Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Friday, March 13, 2015

Compendium of Curiosities Challenge #23 ; My Westward, HO! Folio...

      I am racing the clock on this CC3Challenge simply because I didn't have all I needed and had to order a few things online (which took the first week), and then I got hit by the big, mean, nasty Flu Bug this past week. Unfortunately for me, whenever I get sick with anything, it brings on an even nastier flare-up of Rheumatoid Arthritis. So as soon as the flu hit, I was pretty much stuck in bed and unable to move because the joints swell and bring on terrible pain. It's as if thousands of tiny people wrap each and every joint of your body in duct tape, then proceed to pound on the joints with the heaviest sledgehammer they can find on planet Earth. That was three days lost. So I really literally burned the midnight oil to finish (I'd had the plan scetched out and the project base-papered before getting sick. That means I am posting this in the 'nick of time', so there's just photos this time, and I'll try to get up a video of it at a later date- if I can.
     Please join the Challenge if you can- it's been alot of FUN! The crafters involved all do tremendously beautiful work!!! And there are prizes from Tim Holtz- the author/designer of CoC, and his BTS helper, Mario Rossi. Not to mention prizes from Inspiration Emporium , and the Funkie Junkie Boutique (where I won my choice prizes for Challenge #20 random drawing). You'll need to have your own copy of Tim's Book, and we're not allowed to share any 'how to's on any of the techniques taught for each particular Challenge. So without any further ado, here's my entry for CC3 Challenge #23 which I named in honor of my hopes for a trip out west for the ChiefHubby and I: The "Westward, HO!" Folio.

The front shows alot of the things that are involved in not only the TIME to take to see it all and get away from home, but the things Ireally want to see or visit, as well.

One of my very fave dies- the M&S clock key !! I had some fun with bits of trim.

Very SPACIOUS pocket folders for CAST (the travelers), PROPS (the stuff we buy or bring home), EXTRAS (made from newspaper cardstock hehe for the ppl we meet or anyone going along), and SCENES (photos of action or happenings). Larger photos are in the middle called "ON LOCATION" for that reason. SCRIPTS (intentionally misspelled as we always end up REVISING our plans no matter what).

A REAL pen in it's look-at, fixed-on holder.

I hope to be able to add my own photos to this section, but for now....this is what it looks like for filling purposes.

I printed TWO large is cardstock and the top is see-through printable vellum. A nighttime over the daytime.

One of the places we MUST see is the Hollywood sign. I hope we can spend a full day hiking that. Here's someone else's photo for now- daytime on bottom cardstock and top is vellum nighttime over it.

The bottom is a world map of TH resist stash- distress painted and swiped down. I also made another folder that is free to move out of the folio. Music will be playing all along the trip.

The inside of a few of my large tags give me plenty of space for whatever I am doing- writing a full story, miliage tabs, reciepts or what have you, that I always seem to come back home with.

The backside is left plain so I can have a flat surface to write on while riding shotgun with the ChiefHubby...
Westward, HOOOOOooooooooooo!
         Thanks so much for checking in again! I am hoping to get some relax time in so I can read up on some blogs of others for a bit this weekend. And hopefully be rid of the flu bug totally. So much for those shots, eh? lol
                                 Be Safe and Happy Blogging !


Anita Houston said...

LOVE the Hollywood FUN!!! Thank you so much for joining in our folio challenge at CC3Challenge!!!

Rea' said...

OMG ... fabulous cover ... love the closure too! So many cool details , so creative !

Marjie Kemper said...

What a super folio! Thanks for sharing with us at CC3C ~ hope you are feeling better soon.

The Craft Cupboard Under the Stairs said...

I love your folio. and thank for the vellum idea. I'd love to try that!

Candy C said...

Hi Lyla. I'm a little behind on commenting on the folio...better late than never! :) Your HOLLYWOOD folio is really cool. Love the cover! It's very dimensional and cool! The interior is also really nice with all of the tags and flip outs. Thanks for joining us at CC3C. <3 Candy

Annette Green said...

What a clever theme idea here. I love this folio with all the wonderful details inside. Have fun filling it up, and I hope you're feeling better by now.

Mandy Welch said...

Charming. My hubs is a videographer. Showed this to him and he loved what you did with the film strip die. Love the clock elements too. And the vellum idea. On and on. WTG
And I hope you're feeling better.