Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's official; this is my last day as a Chief's Wife.

By the time I finish getting this post out- it will be official: my last day as the wife of the Georgetown Vol.Fire Chief. It was forseen coming at some point, but kind of snuck up on us in the past month. Everything works out, though, and for the FD itself- it actually will help it not just to grow more, but to survive and still be around to help preserve the lives of the community, and their property. By now, if you've read this far, you are thinking "Ahhh...she's talking about David's POSITION on the FD! NOT their MARRIAGE!" lol. And yep, that would be correct! Truthfully, we both have put those two things (our marriage AND his FD work) into the same catagory we try very hard to put EVERYTHING in our lives- WITH THE LORD. Since GOD is in control, we try to let HIM be our lead on the path of everything we do in life. For the past 25 years, 2 months, plus a few days... GOD has watched over my ChiefHubby in every position he's held on the FD- whether it was Probie, Newbie, 2nd Class FF, 1st Class FF, Capt, First Responder, Treasurer, Engineer(Driver), Assist Chief, and for at least 6 or 7 years out of that- Chief) and at every tone-out he's been out on in that time. Included was the largest fire Cass County has ever seen; The Cole Hardwood Fire where he was gone for two days straight. (Google that- probably 50some Depts from around the state were called in to help.) He's hung on through very lean times (back when we had Fish Frys every June in order to get any money for the Dept to exist) and a couple of times it was going so far down in numbers, it was nearly closed permanently- which is how he chose to join in the first place- following his Dad's burned-out-prints as a 30 yr (Retired) professional (paid) FF. And he's stuck through the rough times, but did take a 'permanent leave' of about 10 months halfway through those years, before he went back again...starting at the very bottom of the pole again, and working his way back up the ladder all over again. I knew he would. It was too much a percentage of his blood to stay away. FF Wives just know how that goes. It can't be explained. It's just LIVED.
So when the current Township Trustee chose to step down,
and our GVFD Capt (Treasurer) felt the need to step up and run on the election ballot in his place, he urged David also to file for an Advisory. Let me just say that GVFD Capt is going to be THE ONLY POLITICIAN in my entire life I will trust with my very life- and all of those whom I love dearly. Yes, he is a GODly man, and a very devout, committed, and honest man. The Township will definitely get a TRUE TRUST out of this man! Sadly, though, when David went in to file for the Advisor position, he was told that he could not be a FF AND hold that position at the same time ("Conflict of Interest" was the reason it is now a State Law...but let's not get into the fact that you could be Bestest Buddies and talk on your own time and steal money from the County- not trust a person based on just judgement of that person's character ALONE- which is what is wrong with our political system and the ones in it all just for the money and power, and fame or 'title' of importance, or whatever...Yeah. WHAT. EVER. But let's NOT go there...) Anyway. The Capt- Treasurer had a choice to make. And it definitely made a change on the FD here. Since he is leaving, there is noone else to take over the financial matters and books. Except my ChiefHubby. So, after talking it over- and ALOT of prayer on my part, as well as alot of others I am sure- The Chief came home one day from work with a plan going on in his ever-in-gear-churning-out-the-better-than-ILoveLucy's"I'veGotAPlan"-thinking, you just know it's gonna require alotta work. (Trust me on this- when David says "I've got an idea...." Don't just stand there like a dummy and listen...RUN!!! RUN,FORREST,Ruuuuun!!  :)
But this time, like many (yeah, I will admit it...)plans he has made- turned out to be a really good one! His thoughts of late have been about the future and retirement. 25 years is alot to give of your life to your community, and in the next 5 years, he hopes to retire from his by-then-30plus years of working at SIA. We are thinking of a southern move- even if just part of the year. But by then- all our kids will likely be living in another state. In fact, it's almost FOR SURE they will be since their jobs they plan to take will require the moves. So you have this situation with the County, the FD, and us. Life is always changing. I learned this the very hard way about 10 years ago- and bravely admitting to 3 years of Counseling for Depression in starting to learn about CHANGE. If we do NOT change- we don't GROW. And to grow means we are ALIVE. Sort of like when your children are so cute when they are little, and you hate to have them grow up. But if they DON'T...then that means they are not ALIVE. And the opposite of alive is... You see what that means?
So change is inevitable, but EMBRACE-ABLE! And GOD makes it BEAR-ABLE! So the Treasurer steps down, and along with him- so does my CHIEF. That's the sad part. The good part is that while he is hanging up his CHIEF's lid, he is NOT hanging up his TURNOUTS. :D  He is moving down to take rank of CAPTAIN again, and thus do the books as Treasurer. A new Chief will be taking his place- a new YOUNG Chief who actually is just a few yrs older than our FFCaptSon. So you see: the horn is being handed down to the younger leader and thus making it possible to KEEP GROWING with this change going on.
Hmph! Go figure; the ChiefHubby just HADDA go have this happen
AFTER I make a blog up with the title being "Chief's Wife". And while it's not a big hairy deal to anyone else- I am VERY PROUD of my Husband and how he has put his total 100% of himself into all he has done. For everything, not just the FD. (Yeah, kids; someday you'll figure that out when YOU have your OWN kids. Mom HEARD THAT !!!) And I toyed with the idea of changing the name of my blog to reflect the honesty I always feel I need to be in everything. Ditch the feelings on the sleeve- or even wear my feelings on the front of my shirt. I SCREAM my feelings ! And I make sure it gets heard, too. Cause I always feel it's best to just BE TRUTHFUL. Hiding anything hurts people- esp the one hiding the truth and making up their own. So I don't want to feel guilty even about a title of a blog ! 
But then, I understood matter what my Husband's title is- on the FD, at church, at home, wherever we are; he is always going to be MY CHIEF. And, GOD willing, for many many more happy years, he will be My ChiefHUBBY. And like the time the boys and I stood by the door after that first time he came home from a fire meeting after elections were done- 
my song will still be "Hail To THE CHIEF!". 

CONGRATULATIONS, (past)CHIEF  HUBBY on your road to begining THINKING about retirement !
And here's a prayer for the New Chief, as well as the rest of his FFs; you will lead with trust, honesty, commitment, faithfulness, knowledge, and strength. And that you will take up the ball and RUN your best in this race against the Raging Beast- for the good of others and their property !

Thanks for reading and HAPPY BLOGGING!

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