Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Compendium of Curiosities Challenge #26- Bookmark for My Bookish Nuclear Engineer Son

     This challenge came just at the right time- our Younger Purdue Nuclear Engineer Son celebrates his 23rd Birthday today- his first one on the job at Prairie Island Nuclear Facility doin' the REAL THING! And, it's also his first birthday as a resident in Red Wing, Minnesota. Both are big deals for he and his lovely wife, Holli, and it's also a big deal for us 'Rents, too! We are very proud of all our kids and watching them get out there just living every day life is nothing short of pure joy for us to  see!         

         These thoughts gave me the chance to play with some of my very favorite stamps- some of which I made myself a few years back, and gave sets of them to all my Besties for CHRISTmas. (And I emailed a pic of all of them to Tim Holtz- this was just after the CoCVol I had come out and gotten very popular...and got me totally hooked on this look in crafts! He emailed back to say he thought they were great and knew my friends would love them. The neatest part is that this very kind of thing- making your own stamps from TH dies- came out in Vol II, after that!) Holli got a set of them, too, and I am sure she'll get a chance to use them at some point in her carreer as an English Teacher in Minnesota. She's got plenty of time! But these Gadget Gear stamps were made from the Tim Holtz Alterations Gadget Gear die and remind me very much of the things my three guys have done in life- My ChiefHubby and our OlderFFCaptSon, and Younger Purdue Nuke Engineer Son. It all comes together like this in my wayward mind. Both Sons are very good at Math (both were Honors Math) like their Dad, and also like him; their minds are always going 'clickety-clickety-clickety' ! I guess I used to be like that and still can be when I have a list to get done. But the second half of my life has been much slower moving, and I like taking some time to watch the world pass by on its way to....wherever!
So, Challenge #26 has been completed in the wee hours of Tuesday, April 14th, in honor of 23 years ago- 1992- when I was busy running around town doing errands before I went in to give birth to Brett. Ok, so I was not realizing I was supposed to have gone straight to the hospital, but this woman had things to get done, and an almost 3 yr old little Brian to also take care of, too. When Momma got things to do; don't get in her way. I set $$ out with a set of clothes for David to get something to eat after he got home from work and changed into clean clothes, and was set on getting our van picked up from the shop where it had gotten new shocks put on. My suitcase was in the van, and so was the baby seat, etc. So you can see I was just trying to get things organized. And yeah, I am sorry I gave Dr.B a massive heart attack- making him think the worst when I didn't show up at the hospital until four hours after I was supposed to, and was having labor pains 5 mins apart. BUT....I'd gotten everything done. :D  The only prob was that by then, they were trying to get hold of David because they didn't think he was gonna get there in time! No cell phone stuff yet then. Well, yeah...we had a car phone a bit later after that, but it was like carrying around a huge BRICK in your car, and not at all movable like they were sometime later.  

These are the backsides- but hopefully, the only clue is from the direction of the topper ribbon. I was very careful to try and keep each of the four surfaces done exactly alike to make two tags with exact front and backs as closely as possible.

From the first, I guess we brainwashed our kids- definitely pointing them in the direction we saw their strengths lay. All good parents will point out the path and keep steering until their kid can keep the bike upright on their own. Each kid has their own strength, weakness, and personality- no matter if you dress them exactly alike, or not. (And this Mom always did- cause you can pick your kids out in a crowd instantly if they are dressed in the same outfits. Plus...ok, fine, I admit- it was cuter than two bugs on a rug!) Brian was the one who got along with anyone, anywhere, and kept himself in the background- like David was when he was younger. It took a loooong time for David to come out of that shell and speak in front of people. Whereas Brett was more like his Mom- just born ready to get up in front of anyone and do or say whatever came into his mind. I always thought each Son would find their own place in the world, and keep chipping at it until they fit into that place perfectly, and have a good, very happy and settled kind of matter what kind of mish-mash is tossed in their ways.

2nd Grade together- both Honors Classes kids & best friends.

Brett...where the hole in his head came from. lol!

Brett begins his career as The Berber (carpet fro).

Yup- that's the same little girl from the 2nd grade pic!
Married his best friend on August 10, 2012.
She also has a fantastic FOOD BLOG...
"Tales of a Midwestern Wife" ...check it out!
The Berber's HS grad pic- Indiana's Top 75 !!! 

              I hope you enjoyed checking out the tag for our NukeEngineer, and as always- you're more than welcome to join in on these Challenges! The requirements are easy; own and use your own Compendium of Curiosities Vol 3 book by Tim Holtz, and don't share the details of the particulars. The neat part is there are prizes to be had: from Tim, himself, with Mario Rossi doing the sending (U just gotta love you some Mario!); and the two sponsors... Inspiration Emporium and Blog owner/Hostess Linda Ledbetter's The Funkie Junkie Boutique . (I've won a $25 shopping certificate on a random draw from the FJBoutique, and it's fabulous!) You can get tons of inspiration from the mega-talented crafters joining in on the CC3 Challenges, their blogs, and make some neat friends while you're at it!
              Thanks for stopping by, and thanks so very much to those who have left WONDERFUL comments ! I appreciate them so MUCH! Thanks to everyone joining in on all the Challenges who have shared tips, smiles, and encouragement to one another not just in crafting, but in life outside the studio!

                   HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY to our BERBER!
                        Happy Blogging to EVERYONE! 


midwestwife said...

Lyla, I love your post! However, Brett and I got married in 2013. It hasn't been that long yet haha

Anita Houston said...

Cute cute pics! LOVE your tags! LOVE the gears, and perfect technique use as well! Thanks so much for Smudge Stamping with us at CC3Challenge!!!

craftylyn said...

What wonderful happy photos...isn't it great that as parents it is our job to embarrass our off-spring as often as possible, (LOL). Congratulations to your son, and well done you on your lovely tags.

Candy C said...

Hi Lyla. First of all HUGE congrats to you and your family on your son's graduation. A nuclear engineer is quite an impressive degree! Your smudge stamping on your tags is beautifully done. Great use of stamps, color and your layering is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing with us at CC3C. <3 Candy

toni said...

Aaaaaah ! That is so lovely. I love your tag/ book marks but how wonderful to hear about your son and see that he married his childhood best friend . Brightened my day visiting your blog ! X

Anita Houston said...

Ok...I seriously left a comment on here last week, and have to come to look again and the comment is not there. Darn blogger! Great post, great pics, and great tags and use of the technique! I love the gears, and masculine feel! Thanks so much for smudge stamping with us this time at CC3Challenge!!!!

Cheryl Grigsby said...

What a great birthday greeting for your "NukeEngineer" (how cute!!). I know you are so proud of him. Thanks for sharing this on CC3C!

Joi at RR said...

Your tags are wonderful and have such incredible meaning behind them for all your family. SUPER job! j.

Marjie Kemper said...

Love your tags - you sure have some celebrating to do with all that good news. Thanks for joining us at CC3C!