Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Americana Tags; Just For Gift Giving...

   Like most people in Indiana at this time of year, I love just being outside in summer! And, like most people in Indiana at this time, I am SICK TO DEATH OF RAIN! What little sunshine that has managed to get through the consistenly and constantly cloudy skies above us, has been pitifully minimal indeed. Flood waters have backed up into most of the camping areas, and the Wabash River (part of the Green Rivers of America) is so swollen most of the time, it can't be safely trusted for anyone living closeby its banks. Thankfully, our family lives on the highest ridge of our county- and most of the surrounding areas. One set of Besties actually have their home sitting point-blank on top of the Highest Point of Cass County; just north on the same ridgeline as our home. While it is comforting to know we are pretty much safely above the flood levels, we are also only one mile away from the Wabash. So far for this Summer 2015... I WANT A DO-OVER!!!! :`(
         With that rant out of the way, I feel somewhat better. Soggy. But better. And I have been keeping almost TOO busy and running pretty much ragged trying to keep up with everyone and everything. We had a front and back porch both built on within a 2 week period- the very start of the rains- from the 1st of June, already hosted two gatherings with another slated for July 4th, got the boat done and relaunched (post is almost ready, so watch for it guys), and are presently pup-sitting for our Minnesota Purdue couple while they are here in Indiana on his first vacation (he just got hired in October but is halfway done with training that he is now into a regular schedule that allows a one-week off every 6 weeks). So that meant 6 adults, 3 dogs, and 2 cats all loose in the house over the past weekend. Plus, getting to have the ChiefHubby's Dad here, and I finally got to spend a day with MY Dad- when we BOTH were having a GOOD DAY!!!
         You'd think I didn't have time to get anything else done- but I not only got it all done, but got MOST of the photos ready now so blogging them up is all that is needed. That said.....I noticed I was out of tags while giving out a jar of BlackRaspberry Jelly at a family gathering. (I have been maddeningly picking at least 4 hours every day in and out of rain and have 4 gallons put away plus another already served in one pie!) So, I took a couple of hours to craft out tags and get them tucked away for grabbing out as needed.

I chose Americana colors in CoOrdinations- and sanded the 2-toned lighter shade but left the other two plain...tearing the blue and red into strips, and using Mod-Podge to paste them in order of American Flag red, white, and blue.

After allowing the Mod-Podge to dry completely, I decided to use my Stampin Up roller- my fave is the USA July 4th Jumbo Roll. Black Archival Ink stands out well and won't smear.

I chose to run the roller stamp against the stripes since the tags would be cut the other way.

After cutting (with a fave tag cutter that was given to me as a CHRISTmas gift from a Bestie who was a Creative Memories Consultant at that time), I used binder twine to tie a little half-knot through the hole. I used my Tonic Scissors to cut any larger pieces and set those aside for a bit.

I distressed the sides and added a little edging of Vintage Photo for antiqued look.

A little red, white, and blue hemp string....and it's ready to tie onto a gift using the opposite (and less grainier textured side of the Coordinations paper) to write my message to the recipient.

Now, those extra pieces that were too small for a tag the size of my CM cutter.... I got out my 3- sized Sizzix Tags die and kept right on making tags- just in other sizes! These are usuable not just for smaller gifts, but are really CUTE when I add a letter onto the tiny tags and line them all up on a jute string as a banner on a page in an album, or onto a larger tag, or even onto a CAKE as a removable decoration that makes a HUGE STATEMENT!!! :)
            I usually make a bunch of these at once and use them all through the year. Usually running out at CHRISTmas time (when I use the most tags at once), I had more than enough this year and actually just ran out at the first of June this year! This is the reason there are not as many here for this batch when a 'normal' amount made is about 100. I try to make them different every year but I have been staying with the same Americana theme for the past 5 years. I have yet to get wind of any complaint about that. : )
         Thanks for taking the time to check in again, and I'll be back-2-back on this with June Tag finally posting. Getting them DONE is the EASY part...making time to post when it's NOT storming and needing to shut down all the computers....has not been as easy. But, there is a reason for everything under the sun... LOL! Wishing you safe summer days and...
                                                                      Happy Blogging!

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Lyla these tags are darling!!!