Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Friday, July 10, 2015

Compendium Of Curiosities Volume 3- Challenge #32 Frosted Film...

   July 4th came and went while I struggled with another bout of URI (upper respiratory infection), but I still managed to have fun with a ton of Besties here at our house, and a trip into town for the fireworks program at dusk. It was THE best show our hometown has put on since we were kids, so I was pretty excited and took lots of photos (which I used on my July Tag of the 12 Tags of 2015 on next post)! It's been a very busy summer and it's not about to let up yet. While I type this, I actually should be sleeping, but we leave in just a bit to take off for Grundy, VA, to spend a week working at Mountain Mission School for our Missions Trip this year. So I'm basically still trying to keep up with life while trying to stay upright and out of bed- where I've been for the past 48 hrs since the infection has now spread to my eyes. Yeah....another trip to the Doc's and another set of antibiotics. Oh, joy. But, I am pretty thankful that while I do get sick alot with all the problems this body has had since birth....there is at least help out there for me. Unlike in past history where people died from most of the ills I live with daily.  Ok. Not to worry about the rest and sleep- I was without a voice for the past few days since my throat got so bad. BUT, (using my 'sing-song voice' here) I'm baaaaaaack!! So that means the ChiefHubby will knock me out for the duration of the trip- so he can have some peace & quiet. Hahahaha! Riiiiiiiiiight. ;)
Ok, so my entry for that COOL STUFF called Frosted Film...
I usually leave my comments on the samples from the leaders until last. Just to give myself room to think of what I'd like to do without coming up with something similar to theirs. My first thought was 'flowers'. I've seen some very COOL flowers made with this stuff on Pinterest! But then, I took a peek at what the samples were like and it actually helped me make up my mind on something entirely different and a totally different color/shade than I expected. And my Besties are gonna have a good chuckle over this one because my dreams can get REALLY WILD (thanks to the meds I have to take twice every day for the rest of my life)....and they tend to get VERY REALISTIC. VERY. (Example: dreaming of one of my Besties hitting the ball to me over the volleyball net and next thing I know; I am waking myself up from actually reaching up toward the ceiling -sitting straight up in bed- to volley the ball back over the net to her. But, I'm not just doing this in the DREAM....and I wake up with both dogs and one cat staring at me like "WHAT is she DOING, now?!) So when I dreamed of chocolate one night. Let's just say I felt pretty silly waking up and wondering why I am chewing with nothing in my mouth. THANK GOD, nothing was in my mouth!!!
So since we just finished out "Strawberry Month of June" and it's the theme of my kitchen that matched with my Grandma Raymer (for whom I am named) who always had a strawberry kitchen as did her Mom before her....I chose chocolate dipped strawberries popping up in my 'dream'.

I started with several bright colors of Distress Paint for my background.  There's usually alot of color in most dreams.

Here are both sides of my tag- heat dried and a mist or two of water for re-acting the Distress paint for a bit of blending together of the colors. I dried them completely before sanding all the edges....where the colors stop; the 'dream' also stops.

I used Tim's games embossing folder to add texture. That folder was PERFECT for this theme!

I used Vintage Market strip for the lettering from a black and white printed paper. Then made the same lettering again, and trimmed the tops off to make it look like the lettering was 'dipped'. Even the dream itself was dipped !! Never can have 'too much' when it comes to chocolate!! LOL

And here's a closeup of the dipped strawberries...even with the little 'puddle' of chocolate that I always end up with underneath from dipping too much. Oh well !! ;)  Sorry, but I already ate one of the berries, too.

        I'll be back in the next post with my JULY TAG- happy from a win of my JUNE TAG !!! YAY!! I used my winnings to purchase another Spinner for another row of Blending Tools so I don't have to keep tearing off the sponges to 'share' colors with the same 8 I have. Been wanting to do that for awhile now. I also got a few more stash items, too. THANKS EVERYONE for all the WONDERFUL comments!!! I am truly humbled to be working with so many TALENTED CRAFTERS in both the Tags and the CC3 Challenges !!! And don't forget that BOTH give out GREAT PRIZES and you never know: YOU might be the crafter chosen for YOUR ENTRY!! Prizes for the CC3 Challenges are sponsored by The Funkie Junkie Boutique , The Inspiration Emporium , and odd numbered Challenges are also awarded prizes by Tim Holtz himself (with BTS helper, Mario doing all the BTS sending)!
      I've learned A LOT from these Challenges, and most importantly- I've made a lot of FRIENDS!!
                                                Wishing you a safe weekend, and as always;
                                                                 Happy Blogging !


Candy C said...

Hi Lyla. I got such a kick out of reading your blog post and how this strawberries dipped in chocolate tag came to be. :) Let's just hope you don't dream of running naked down the middle of main street. THAT might prove to be a bit embarrassing! haha Your tag is wonderful! I love your colorful embossed background. Your frosted film dipped strawberries are so cute and a clever use of the frosted film. I particularly liked the last line of your blog post ... I'm so glad that you've learned alot from these challenges and that you've made alot of friends! THAT is what this is all about, in my opinion. Have a great weekend. Hope the URI clears up soon and thanks for sharing with all of us at CC3C. You're a ray of sunshine! <3 Candy

Cheryl Grigsby said...

This theme goes right with my blown diet this week! What a cute idea to dip your letters and those dipped strawberries are adorable! Sorry you've been sick hope all that turns around for you quickly and you get some sleep. Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog and thanks for sharing this cute tag on CC3C!

Anita Houston said...

You crack me up with your dreams! Glad you dream in chocolate too! LOVE your frosted chocolate strawberries...yum!!! Thanks for playing along!!!

Shari Trumbull said...

Mmmmmm, Chocolate!! :) :) Hi Lyla! I just had to take a peek at your chocolate dipped strawberries and tag!! :) Such a clever use of the frosted film and incorporating your dreams of chocolate into this creation :) :) It's just delicious!! XOXO-Shari

Marjie Kemper said...

Wild dreams! Hope you are feeling much better now. And thanks for joining us at CC3C!