Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Oops, I did it again: My Surf's Up Challenge #9 was a WINNER! Here's the Part 2 "How To" that my iPhone flipped out on...

  As promised: here's how I made the sailboat for my Winning project for the Frilly and Funkie Challenge #9 "Surf's Up!" . If you haven't seen the photos from my blogpost, just CLICK HERE TO READ  and catch up. There were many who asked how I did this since there were no "BTS" photos taken. But, actually, the photos WERE taken, just not uploaded before having my iPhone 6s flip off the top of our new Ford Fusion on Mother's Day on our way out to lunch after church. It was on the top of the NEW CAR and I forgot simply because it is a NEW CAR: The ChiefHubby had hit a deer with "Little Blue" our 2012 Toyota Prius that we had a lot of fun traveling in (52 mpg). So I normally would see my black/silver snuggie-cover up against the bright blue, as very noticeable. But, having it blend in on the silver... totally forgotten till we got to our destination. For those of you who said I "took it in good humor" or other nicely worded phrases... I BAWLED MY EYES OUT!!! We're talkin' that was my CAMERA and PHOTOS, ppl!!!! After my last little Canon gave out...after the Kodak gave out...after the OTHER little digitals (including Sony, etc)….the ChiefHubby asked if I could just do the same things with a cellphone since he had gotten an Android and was doing VERY NICELY with photo work (esp his pics taken of his Haiti trip for Missions when I had to stay home). So I went with the Android, and then...from a virus wrapped around a usual FORWARD send thru Messenger (DO NOT DO THOSE, FOLKS...) we lost not only BOTH droid cells, but BOTH ENTIRE PC desktops! That meant we had to upgrade (they LIE, folks....I had been successfully doing Windows XP for FOUR YEARS after they cut off the help). My fave programs were just going to be dust...and they WERE. So we upgraded to both Windows 10 setups for each of us, PLUS; TWO NEW iPHONES (he got the 7 and I wanted the 6s) and after MUCHO HEADACHES of searching for (with SOME success, but not all of them) the upgrades to each of my camera/photo programs...I was all set go-is-for-green. Then I lost my iPhone. Thankfully, I had just backed it up on my MyBook. (It is a terabyte photo saver file that has lasted this Photographer over 7 years of pics- INVEST IN ONE!! It auto backs up and saves your entire documents, photos, anything, even if your PC/laptop/other gets totally FRIED!!) Thanks to a Teacher up at our old HS who gave me the head's up on that and the CH got it for me for Christmas that year.
               Yes, all that info up there is pertinent to this post. You PC setup is how I make things like that sailboat! Most ppl have a file or two of what I call "Odds & Ends" which are photos they save of some stamp set they want, or a pic of something they want to copy for themselves or their own décor that someone else made. I guess I couldda gotten rich making PINTEREST because basically- that is what my files ARE. So I have tons of what I call "black and white printouts", "Scrapbooking Pages I like", or "Things I want to do next". In one of those is the print of a Stamp Set that I have NOT yet successfully found. And, the sailboat itself can easily be found the same way I found it before even finding it was part of a stamp set... just GOOGLE IT!
Type in "sailboat", "vintage sailboat", "vintage sailing ship", or whatever description you are looking for. Now, there is a thing called Copyright. And that thing does allow you to USE their Copyrighted item. It is owned by them under law saying YOU are NOT allowed to 'profit from' their owned, registered item- in this case it turns out it is a STAMP SET, not just a photo floating around. So, this means if you decided to copy what they made...and crafts, tools, and their combined things used....fall under this: you are not allowed to make money from it. I am very blessed in that my ChiefHubby has a very good job, with nice insurance and nice benefits. He's been there almost 30 years now and is ready to retire. So there has never been any need for ME to make money from the things I make. And if I am asked to make a certain item or gift....I never charge money for it. I've done weddings with my photography, and crafts, cakes, gifts, flowers (I started out charging for 5 weddings and then nixed doing that). So I really have no problem with the Copyright thing, and if I do: I simply go to the owner and ASK. Craft ppl are among the BEST PPL in the WORLD and while we each have our 'own brand' or personalization; I have never run into a problem saying "so and so" gave me this idea.
               So here are the sailboats I like the best of all the tons I have found. And after those, is a photo of my own real sailboat "The Wind In Her Sail". The wording is formed into the shape of an upper case L and stands for both LORD and Lyla since The LORD puts the wind into my sail and HE allows me to go where I like but guides me into peaceful, strong winds to keep me on course. :)

THIS is the pattern I used for our Grandson Cole's 1st Yr Book 
(made from TH Large Folio and other TH items)
the project I made for my very first GUEST DESGINER spot for
Frilly and Funkie Challenge #4 "Interactive Fun"
which can be found on my blog by CLICKING HERE
It made a really cool outline for the back of the Folio!

This is what I call "stock photo" because it is pretty basic and after printing out, you can easily cut the 'shadow' off and make it one-dimensional. Or cut two or three of the same to make a multi-dimensional item. 

This one is really close to the one right above, but printing it out becomes very messy if you don't work with a printer like a pro. I used to go through one Canon Printer EVERY YEAR when I worked as Volunteer at our Elementary and HS. Before digital pics became the should have seen my photo development bill each month. lol
So printing this one is only good for using it as a tracing tool - in moho.

Now THIS one....
Ohhhhh, yeah !
Now, if you can FIND the stamps (and I have found these, but didn't purchase them because I never really thought I'd use THESE pics, and I haven't. They are kind of complicated for cutting if you don't have the die or the thinlets that match. That's why TIM HOLTZ's sets are SO GREAT!!!
He has two tons of sets and just recently are the TICKETS!!
But now that I am waiting on an order to get here (from The Funkie Junkie Boutique of course)
that includes the new SEASHELLS...I am still waiting on him to design a simple SAILBOAT and another SAILING SHIP. (So how about it, Tim??) He does have stamps for the anchor, seashells, etc, and you can trim around them all (Blueprints Sketch sets) easily. 

That leaves me with my fave set but not the HB note (bottom left), nor the birds (top right).
But the sailboat had me right away!! I have not found this set yet and still hope to.
You can easily make a BETTER photo copy of this by doing what I do:
1.- stamp your stamp in  Archival Ink (it dries fast and permanent)
2.- use your printer/scanner to scan the stamped paper to load to your pc
3.- enlarge to desired proportion using a GOOD PROGRAM/APP

Here is where the "GOOD" comes in at: I used to have PrintMaster GOLD 17 and used it since 1997...probably on a daily or at least weekly basis. Till The Big Crash of last summer.
The closest program I could find is called "Photo Studio Expressions" and YES; it did just load up all my other 'old' files and upgrade them to the new program!! (Win-Win Situation: very nicely priced through Amazon!) So you load that stamped image item and then you can import it into the desired program to enlarge....and on the PM17 or later...or the PSExpressions….simply add whatever change or duplicate the size/mirrored image then print.
Be sure to "SAVE AS" whatever you make- if you choose to make changes, then title them as such so you can go back for a reprint in case of mistakes. (Example: I made 6 of these the same size but MIRRORED three of them to face the PORT SIDE - or lefthand side- and the other three faced the starboard side - or righthand side. So I could choose which way my sailboat was going to go.

Here's my photo I just now took and added to my new iPhone of the leftover sheet I 
cut from to make the project...
4. COLOR in your pieces you are choosing to cut...OR you can wait until you are finished cutting since you will likely do as I did and touch up some areas that end up showing while other areas did not when I thought they would show. This is up to you.
5.- Cut your layers- as many as you want to make your sail look "full of wind" and remember to USE YOUR DIRECTION; imagine a fan blowing behind you....where do you feel the wind hitting? YOU are sitting DOWNWARD AND BEHIND of the sail. So the wind is hitting your sail and pushing it out in billows. Now, take those layers and remember that there are THREE sheets of sail here. You care in the MIDDLE of all three, as one is at your P- is S-right...and one up above, in this case I chose it to be on the left or Portside.
6. now FOLD all those layers so they are filling up with wind.
7 .Lay all the pieces onto the ONE FULL IMAGE.
8. poke holes where you want the ropes to all go. I added knots in mine for realism. If you want to do that, I advise you to remember one sailing tip: every end is always knotted on keep it from slipping through the knot it is tied into. 
You can check out my photo close up...'s a real treat: COME JOIN ME!!
Ahoy, Matey!
Cast off and let's head for blue waters.....

Sometimes, the winds are slow and I can lay out in my sailboat and just watch the Eagles, Hawks, and Buzzards fly overhead. They circle as I whistle out, and it's stunning to watch them!
Sometimes,  the wind is wild and I have to make really quick "dives" to the other side of the boat in order to miss the boom swinging over and tipping upside down. (And I used to do that pretty often when I first got her! But as you can see in the video, I can record heavy winds for short distances without even thinking which way to steer the rudder or how hard to pull and trim the sail.
I do like to "push the envelope" as far as it can go, as my ChiefHubby says. And I have the bruises to prove it, lol! But even with the RA and other things that can bring a person down in life...
being out there in GOD's beautiful Created waters....nothing like it in the world!!!
THANKS for stopping by again !
I'll be busy with the promised Flooring Job post and also working on my spot as 
Guest Designer again for Challenge #12...
You'll just have to wait and see what it is- but I promise YOU WILL LIKE IT!!


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