Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Thursday, March 27, 2014

MiniAlbums (Made From ToiletPaper Rolls) & MiniCabinet Cards!

   The month of March is just about over and while it seems as if I ran out of things to do, just the opposite is the truth of the matter. As each day passes by with the hopes that WARM weather will FINALLY make its entrance into Indiana, I'm still finding alot of 'paper'work to do. So much so, that the DustBunnies I've never EVER had to worry about taking over before...have decided that me & my sweeper/cleaning rag are not much of a threat to them. They practically have been sunning themselves out in the open lately. GAG! I always prided myself in having "THE cleanest house in the State of Indiana- if not just in all of Cass County" and most would probably agree to that since they would tease me about my daily running of the sweeper and dusting at least 3 times a week. It never took me that long because I had it all down to a SCIENCE. Trust me. I was always trying to be SuperMom who could do it ALL. I had a schedule to keep and a list to do; and that included my husband and kids on that list. So MY "doorbell shone bright" AND my "kids' eyes shone bright", too. Now that I've let go of any clock, time, watch,etc. of any type, and I am more relaxed about things with this new "Empty Nest" type of life....almost everyone claims I am "CURED!" of my OCD. Someone HAD to have leaked that out to the neighborhood DustBunnies, I just know it! Cause they are parked right smack in front of my nose and I keep trying to get rid of them- unsuccessfully, I might add. At least I can still keep an empty dirty clothes bin every night. :)

        So while I was having fun making all those larger cabinet cards, I came across an old minialbum I'd made out of toiletpaper rolls (the inside cardboard that gets tossed away after the tpaper is gone). I'd gotten the Sizzix Originals Tags #2 (656051) that I think has since been retired, and was playing around with what to make out of it. I must've been looking around and spotted a tossed-out roll in my bucket that I usually burn (call me paranoid: I shred AND burn mail & tossed personal info), and some odd thought led to the fact that this particular tag fits PERFECTLY into that tube! And there ya go; the making of that first album. Then, getting it out a couple of weeks ago led to the thought of making a new one, which led to wondering what to PUT into that new tiny album. Which, of course, led to making wallet-sized Cabinet Cards.
    Since I used a third album-in-the-making to show how I did the second album which opens up much better than that first one, I'll come back in to post that 3rd mini album after I get it done. I also have a couple of Brown-Paper-Sack albums I'd like to show in a post. One is a Family Memory Album that I think you'll REALLY enjoy with all the stuff I made for it and the Chickstas all thought was COOL! The other is a HUGE (grocery brown sacks) album that I am always adding to. It is specifically for anything I've made -a copy of it goes into this album. Sort of a 'Scrapbook for Scrapbooking'...makes sense to ME, anyway. ;)
    Here's the video for making both of the albums above...
Thanks for checking in, and Happy Blogging!  :D

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Karen Garrard said...

Lyla these are just gorgeous. A very vintage feel. Karen.x