Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Frilly and Funkie Challenge No.8- Neutral Point of View.... An Original Little BIG TICKET Booklet!

      Wow: it is SO GOOD to be able to MOVE without total pain!!! And, when I am able to move- I usually never stop! So that means I have not only finished with the flooring in the house, cleaned every single item in the house (we began in mid-March and finished totally at the end of April!), but also got all the decking stained this past week. And considering the fact that we have almost as much decking as we have inside square living space.... that is a HUGE job FINISHED!! I am happy to say that we are now only having to open the pool and just take a lazy day to ENJOY planting all my summer flowers! The hostas have all come up almost full now- the nicest, largest hostas I have seen in the neighborhood!! WOW: I am usually the last one to get mine blooming! (Growing plants on the inside is NOT one of my specialies...I am definitely an OUTDOOR Grower who just plants it and allows GOD to keep them all alive.)
    So let's get this going (and I can make the 11pm deadline and then fall totally exhausted into bed)! Allow me to lead on.....

Using the Tim Holtz Alterations Movers and Shapers Dies are SO FUN!!! I have (I think) every one of them and almost all of the inside cutters, too- THANX to some AWESOME Ladies who do the Destash Sales and get rid of their "junk" to become others' TREASURES !!
I used some plain old cardboard from Amazon trashed boxes my ChiefHubby saves for me from all his purchases. I started calling him "Mr. Amazon" because he LOVES the ease of ordering from that site for both home use and church use. You would NOT BELIEVE the stuff our UPS Driver has delivered here. He often starts to ask me...then just shakes his head and gives me that "look" we both have gotten used to sharing over the ChiefHubby's finds.

I wanted some 'old look' on here so I chose to use the TH GrungePaper and cut up some of my own "hardware".

Then, I finally had gotten my hands on some HUGE CLEARANCE scores at JoAnn Fabrics on a bunch of TH items they were getting rid of to make room for new items....AND also begin selling certain items online only; included in this is most of the heavy TH dies.
(But: they usually have shipping "specials" and the ChiefHubby says it is "cheaper" for his wifey to order online and have it shipped....because my cart is SMALLER...???? What. Ever. *eyeroll*)

The photo I used here was taken as a "ReEnactment" with a bunch of our Besties at King's Island, Ohio, during our 25th Anniversary. We had gone there over our Honeymoon in July 1984, since the entire family had come for the whole week of our wedding (to also go to the Family Reunion the next weekend), so we chose to go a short distance in order to spend time back home during that week also, after our big wedding. We had taken a "fun" photo during that Honeymoon, and wanted to do it over again- with all our friends during a SpiritSongFest at the same amusement park. Our kids were in this one, too. But I chose to fit just the ChiefHubby and I in this one. Sorry, guys!!!  :)

 This is the inside....and the photos of me (that little curly blonde TH Paper Doll is veeeeery close to what I looked like)...still have naturally UNRULY hair....that I iron flat now!!!

Close-up of the inside lid....

...and the inside bottom.

Detail of the stacked box cuts which I used TH Black Soot Distress Paint and then smudged some Distress Walnut Stain onto the top edge with my distress the black a bit.

                                                                 The bottom backside.
                                         I used some tiny clear Velcro stickers to keep it shut.
           The "lock" cut on the outside and the key being on the inside is just MY kinda oxymoron !!

             Don't forget to check in at The Frilly and Funkie Blog to see all the other entries!
AND; if you're up to embracing a Challenge; GO FOR IT! Even if it's just joining in on ONE; they are SO FUN to make something cute, useful, or just to get your hands INKY! And you could end up
being drawn as a WINNER of a Gift Certificate from the Sponsor, The Funkie Junkie Boutique !

                                     THANX for stopping by!
   I'm hoping to have time enough to share a "big reveal" of the flooring job we did on our home,
since "home flipping" is such a close thing to art and I really enjoy being a Crafter who is also a Homemaker! But, until then- the next FFChallenge will keep me busy in my mind- planning what I'll be doing in my studio! In the meantime....

                              Be safe & Happy Blogging !


Sara Barker said...

VERY cool project, Larimore! You have nailed the neutrals, and I just adore this sweet little album! Great inspiration, and a fun post to read! I'm so happy you are feeling better, but for Pete's Sake, don't over do it! Can't wait to see the floors! We scrubbed and stained our deck about a month ago, and it's now a pleasure to go our at sit a spell. Thank you so much for playing along with our challenge at Frilly and Funkie! Hugs!

PS I see I have some catching up to do. Hope to be back later today to do that!

Sara Barker said...

Oh, geeesh, I meant to say Lyla! Forgive me, please! No coffee yet!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

The little details in this charming album are what make it so very special. I love the hint of inky splatters, the wonderful vintage "hardware" and the look of that stacked, die cut corrugate board! You nailed it! Thanks for joining the fun at Frilly and Funkie's "Neutral Point of View" Challenge!

Autumn Clark - SewPaperPaint said...

This is such a cool cool book! I totally love how you assembled it and the awesome grungy details. We would love to have you share with us at Mini Album Makers. Find the rules:
Hugs, Autumn

Larimore2 said...

Right now, these F&F Challenges keep me pretty... CHALLENGED. Lol!
But, I will at least come take a lookie; can’t hurt to see more EYECANDY & perhaps keep in mind for further bookies!!!
Tanx for invite!!!
I’ll peekie innie!!! *hugs*

Larimore2 said...

Saying just Larimore is fine, too!!
Lotsa folks still call us by last name since back before I met my ChiefHubby, all his besties called him “Lari” or “LariLESS” & since his Dad’s real name is Larry Larimore, one of those Bestie’s Moms had asked during a supper: “So, Larry, would U like some more beans?” and his friends fell to the floor laughing!
We still are known as “Larimore” since there are at least three guys named Dave or David at our church!
As for that coffee....
SHARE, BABY!!!! Lol!!