Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Frilly and Funkie Challenge that GOT AWAY; #7 Elegant Jewels...."GOD Bless The USA!"

This was "the one that got away" and not because I was up to my ears in busy-ness this time,
but because of an RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) flare-up....a very bad one this time. In fact; the second flare so far this year. It seems like it was just a really bad nightmare now, but at the time- WOW.
I already had all my stuff done for this one, but only had to post it up in time for the deadline. And then, once the flare-up was over, and recuperation was done, the busy-ness of my usual life kicked back in and caught me up in it like a small protozoa in a whale's mouth. There's just no stopping life!

So, here's my own take on that missed Challenge from the Frilly and Funkie Blog - you can check out the other STUNNING ENTRIES and AWESOME WINNERS!
(Winners receive a Badge and 1 lucky Dude gets goodies from The Funkie Junkie Boutique
the Sponsor of these Challenges.)

Oh, those little tiny TH Salvaged Dolls!!! They are sooooo CUTE!!
I got this idea of using some oven-bake clay on one to form my own "Lady Liberty" and copied her (a bit 'fussy' molded) so she's not entirely perfect-looking... after all; she's SALVAGED!

I detailed her book and torch, hair, crown, and gown...according to some internet stock photos...then smashed her flat onto her back so the Glossy Accents could keep her onto the project. She was oven-baked at only 200* for about 20 mins. So the TH Salvaged Doll did very nicely !!!

After baking and cooling completely (I left her sit a couple of days till I could get the chance to decorate her background), I used some (Ranger TH) Silver Metallic Alcohol Ink to color her up. A tiny touch of Gold Metallic Alcohol Ink on the tip of the torch made the 'fire' glow. By not filling in the alcohol ink entirely into the cracks, it automatically gave it some darker dimension- with no effort!
You can see her feet peeking out of the bottom!

The "lines" showed up with no effort since I just didn't fill the cracks in with the ink.

Those TH GrungeBoard Letters came out of storage and are still AWESOME!
And the TH IdeaOlogy items of yesterday- the Memo Pins, Airmail Paper String (TH Trimmings) & Mirrored Stars...and a cut from the TH Alterations Strip Die Tattered Ribbons....matched up with some Americana stickers, misc. jewels and stars. 

Can't do without a BACKSIDE to the Bigz M&S Big Ticket Die used for this project....
The entire thing will be one "page" in a ringed "book" after I am finished and satisfied I have enough pages for it.
When the year of Challenges is over- I may have SEVERAL different pages to choose from !

To those who sent "Get Well" notes or dropped in to check my Blog!!!
I am keeping in mind that we sometimes have to back off of our "best-laid plans" and call it a day. The Perfectionist in me doesn't like doing that, and I often end up "over doing it" by a mile...
or two....or five.... :)

Up next is the current F&F Challenge due tonight! 
So Stay Tuned, and:

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Sara Barker said...

This is another great project, Lyla! You have done a fabulous job with that Frozen Charlotte standing in as Lady Liberty! Great idea to use the found relative with the flag on the back. Love this tribute to our wonderful country! Hugs!