Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The Funkie Junkie Boutique Challenge #13 Positively Pensive...DOCUMENTED

une is turning out to be almost 'normal' when it comes to being busy with places to go and people to see; when it comes to family, anyway. With the 'new normal' making us wear masks and being more careful to always wash up and have anibac handy, being with your family members makes you feel safest. I did stay away from one family reunion (and sorely missed being there with them), but traveled to another side of family for a Niece's wedding a full week later. The setting was outdoors in the boonies with a huge beautiful barn as the backdrop for both the wedding and the reception. Far away from towns and other people, other than just family...and with more than enough winding backroads through the Tennessee Smokies to make you want to lean out the window and toss your tummy cookies-ugh- I'm a Salt-Lifer; not Land-Lubber. The area where our Niece and new Nephew live is a far cry from where she's from: an hour away from the Emerald Coast in Florida that boasts one of the USA's most beautiful white sandy, pristine beaches. I had so hoped for a sunny beachy wedding, but was very pleasantly surprised with the wonder of the purple mountainous backdrop... and a rainbow that lasted almost 1/2 an hour while the sun still shone over us brightly! And the Bride was stunning, as were her 3 beautiful Sisters, and Momma! It was a mere 3 day trip with no other contacts, but it was well worth the 7 hour drive. GOD willing, we head back down in July to the Coast for some family time, as well as some needed sunshine! I really hated that 2 other Family Reunions (on other sides) were canceled due to the COVID19. But, like I've said in earlier posts; we all have choices to make and we all need to put safety first- for EVERYONE.
     This project for TFJBChallenge #13 is kind of spot on for the very thing that I feel I need to do for every Challenge: documentation that includes photos of each step along my creative way. Now, that's the thing about me; I like to go allllllllll the waaaaaay when it comes to details. (It is NOT REQUIRED to show each step for the TFJBChallenges, but I always try to.) I actually LOVE documenting things and you'll find me taking a photo of just the room number and outside sign of where we stayed in a hotel. I've used it for reference many times over, too! Let's say... the ChiefHubby wonders "what the name of that place was?" …"Oh, lemme look that up in my pics". And I've got it all in files that are safely kept along with
the thousand or so photos I took of that event. I can easily take 50 photos of one project and narrow it down to the 'best of the bunch' that become the ones you will see on my posts- cropped down and made into jpeg images (for ease of viewing). I may be 'retired' from all those years of being a photographer for everyone and every thing, but now I use it for this hobby of my own. Oh, I still enjoy doing impromptu videos or photos for others, just no longer paid for it. Oh, right... I NEVER took any pay for it.  :)  I just figured that as long as GOD provided all the equipment and whatever we needed for our own family; I'd do what HE intended for the gift of talent HE gave me. And the same always goes for making things for others; as HE provides what I need to use for it. Life has a way of working out according to HIS Plan for each of us... if we would only allow it.
     So; let's get down to business fun...

It all began with the trip up to see Grandbaby Jamie;
this printed parchment was used for the bottom of the donuts that come
from a favored shop in Red Wing, MN. that the younger Couple Kids favor.
Nope- while I have had these donuts several times, I had never noticed that the
same printed parchment is always used. And no- I have never before looked closely
to see that the date on it is the YOUNGER SON'S BDAY! 
(Ok, while he was born on a Tuesday, not Monday, and the year is 1969- 
not his own birth year of 1992...but hey; close! And bonus: the Summer of Love!!)

FINALLY! I get an idea for that new TH Etcetera Mini Tag!!
My first Thickboards use was with the 'shelves', so I got out the Brackets set
(already having used the Scallops set on another prior project/post).
LOVE those Thickboards and now I want the larger ones!

I got out all the things that I thought I might use.
As my ArtMuse changes her mind along the way, not every item gets used-
as per the pink X-outs on the things that didn't see any use at all.

Since the Etcetera Thickboards only come with one reinforcer
(that circle which goes over the tag's top hole),
my first step was to make a reinforcer for the backside of the tag.
I always like to craft both sides of my tags.
This was my use of the TH Memoranda Paperie.

Using both the smallest Spellbinders Circle, and my 1/2 circle punch,
I was able to make an exact, same size fitting for the second reinforcer.
I did double it up for a tiny bit of thickness, but the plan
was for one side of the tag to be '3-dimensional' and the other side to be 2D,
with a bit of texture added.

Giving all the Thickboard pieces a coat of Distress Paint in Antique Linen.
I used both the brush on and the dabber bottles for good coverage in all the cracks and sides.
I only needed to sand one spot on the 'shelf' pieces- they are tear-apart from the package.
The two Tag pieces are surprisingly very smooth all over!

Then topping the Thickboard pieces with the printed parchment using Multi Medium Matte.
Then, giving the TH Lace Baseboard Frame the same coat of Antique Linen Distress Paint,
with some TH Distress Crayon in Vintage Photo- rubbed into the sides and top.

I distressed everything with TH Distress Oxide and TH Distress Crayon-
both in Vintage Photo.
I loved the monotone of my favorite TH color!!

Now, came the part where I got to FINALLY use that new TH Stamp Set; Inventor 8 !!
You can guess why I just had to have this stamp- the CAMERA!!
And yes, my collection has one of these very same cameras up on my Studio/Craft Room shelf!

I made sure to stamp out several copies, as I was not sure how many layers I would end up with.
As it turned out...I needed more than shown here.
But it was SOOOO FUN!!!

Here's where all the fussy-cutting, TH Distress Inking (in Black Soot),
and hot gun gluing took place.
It was rather tricky to cut and TRY to get that top 'lid' of the camera stamp lined up straight.
But, I did my best and just embraced the rest! :)

Doing the backside was simple fun- TH Stenciling (Numeric) over the 
TH Distress Oxide Ink Ground Espresso and TH Distress Regular Ink Black Soot.
Heat dried and then inked again; heated again for a simple finish.
I already had chosen a TH Paper Doll and a TH Pocket Card
(Distress Inked with Vintage Photo) to top this.

Now comes the main attraction:  Adding in the required use of a ball point pen.
I chose to make an item that would be at the forefront- but look like an afterthought.

Folding and inking up the die cuts with some TH Distress Pumice Stone Ink.
I could have used my TH Feather Embossing Folder, but chose not to.
Just kept it simple because of the main step...

...using a ball point pen in black gel ink to make short strokes onto the feather's tip
and up the middle. This made it look like ink from an ink well- dipped, used, dipped again, etc.

And a very last touch for the same requirement:
the date on the backside of the tag in regular blue ink (from a Georgetown Vol Fire Dept pen, of BUNCHES of the retired ChiefHubby's stash of pens-
Firefighters love pens, bags, flashlights, and knives/window breakers,
and have at least 3 in every room if possible...*eyeroll*)
scribbled as if it were done long ago when the tag was stored away.
Made it look very old and...well...DOCUMENTED!

The resulting make...





Not too shabby, eh?

The BALL POINT PEN requirement-1

BALL POINT PEN requirement-2

And that's that for this Funkie Junkie Boutique Challenge Blog!
Thanks goes out to The Funkie Junkie Boutique for Sponsoring the Challenges,
and to the AMAZING Design team and their STUNNING inspirational makes!
Can't wait to see what they'll come up with next that we can wrap our creative minds around!

THANKS for all the sweet comments and ESPECIALLY for taking time to stop by!
The younger set of kids are coming this week and I am SO EXCITED
to finally have all three of our Grandbabies together!!
Trust me...there WILL be PHOTOS!!!

So, Until Next time;

Stay Safe, &


sarascloset said...

Lyla, your tag is AMAZING! I love the dimensional old time camera you crafted-so perfect to document your journey as a photographer. Using that parchment from the donuts for the backdrop is brilliant -- I always favor adding those memorable/recycled touches. And adding the pen nibs and feathers is so clever, and I'm tickled pink on those ball point pen details you did to bring the feathers to life. As always, I enjoy reading about your thought process and seeing how your projects come together. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us at The Funkie Junkie Boutique Blog!

Jenny Marples said...

Well what a beautiful bride and how fantastic that you were able to have the whole event well away from crowds in the countryside. As you say we are all having to make tough choices right now. And your tag - well it almost feels like an insult to call it a tag as it's more of a 3D work of art. I love how you used the ballpoint pen to add those all important details. And thank you as ever for adding all those process photos - it's always such a joy to see how you make your wonderful creations. Thank you for joining us at The Funkie Junkie Boutique blog.

sarascloset said...

I'm consolidating my visits this week, what with the holiday schedule. But I had to stop here first and say CONGRATULATIONS on being our top choice at TFJBB! You rocked this challenge, AGAIN! I'm so happy for you, and always enjoy your entries and your posts!