Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Monday, January 13, 2014

GVFD Fire Training Burnout Shoot- My Fave Shots of My 2 FFs

These photos were all taken during the Saturday; December 28, Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department-hosted Burnout Training. It took place at an old house prepped for the event in GVFD's former small drive-through town of Georgetown, alonside the Wabash River in the southwest part of Cass County, Indiana. In the photo at the left, I'd just gotten there after their full morning of inside training. That part can be a bit boring for a photographer who does not wish to get in the way by going inside with a full set of FFgear on. The trainer (in this case, our FFCaptSon, Brian) sets up deliberately set fires and they are allowed to 'grow' either in certain set patterns or wildly as the Beast (the appropriate name given by most FFs to fire itself)pleases, and then the other Firefighters- new and old alike- whomever is willing to keep in practice as an already-established and trained FF, or a 'newbie' Rookie FF. But to a photographer, this kind of burn is very different from the emotions that are played out during a real toned-out fire call. So when my ChiefHubby or FFCaptSon see me, they end up POSING (as in the pic of the two of them side-by-side together... therefore NOT REALLY 'posing' as an action photographer would know; the real stuff. And in the picture at the top left, you see my ChiefHubby letting me know he's still MY#1. :)
Having explained all the above, you now have a 'correct' perspective on this particular shoot and why the fire itself seems to be 'ignored' when in reality it is being paid VERY close attention to. The type of training this was for was specifically in using airpacks, and other main equipment regularly used in a real tone-out to help a few of the newer FFs from 2 different Depts.(there are some events where many Depts. have several FFs needing more training). 
So, please.take a few mins to view through them in this post. :) 

If you're interested in seeing more, I posted 98 of
what I thought were my best shots of the entire 500+ taken.
You can find them by clicking this link to GVFD on FaceBook:  

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