Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Friday, May 22, 2015

Compendium Of Curiosities Challenge #28....For the Older Son...

  Time to submit another CCC3 Challenge, when I missed just posting the last one (and still have yet to make the post so you can see not only the entry I'd made, but the event that brought it about). When this new Challenge #28 came up, I already knew it would be about our Older Son, Brian. I'd done a Tag for each of the kids' birthdays this year, and while they're not all that 'hot' on Mom's craft junk....I just wanted them to know that while they are moved away now, they are all still very much on Mom's mind and close by in her heart!! Since Brian is the "Big Teddy Bear", and was even called that by one of his Elementary Teachers, it wasn't hard to figure out what to do for this tag. Brian had gotten a motorcycle a couple years back, and he and I both have been watching "Sons of Anarchy" through the last season- Brian catching up on Netflix while I was catching the last season on TV casts and going back on Netflix.

    Now, right away, I've probably lost a few readers- who are thinking "*gasp!* She's CHRISTIAN and she's watching that filthy show!!!" But, let me just say that while I don't condone TONS of 'crap' that comes out of that TV (and ours is almost always set on MeTV for all oldies- esp "EMERGENCY!" for that very reason)...we CHRISTians live in this world and have to pick and choose what we see, hear, and say. So when I am watching& reading (Closed Caption), I am doing the very same thing- fastforwarding, eliminating, or ignoring. But, the STORYLINE not only is GENIUS WRITING, but it also happens to be TRUE. The story itself is of a true "motorcycle club" where events written in really DID take place. So while I am not going to defend any of it....You are free to choose not to finish this post. 
    The fact is: the character of "Jax Teller" reminds me very much of our older Son, Brian. Not just because he has a motorcycle...that's really beside the point. :) And his Dad (ChiefHubby) and I used to have one also. We actually sold ours after we found out Brian was on the way; can't fit a car seat on a 2-wheeled ride. So when Brian got his, we crept over to his house and stole it for a day of riding out in the next county around the lake where we spent our dating years. lol! Anyway....
Brian does have the same inner softness and outer harshness of SOA character Jax. And they DO look alike, too. (Cute! If I may say so as a Mom...hehe!) And Brian also is a very smart kid, having graduated with Honors from HS and gone through most of a Fire Science Degree from Ivy Tech. He's had alot of bumps along the way, but he's bounded back pretty darned well. He works in the same place (Subaru of Indiana Automotive) as his Dad for a year now, after putting in 5 years as a cook at Bob Evan's Restaurant. He moved out on his own in March just before he turned 19 in 2008. So he's not had all the same kind of support that he would have had if he'd lived on a college campus. And, we've always tried to 'brainwash' (as the kids all call it, until they have their own kids when they will finally agree it's really called 'GUIDANCE') both our kids to help them find their way easier than we did. Brian put in 7 yrs on Georgetown Vol Fire Dept where he was serving as Captain upon his moving out of the district and having to turn back in his gear. Whether he goes on to serve more as a FF or not, we are still VERY proud of him!! And if either of our boys chose to be 'nothing' as far as having some kind of "professional carreer" long as they are healthy, happy, and working hard at being good providers, loving husbands, and great fathers to their own children (WHEN they are all ready to GIVE US SOME GRANDS...hut-hum!)...I don't think there is anything better we could ask for in this earthly life. As for Spiritual- that's up to THEM. Each of them will make their own choice the same way WE did. (But, this Mom keeps the prayer line open ALL the time to The LORD for them all, just the same!)
      So here is my entry for Challenge for our Older Son, Brian, and a more feminine-touch for myself. I think the kids will be kind of shocked that Mom went out of her box a little on this one entirely- I really DON'T like leather (except boots, riding chaps, or anything to do with riding and horses, etc. ) and much less black leather. And the rose tatoo is waaaaay out for me. But Katey Sagal has one, soooo..... :)

The 'leather' is really grungepaper, paited and then coated. But it sure FELT like REAL LEATHER!!!

I chose to emboss all the techniqued items. And made some tire tracks that look like skids on the road!

Closeup from topside.

Here, you can see how the layers really add dimension!

Brian and his beautiful & talented Navy Gurl...Ashley !!

    Don't forget that there are prizes involved here....aside from already having the FUN of making these for others!! Prizes are sponsored by: The Funkie Junkie Boutique (of the very talented Linda Ledbetter),
The Inspiration Emporium , and the wonderfully steampunkily-talented Tim Holtz (with the help of BTS helper & all-around-great guy, Mario Rossi) !!

                  Thanks for checking in once again, and for the SWEET comments !!!
                     Have a safe and Happy MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!!
                                                       And Happy Blogging!


Candy C said...

Hi Lyla. Being a Christian also, I totally get what you are saying about living in this world but not necessarily choosing to "be" a part of things that offend. I think your tags are very dimensional and nicely done. Love the texture and the layers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your tags with all of us at CC3C. Have a happy and safe Memorial Day holiday. <3 Candy

Cheryl Grigsby said...

You are so funny! I love your posts and how we get to know your family through your blog. Your biker tags are so cool (I don't think i've ever typed "biker tags" before!!). I really like the way you employed the technique on your project. Nicely done!!

Annette Green said...

Fantastic tags with such great texture. Very masculine and well done! Thanks for joining us in the CC3 Challenge.

Marjie Kemper said...

These are really neat! Love how you used photos on some. Thanks so much for sharing with us at CC3C.