Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Monday, March 16, 2015

Compendium of Curiosities Challenge #24: "Rise Above"

       Feeling much better this weekend and sending everyone a huge SMILE and hope you are welcoming SPRING today the way we here in Indiana did- 70* out and the sun was shining!!! Ohmagosh! I totally think THIS is the FIRST time EVER this year it has even actually been SUNNY out without dark clouds hovering over us somewhere on the horizon! And that alone was enough to get me feeling much better. :)  My original plan as I created this on Saturday (yup- believe it peeps- the very day Challenge 24 was issued to us...yeah, yeah, yeah, my Besties are just NOT gonna believe this one cause my middle name shouldda been "Late" instead of Louise), was to post this on Friday- the actual first day of Spring 2015. But today's weather got the best of me. And the ChiefHubby chose to take one of his 25 weekday vaca days today just to work on his boat. (I kinda thought that old tub was just to 'sit out there and use when we feel like fishing', but it's turned into another 'DavidProject' and the pumpkin is slowly emerging into a pretty chariot. :) Men are SO like us ladies; they just gotta get something and CREATE out of it. I tend to think our lady stuff COSTS alooooooot LESS.
       But anyway.... I came up with my idea right off the bat after the Challenge was issued simply because I am "WEIRD"! How many of you watched the Oscars this year?? If you did, then you know exactly what I am on the path to: "Go ahead and be DIFFERENT; stay weird!" Now, I am fully Christian, so I don't condone alot of shenanigans that alot of celebrities do. But, there is a HUGE difference between the titles of 'Actor' and 'Celebrity'. An actor worries about his CRAFT; the job of making the audience feel emotiion over the character he/she is portraying. A celebrity only worries about the publicity he or she garners, and very rarely do they care about anything other than 'staying on top'. Actors usually earn alot less money and are much less seen in public. (I will give margin for likes of Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, Kevin Costner, and Harrison Ford, who are hugely famous, but also HUGELY talented.) But this unkown guy got up there in front of everyone watching, admitted that he -at one time in his past- thought he was worthless and almost comitted suicide. He felt he didn't 'fit in anywhere' or 'wasn't like everyone else', but he kept on and what was percieved by others as his "weirdness" paid off; there he was up on the podium with a much-coveted award that few win once in their lifetime for their film creation (whatever their part in it was).
      His acceptance speech was for those of us who consider ourselves 'weird' (too loud, too soft, too picky, too OCD, too unchoosey, too choosey, too silly, too pesky, too 'star-trekky'spacey, or even too serious)....Well, GOD made us exactly as HE wanted each person to BE. Not that HE doesn't want us to mold more to being like HIM, which of course HE does, but GOD also told us that HE created us in HIS Image yet made each one of us different!!! AWESOME!!! So, yeah, I am gonna just keep on being the person I am. And I am gonna keep on tossing out all those 'nice' things to say to others, toss over the smiles by the tons, and keep reaching out to help others BE HAPPY, and BE LOVED. And as Sir Paul McCartney sang: "What's wrong with THAT?!" The answer is the same as then: "NOTHING AT ALL!"

The full front of my entry.

I doubled on the tags to start with- knowing I wanted one as a plain backside.

I loved the idea I came up with for the 'dirt and grass'- the common ground from which all the flowers come. ;) 
            Since I am done so early, I hope that gives me alot more time to pop into Linda Ledbetter's blog to peek in on everyone else's entries and just with a click- pop over to their blogs to see all each is doing. (It's really NICE to be able to do that on Tim Holt'z Blog w the 12Tags, too!) And, as usual for each Challenge of the CC3 (Compendium of Curiosity Vol 3 by Tim) Tim and Mario Rossi provide prizes, as well as The Funkie Junkie  (where I've already won a great set of prizes), and Inspiration Emporium  (who keep tons of Tim stuff in stock).
           Even if you can't participate, give it a peek anyway- the talent in there is nothing short of AMAZING! if not totally inspiring!!  Thanks everyone- for the get well wishes, kind comments, and just any SMILES that were put on faces as a result of looking in on my posts. Take care, stay safe, and as always;
                                                           Happy Blogging!


Anita Houston said...

How cool! I love that you used all these sentiments and the background is just beautiful! Great flowers too! Thanks so much for playing with Remnant Rubs with us at CC3Challenge!!!

Candy C said...

Hi Lyla. Your tag is so pretty. Love the pretty spring flowers with the button centers! Makes me happy to see them! Your background is very pretty. Love the embossing and the soft color blends. Thanks for joining us at CC3C. <3 Candy

Vic's Creations! said...

Love your mustached flower! It's weird, as it should be! Your tag is awesome! Love the quote too!

Cheryl Grigsby said...

Hey, Lyla, what a sweet spring tag! Your daisies are so cheerful!! I appreciate your encouragement in your blog today. Thanks for those words. ;-)

Candy C said...

Hello, hello!! I wanted to take a sec to thank you so much for your very sweet comment you left on my blog regarding my frameworks canvas. I love heartfelt comments! I am not sure what you are talking about regarding matte medium and that gorgeous Westward Ho folio you made but the matte medium truly is a great adhesive and also a sealer. If you are thinking of brushing over some things on your folio to protect them, matte medium is great for that! Just brush on a light coat and let it air dry. You can also hear set to dry but just don't apply too much heat to it or it might bubble on you. It doesn't take thst much to dry it if you aren't putting it in very thick.
I could have sworn that I left a comment on this pretty piece before but none is showing up! I remember seeing this snd loving your idea of the rosette style flowers. This tag makes me happy to look at. The background is so pretty as a clear Spring day! Thanks so much for sharing and your sweet comment! <3 Candy