Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Crochet Projects... Part 2

      Here we are; on 65S in Southern Home-Sweet-Home Alabama, on  way down to the Florida Gulf for a refresher Easter weekend w the Dixon side of our family. The kids are all staying busy with their own lives  but we'll see the older set to celebrate Ashley's 25th Birthday (which was Wednesday), & see the ygr set when we head up to MN in May. Meanwhile,  I'm catching up blogwise.
 This 1st is another batch of blankets I've created in the past 18 months. Up front comes one made for the ChiefHubby... whose choice was an Indianapolis Colts throw. My idea was that since NFL games go way into the cold months (Playoffs & Superbowl bound, of course), I wanted to add some extra weight to it. So instead of the horseshoe design woven into the blue background, I crocheted it onto the blue as a second layer- not sewn onto it as I have done in previous designs using lettering. It came out as a freehanded, entirely unique item! It wasn't positively straight, but as close as strung-together crochet stitches can be. He was happy w with it and so was I. 

The next set of blankets was a departure from my signature Americana Flag blankets. This double gift is for ygr Daughter, Holli's older middle sister who lives w her Canadian husband on that side of Niagra Falls. Matt & Krista have been waiting for several years now to complete their family adopting 2 precious children. GOD is so good & they will be wrapped up in these Canadian Flag blankets while in the loving arms of their Mommy & Daddy!! Krista was one of our PHS Legion of Gold Guard girls during my 1st ur as BusMom. Holli was still in Elem in Brett's class (even then his Best Friend) & I remember her twirling flags in the grass outside the practice field while Krista & our olderSon, Brian, marched & Brett played in Pit Drums. 😊

I just finished another 'Old Americana' blanket for another neice who recently married, and am already started on one more for yet one more recently married neice.
 (Yeah, I DO have many neices and nephews!)


Then, there's been several blankets over the years since 2009. The size of the bed the larger blankets sit on is queen. Just to give you an idea how large some of them are.
Here's a small sampling of the dozens:

Thanks for taking the time to check in on my projects! I'll have 2 more posts to get out, with the next being my March Tag.

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