Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Sunday, July 5, 2020

The Funkie Junkie Boutique Challenge #14 Cattywampus...Stars & Stripes Dreams

 July is here! My favorite time of year and my favorite holiday, July 4th!  I absolutly love the smell of the fireworkds, and the colors that light up the sky, followed with choruses of  "Ohhhhhhhh", "Ahhhhhhhh", and Oooooooooo",the heat of the days followed by warm nights, and swimming after midnight under a clear, starry sky. And having all the kids out playing- not worrying about school the next day...I honestly could live like that year round. My love for summer holds all the way through how I decorate- Primitive Americana- throughout our home. The Red, White, and Blue can also be Red, Taupe, and Blue- depending on where I have it displayed.
    With this current challenge ,the focus is on being a bit off kilter. The requirement is described as "Cattywampus", and while I've

probably heard the term before somewhere, the vision I get in my mind is of something being off center, crooked, or kooky- looking. "Wacky" or "Wonkey" would be my equivalent words for "Cattywampus". I wanted to keep with the July theme while fulfilling the requirements for cattywampus.It turned out to be a lot of fun, indeed!                     
   Let's see where my ArtMuse took me...


Our younger Daughter found these at a church yard sale up in Red Wing,
and thought I could use them for my crafts.
They're AWESOME!

Right away I started getting out things I could use for this project.
Another chance to make a TH Etcetera Thickboard Tag!!

My attempt to copy from the Servicemen's Hymns was thwarted by my printer not
agreeing with me on scanning. After an hour spent on it- that I could ill afford-
I finally went with a similarly antiqued version from the net.
I'll be working on fixing that for being able to use these very COOL music sheets!

I made several copies of the song and also found a front cover of the song as well.
Thought that would make a good backside.

I gave the tag pieces a good coat of TH Black Soot Distress Paint and followed that 
with a coat of DP Antique Linen. 
Later, I chose to add another shelf, so I did the same to those 2 pieces as well.
I also edged the TH Baseboard Frame with 
TH Distress Crayon in Antique Linen inside with Black Soot Distress Paint on its outer edge.

Using a 12 inch dowel rod, cut it in half, I sanded the tops and bottoms
and painted them with TH Distress Paint in Walnut Stain.
They would be used for flagpoles.

After all the edging was finished, I was ready to add the covering printouts
using Glossy Accents, then burnished everything on the edges with the TH Sanding Grip.
I dug out the Americana paper ribbon used in some previous projects to
form flags, and inked it with a bit of TH Distress Oxide in Vintage Photo.
I gave both the TH Paper Doll and the little printed add-on edgings of Distress Oxide Vintage Photo.
And also used the same Oxide on both sides of the tag
 as well as the rest of the tag pieces and the baseboard frame.

This is what I came up with:

Front Side of Tag

Back Side of Tag


Some Closeups...

Front Side of Tag 

I did color this TH Paper Doll...she had to match the occasion. ;)

Shining a pen light underneath the TH Vellum Scene shows the music background of the Tag.
The Baseboard Frame is up on double sticky pop-dots, as well as just about everything;
I wanted those layers to really stand out so that light does come under the Vellum Scene.

I matched up the papering to the shelf and Tag so the layers matched up.
A bit of baling string gives a rustic look to the TH Assemblage Word Band
-painted in Mustard Seed Distress Paint.

REQUIREMENT CATTYWAMPUS: the TH Type Chips are set in card-hand-like slants
that form USA. It also gives the impression of the letters being on their
way up into the fireworks!

REQUREMENT CATTYWAMPUS: The Americana paper ribbon 'waves' across the tag
and disappears around the edge. US Flags definitely fly 'cattywampusly" !!

Back Side of Tag

A few layers of matboard die cut with TH Alterations Die Festive Gent
were adhered with Glossy Accents, then given complete coverings of Distress Paint Black Soot.
Some hoarded TH Crinkle Ribbon lightly shaded with Regular Distress Mustard Seed Ink
makes a good "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" around his neck as he marches onward.

Yummy IdeaOlogy! And a nod to Francis Scott KEY with a TH key.
I added splatters of TH Black Soot Distress Paint all over the Back Side only.
I love the look it gave!
And I added two feet of TH IdeaOlogy Crinkle Ribbon- soaked with a touch of
Oxide Inks in Antique Linen and Vintage Photo.
A TH Wire Pin holds it all together nicely.

REQUIREMENT CATTYWAMPUS: This wiggly, wavey, oh-so-wonderful US Flag
plays up the off-center very nicely!

        And that's what I have for this Funkie Junkie Boutique Challenge #14 Cattywampus .
   If you are looking to make something in the next day or so; the deadline for this is 11pm Tuesday.
     Just follow the easy rules on the blog's post, and you could be a Winner in the Top 3 or win the 
                     Gift Certificate drawing- Sponsored by The Funkie Junkie Boutique .

     THANKS! to everyone for the nice comments! My last post ( DOCUMENTED ) was
  chosen Winner for TFJBChallenge #13, so I'll be Guest Designer in late July.  I'm looking forward
  to that! Sorry; no spoilers. lol!

         I hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July- and you were able to enjoy celebrating the freedom
   that was fought for- and won- by those who founded this great country. I've been enjoying some 
    down time in the rural Florida Panhandle. Most folks here are very kind about keeping distance      
       and being careful concerning the virus- especially distancing at the beaches and in the water. 
       We're making preparations for retiring and the place and work we'll have down here for our 
       "Golden Years" during the winter months of Indiana. It will take time before we get into the
         swing of things with a schedule for the timing, but for now, I am just enjoying the 'chill' 
                                    of 90* days with the sun shining and the surf pounding.

                                          Thanks for stopping by and until next time...

                                                                  Stay Safe & 
                                 HAPPY BLOGGING!!


sarascloset said...

What an absolutely wonderful tribute to July 4th and all our country stands for! I love this, and it is perhaps my favorite from your creative hands. I am a huge fan of 4th of July, so this is right up my alley. Those typeset letters spelling out USA are perfect for the cattywampus challenge. Oh, and of course, I have paper ribbon envy, as always! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing creativity with us in our Cattywampus challenge at The Funkie Junkie Boutique blog!

Linda Coughlin, the funkie junkie said...

Be stil my heart, Lyla, you have outdone yourself with these gems!! Not only are the composition and all the embellishments perfect on both, I'm wildy in love with the way you used the American flag paper ribbon. Seriously awesome framing and layering too. I really love the city background with the flag waving. Everything on both tags is absolutely perfect and perfectly Cattywampus. Thank you for sharing these awesome tags with our visitors over at The Funkie Junkie Boutique Challenge blog.