Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Handcrafted Very Cool Bracelets For Summer 2015...

Summer will be here before we know it....(Ok, cut the crap on me and let me DREAM! The snow is definitely getting to me now!)...and I am always left scrambling at the last minute for planning any kind of wardrobe. I'm a 'strange' kinda gurl, I guess, because I dislike any kind of clothes shopping. Actually DETEST is probably not too strong a description here. I am forever at home in a bikini, shorts & T or jeans and T, with a hoodie jacket and Crocs, flips, or some kind of jogging shoes (I have the Skeletoes and LOVE them!), or if I am out ridinig, or mucking stalls at my Bestie's house- good ol' cowgirl work-loosened boots with a sturdy, short heel for gripping the stirrups (or kicking the poo...whatever needs to be done, ya know.) When I was younger, I LOVED being on bareback with just a rope lead and nothing else between me and the horse. Think: "The Black Stallion" here. ;)
Because over the years of riding, while learning how to grip with the knees as should be done (I was one of the many who learned the HARD way ...ouch!), my butt and I came to an 'understanding' and we made a compromise on using a SADDLE. Not that it lets you get 'soft', though. *shrug*  But just like my simplistic style of dress, I have learned to add a few things here and there, and I kinda think to myself: "Self, you sure can shine up like a new penny when you WANT to!"  : D

I've always been fond of rings. Everyone knows that about me- especially my Chiefhubby, who has purchased my many nice baubles. But I remember wearing alot of bracelets in my teens- mostly leather or  the plain hemp kind. But I had -and still have- three very special gold bracelets; the Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Pluto, Daisy, and Goofy charms all still dangling that was a Christmas Gift from Grandpa & Grandma Dougherty (ChiefHubby's) the year he and I married, the Spiedel chain with engraved name on it from my closest older brother for my birthday one year, and a gold herringbone from the Chief himself...all cared for and still shiny. But the 70s were laid back, leather, hemp, and rope items usually. And don't forget the chewing gum wrapper chains we made into everything from door hangings, to bracelets and necklaces. Juicy Fruit was my fave. So this past couple of years, I found myself wearing alot more bracelets, and decided to make some new ones out of the VERY COOL hemp cording Hobby Lobby came up with last July 4th. The pkg had four kinds - full red, full white, full blue and then a twist of red, white, blue together. Another set was the same but there was plain tan hemp in place of full white. Then Tim Holtz came out with some of his own this past CHA Winter '15!! Each kind creates alot of cool touches on crafted items- including braided bracelets!

             Here is a closer detail pic of the three kinds I made recently. I like to add a couple of charms to personalize some, and others just leave plain. 

               THANKS for the kind comments, everyone!!! I keep trying to make sure to look in on everyone else's projects, even if I don't post a comment. I find so much inspiration with all those VERY AWESOME crafts out there! Thanks for stopping in, and please feel welcome to 'steal' any ideas you get from here- it's all about SHARING!! And nothing pleases me more than sharing with so many talented TRULY GIFTED ARTISTS in BlogLand !! Stay safe and...
                                                                      Happy Blogging!

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