Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Thursday, April 30, 2015

APRIL TAG; The 12 Tags of 2015

    Oh my goodness, me! It's the END of April and although I've been finsihed with my April Tag since the middle of the I am posting just in time once again. My usual, it seems, is never too far off its base. *sigh* While I could excuse myself with lots of things having gone on this month (including my absolutely way-2-wonderful ChiefHubby taking me to meet THE ONE-&-ONLY Randolph (Randy) Mantooth at FDIC in is currently in the works as I am making the resulting craft from the photos and story that came out of it all)...*taking a deeeep breath* :)   Tim's tag was really super this month! Although, is there ANY TAG he's made that HASN'T BEEN?!? It sure gave us all quite a bit of inspiration, and as I've seen on Pinterest; it also gave us many different ideas that were ALL just as inspiring to me! I chose to stick with his 'floral theme' even after seeing all those neat places that others have taken their inspiration to. And, I'll totally admit that the water-coloring is just not one of my strong points. Nonetheless, I gave it the 'old go' and I'm really rather pleased with my final look of the three tags I made- one for each of the girls in our family. My older and younger sons will have been made a tag by the time May is over with- in honor of their 26th (May 2nd for Brian) and 23rd (Brett's was on April 14th), so I wanted to make sure both their girls also were honored with a Tag Bookmark for their March and June birthdays (both 24 yrs) even if the tags didn't come up at the right month- that's the reason I've made each out of April Tag. I was thinking that we women wear just as many 'shoes' in the family as we do 'hats'. We not only help with finances (earning as well as spending, ya know... lol!), keep up with the house, and even if we don't cook the entire meal (all three of my guys are GOOD COOKS like both Grandpa Rush and Grandpa Larimore) - we still help with the side items and clean up. We keep the laundry and household going, and most of all; we're just THERE for our men. I'm not saying the men don't do as much, it's just....this time, it's about the ladies and our roles.
For the most part, I stayed true to all the steps Tim made in his technique. But since I always do a backside to all my tags, I've added those steps to my photos overall.  
                                                                        So here ya go....

I decided on a set of ROSE stamps that actually belong to my youngest DIL's collection that is being stored in the closet for her. The rose is the 'romantic flower' and fits just about every woman in some way- in every color. I added a few items from an old "Stampin'Up" set that matched in perfectly.

My cut ended up being a bit lower and thinner than Tim's- to fit right over the flower pot.

Then I went through ALL my marker/color make several matching shades of our favorite colors.

I don't yet own the newest of the CHA 2015 dies- except for the 50 States thinlets- so I went through the dies I DO have and found that I could closely match with the Sizzlits lettering "Yarn" from which I made each of our names.

In the first stages of coloring - as per Tim's instructions - I chose to use each of our matching colors to do the spritzing with. In the end, it looked very much like "girly Pixie Dust" falling from the roses! :)

I made the backsides from my TH Tag & Bookplates Die by using a ready-made paper for the background and adding the M&S Die "Family" into the mix. Then using Sizzlets Dies "Shoes, Old Fashioned" & "Frame, Vintage" from an older collection I have, I used the same one-color papers as the front side, and used matching Distress Ink shades and a Blending Tool to shape them out with depth. I printed out our latest family photo to add into the tiny frames. You can view this in the very last photos at the bottom and just zoom in.

Here, you see both sides already done and just needing the finishing sewing before being put together- using Glossy Accents. Man, I go through TWO TONS of that stuff; LOVE GLOSSY ACCENTS from Ranger !!!!

Just a cute note- my nail polish for April just happened to match up! hehe!

Finished Front Sides of all 3 Tags.

Finished Back Sides of all 3 Tags

         As always, I am VERY THANKFUL for the WONDERFUL COMMENTS on my latest projects! I don't always leave comments myself, but I somehow manage to at least SEE what everyone else is doing. I wish you could hear my exclamations of "OhMyGosh!! THAT is SO COOL!!!"  which (what my ChiefHubby claims) is heard aloud "ALL the time!" hahaha! Oh well! Impressions are hard for me to keep inside. :)  I have not been checking in as I get those comments straight to Email also!
        Thanks so very much, ESPECIALLY, if you just made the time to pop in here, Pin my project on Pinterest, or somehow are inspired by what is created and shared!!! It's what life is all about, and I am sure The LORD agrees that smiles are made inside the heart and shine out through the look on our faces. :)
            This is a bit late, but being posted to Tim's page in time- I hope!! We are off tomorrow morning up to #RedWing #Minnesota to visit the younger couple and they will get their tags then. If you're on Twitter- by all means- pop in and follow those hashtags for some epic scenery ! (PS- Minneapolis will be the scene of a huge ComicCon-like gathering of Hogwarts, so sightings of some are likely to be had while strolling along for some peace and quiet. I've DARED 'EM....hahaha!   If you're on'll know what I am talking about here. )
                                                          Be Safe and Happy Blogging!

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