Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Thursday, April 17, 2014

My First Trip to FDIC in Indianapolis- April 12, 2014

    This is one of those posts in which I am sharing my love of photography on one of my favorite subjects: my ChiefHubby & his chosen vocation of Firefighting. I'd been bugging him for months to take me to FDIC (Fire Department Instructors Conference) which is held every year in Indianapolis- formerly at the RCA (Hoosier)Dome, and now in the new Lucas Oil Stadium. My ChiefHubby had been to it many times before, and his Dept even had their brand new Alexis Pumper (what I call the GVFD's 'Big Red') on the show room floor after purchasing that year (2004? I think). He usually took our FFCaptSon for his birthday since it falls so closely near the usual week. And also usually; the little Chiefy's Wifey- that's me- would stay home with much to keep me busy. Since both sons are now out on their own and we have this "empty nest" going on, my time has been more abundant to do things I always wanted to do but never had the time before. Raising kids (if it's done RIGHT) takes alot out of a couple. But neither of us regret one second of it- such a HUGE BLESSING our sons have been in our lives!! And all the other kids they have brought around to us as well! So watching all the tweets flying around on TwitterLand and emails sent advertising or promoting all the FDIC info....I figured THIS YEAR was my CHANCE! And while he wasn't really all that excited about making the trip (too many other things clanking around on the gears of his mind going 'clickety-clickety-click!'), the ChiefHubby arranged getting tix after warning me that the only day he could get off for it this year would fall on the very LAST day of it. And that would be a SHORT day on the schedule- closing at 2pm. That was ok with ME, tho. I wasn't gonna be picky; just be happy to finally GO! So here's all the VERY COOL stuff I got to see, and not just see FDIC, but my first visit in the new Stadium, too. Yeah, I know....I really need to get out more. We'd been in the Dome so many times for Colts Games, Pioneer HS Games *Football Champs Class A, and esp PHS Legion of Gold Marching Band and also PHS Drum Line State Contests for both our boys over 11 yrs as a Band Mom/Chaperone. I even ended up carrying in one of the sets of Bass Drums during one yr along with the Band. (Never wanted to do that again- suckers are so HEAVY!)
         Well, here are the pics....If there are too many- which I absolutely do not believe there is such a thing- it's because I was, and still am, excited over it all! :D



And that's it. This last photo at the left is a very realistic rendition of a Firefighter. Or so I THOUGHT when I was snapping the photo while leaning over David as far as I could reach in order to get a good shot of the 'neat statue'. Then, I saw someone walk up and toss a donation into the bucket on the sidewalk. And the 'statue' MOVED. Let's just say that... oh....probably the entire downtown of Indianapolis heard me scream. The Chief thought it was hilarious. The Chiefy's Wifey did NOT share the same opinion.
Thanks so much for checking in and viewing the photos! Be safe, and Happy Blogging!!!

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