Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Frilly and Funkie Challenge #9 "Surf's Up" ... It's s Treasured Sailing Journey!

     This Challenge, "Surf's Up", was right down my wake! I love anything that has to do with ocean, water, beach, boats, etc. I practically live outside whenever the weather is fine, and since we have a pool and a private lake...I can honestly say I spend quite a bit of time on my "sea legs". We just made the first fishing trip of the year on Saturday- and took the Wittle Peanut (nickname for our First Grandchild, Cole) on his very first boat trip. Yep; he's definitely a Sailor Boy!! Four hours out there and not one single toy with us; he had a blast! And slept sooooo good afterward! I really hoped to be able to get my sailboat launched as well as the pontoon, but we scarcely had time for getting one boat out, let alone two. So here's hoping by tomorrow (or rather TODAY since this is either very late Monday, or very early Tuesday- depending on if you're an Early Bird, or a Night Owl like me)… I'll be out on the lake flying with the Wind In Her Sail!! Said sailboat was my inspiration for this project.
       And while I really WISHED I could be posting photos taken as this was created, I am not able to since after church on Mother's Day, I invented the Flip iPhone!! I really don't think it will catch on, though, since it was a very expensive lesson in time and money both in searching for said learning how to find your lost iPhone that ended up destroyed. Got the new one right here and ready to launch. (Thank you, ChiefHubby; esp since you went through THREE cell phones in one year- including teaching ME the original "Flip ur iPhone off the top of the car" trick. lol!) So. That's why no BTS pics. Sorry, folks.
                                 Let's get to what I DO have to show....

The finished project becomes one of my favorite!

When you're out there with the wind behind you, and the sun in front of you...
it really DOES awaken the soul!

I had a lot of FUN doing the layers on this!
Not just the boat itself, but the background and the water are layered as well.

The keychain needed a bit more: a TH (retired) IdeaOlogy Bauble pearl
matched up nicely with a seashell charm out of my stash.

The TH IdeaOlogy Compass Coins are one of my VERY FAVE items!
I try to keep a nice pile of them handy. This Compass points to the SE direction...
we're headed for WARM blue waters!
But the Compass needed The North Star in order to set the right direction- 
so a TH IdeaOlogy Mirrored Star was perfect!

Just flip the entire thing over...
and you'll find TREASURE!!!!
Again: I am using the TH Big Ticket M&S Die since this will also be on the ringed items to form a booklet type of thing when I am satisfied which projects I want to add in on that.
The TH IdeaOlogy Hitches that are on the front side roping the sailboat in,
now do double-duty as "feet" for the Treasure Chest!
And yes; the layered Chest is a take-off idea from my last project
(Frilly & Funkie Challenge #8- in Archives).

Backside of the Chest lid: using TH Long Fasteners both directions on
this "faux leather" made from TH Grunge Paper (another VERY FAVE item).
The 'straps' were cut using TH Alterations Die Hardware Findings (which again was used on the Booklet of the F&F Challenge #8). The 'lock' was also made from the same die and Grunge Paper, only double-layered and embossed with just a touch of fussy fake rust added by using Distress Ink Vintage Photo and embossing lightly but not letting the embossing get glossy.

I cut off the 'filigree' end of the die cut...and used the hole to attach to the other side of the lid.
It just made sense and looked nice, too. The lock closes with tiny stickon Velcro.

And we needed some items to be able to add little notations, or a photo or two.
So inside the Chest, you find a wealth of TREASURE!

The entire setup shown opened up.

First up: 2 Captains Tickets and 2 Passenger Tickets...
for only TWO PEOPLE!
You see; both the ChiefHubby and I have a boat- he has the pontoon and I have the sailboat.
So each of us is a Captain (and the Captain is ALWAYS RIGHT!) and each of us is a Passenger.
Unfortunately, the ChiefHubby is not equipped with REALLY good Sea Legs.
Short of it: his balance sucks. So he's not that great at fitting down into the sailboat and making those FAST rollovers to keep you from getting bonked in the head by the Boom. So I really get out there and fly with the wind (or sit with no wind) while he motors around taking videos of me. hehe!

The double-sided fish are die cut from Sizzix Tags #1 then fussy-cut into fish.
I used TH corestock colors, sanding, then using my TH Distress Ink Markers to make some
details. Then roped them up and used the ends of the rope for 'handles' of the Chest on the outside.

Even the tiniest fish can be used: I chose to use a date stamper for our first trip - 
we took 2 Besties with us and the 3 of them (I spent my time playing with Wittle Peanut and enjoying his laughter!) caught 46 fish!! Mostly Crappie (Bluegill or Sunfish) but Mark 
caught the very first... a nice 8 inch large mouth Bass. Now THAT'S good luck! 

And at the very bottom: lots more layers...I used TH Embossing Folder Travel on the 'water' and 'sand', then began making the rest from TH corestock using TH Alterations M&S Mini Sand and Sea and TH Decorative Strip Die Spring Greenery. Tim did a "12 Tags of" one year- when the Sand and Sea Dies first came out. I fell in LOVE with those dies and as soon as I could- ordered both online. The Tag from that month was - and still is- one of my faves ever! So I always wanted to revisit that Tag...and here it is in a Treasure Chest! I chose not to add any emboss to the clear cut that separates the bottom from the other items stored on top. On Tim's Tag- we added bubbles embossed into it back then. I wanted to keep it looking like you were at the Aquarium (and we've been to two of the largest ones on the East Coast)- I think I nailed it. :)

This project is entered onto the Frilly and Funkie Challenge Blog
and these are open to anyone!
You might even win a Gift Certificate from the Sponsor,

Even if you're just looking for some cool ideas or tips on crafting;
checking out the amazing talent on these Challenges is worth taking a peek in!!

Thanks for stopping in- no matter if you are here for the first time, or the XXth !
I am ready to make the post of the hardwood flooring job
my ChiefHubby and I did in our home over March and April, and hope I'll be able to
get that posted up this week. That new iPhone will get its first big workout. :)

Stay Safe & Happy Blogging !!


Candy C said...

Lyla, this is gorgeous!!! All of the time this took to design and then create it! So many wonderful elements. The sailboat is just stunning! Truly a work of art. Then the satchel top that opens when you flip over the sailboat is a very very cool surprise! So many wonderful treasures inside your treasure box! Standing ovation, girl!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I'm completely gobsmacked over this amazing, whimsical, creative, imaginative fabulous project. Wow, wow, wow! The cover art is beyond gorgeous...I can almost feel the wind whipping my hair and the sun warming my skin. Then the treasures inside.....I have no words. What a delight every single element is. I love the love and thought you put into everything you make. What a treasure! Thanks so much for sharing with us at the Frilly and Funkie "Surf's Up!" Challenge!

sarascloset said...

Lyla, you have totally blown me away with your creativity and exceptional execution of a wonderful sea worthy idea! I love the sailboat and the clever use of the sun ray embossing! The details on the outside of this little wonder are fabulous enough, but then there's that surprise on the bilge! (sorry, my sailing lingo isn't the best) I am so pleased you were able to get this one done in time for our Surf's Up challenge at Frilly and Funkie! PS so sorry to hear your phone turned into a flip phone. At least you have a great sense of humor over that mishap! Hugs!

Lucy said...

Lyla, this project is unbelievable. It's layers after layers of incredible detail that is just stunning. The more I look at it, the more amazed I am. How did you make your sailboat? I thought it was a laser cut at first because it has such dimension. Thank you for commenting on my seashell book. Yes, I say you need that die because I can't wait to see what you make with it.

Jenny Marples said...

Oh my goodness! Quite simply amazing! Every detail on this is so well thought out and so beautifully executed. Love it! Thank you for sharing with us at Frilly and Funkie xx

sarascloset said...

Hey, girlie! I am so thrilled to see you as our winner at Frilly and Funkie! You are such a faithful participant, and always do top notch work! Biggest congratulations! Hugs!