE out of the MAN." In this last week, I've watched how hard it has been for him to still hear calls come over his scanner, and NOT jump up and run out the door. Being a FF was not 'a habit'...and it's actually more than just a lifestyle for the Firefighter alone, because it takes his entire family to live it. And, we DID!
I'm gonna miss it, too. :')

Thanks for checking in, and Happy Blogging!!!

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