Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Just Another Very Important Day In Life

       One of the most important days of my entire life was the Wedding Day of our younger Purdue Son. It was one of many I've had in my life, along with: the day my future ChiefHubby asked me out on our first date on June 16, 1982; the day of his 20th birthday in September 1982 when he surprised me with a Promise Ring and made a vow to me that I'd be his wife someday; then on December 23, 1983 (my very last day of HS graduating mid-term then going back in May for Commencemt) when he presented me with an Engagement Ring on bended-knee and asked me to marry him; our Wedding Day on July 14, 1984; the births and subseqent birthdays each year of both our boys; their first day of school, their Elementary, Jr High, and then HS Graduations; when one of our very best friends and Preacher helped David and I renew our vows on Feb. 24, 2002; the day Brian graduated his Basic Fire Training course, then choosing to study Fire Science & his first day at Ivy Tech Community College; the day Brian moved out on his own to a rented house shared with two cousins (that was also the roughest day for me in my life); my ChiefHubby graduating for his Seminary Classes and getting his Certificate in front of the congregation at church (that was a surprise for both of us by our friend/Preacher!);Brett entering college at Purdue and moving to Lafayette to live on campus (another rough day in my life); the day they each brought home a girl to meet Mom&Dad (that was more joyful than rough); the day Brett asked his best friend since 1st Grade to be his wife- with a beautiful engagement ring, asking her to be his Wife. He'd put up "Post-It Notes" all over her dorm with directions for her to follow to the next note and finally find him on bended knee on Nov. 7, 2012. Both families worked through all the Bride's choices of colors, foods, invitations, etc, for the wedding to take place on August 10, 2013. It was a perfectly BEAUTIFUL DAY and a Fairy-Tale, Picture-perfect wedding ! It's taken me a long time to finally go through the photos. I chose not to be the Photographer for either of our sons' weddings. I didn't want my someday=Grandkids to ask "Where was Grandma?" like they will probably ask while sorting through the first 15 yrs or so of pics before I finally broke down with 'selfies' finding them quite UNselfish of a Mom afterall!
      So here are a few of my fave that I've worked on cropping or adding a border,etc. Our new Daughter, Holli (she's also an Honors student like her Hubby) chose a GREAT Photographer for the pics, and I had a wonderful time drooling over his cameras and chatting 'shop' with him- very nice guy, too! He takes the pics, puts them to CDs then lets you do what you want. MY KIND OF THING!! Cause it IS just what I've always done for others! I am so proud of my family! And I am doubly-blessed to have so many friends in our lives who love us like FAMILY to share all of this with ! While not all of them could be with us for everything I've mentioned, those who couldn't have always been close in HEART, thought, and prayer. GOD willing, we will have many more important days in our future to share.

                                 I got my 'dream' dance with our younger son, and our older son, Brian, saved the last dance for me. It was wonderful, and I danced every dance in between with their Dad. :')

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