Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Frilly &Funkie Challenge #3; "Dare to Resist" (Using Resist Techniques)....One Of A Kind; Humble Beginnings

        Whew! February has been slipping past me too quickly! But that could be because I actually have 3 'deadlines' more than usual. Nothing like a deadline to make you procrastinate and then cram it all in on one all-nighter. Gets the blood flowing, hehehe.
         A huge THANKS! for all the sweet comments on my "All You Need Is Love" Beatles Card from Challenge #2 !! There were over 70 extremely talented entries that really put the punch into "WOW!" And while my card didn't win, I have a plate full of other things going on & promptly forgot all about it- until nice notes arrived in my Email (and I finally went in to download it all), Looking at the winners- I have no envy on the Judges to pick them out!! Such inspiring extreme CRAFTS!!!
        So, let's get down to Challenge #3....and this one is another close-to-my-heart kind of thing. Keep in mind that while I wanted it to look great put together, I wanted a LOT of 'shabbiness' going on in this. The entire point is a home where wealth in money was not had. It had to be EARNED- the hard way (downright manual 50-60 hours a week of back-breaking labor in which the worker was only paid a scant wage. But he had 7 children to support, and his wife was legally blind. The oldest of those children, a boy, was named Donald Frederick Rush (The First of 3)- his middle name from his Father, Fred Rush. Fred was the Grandfather I never got to meet. He died at the too young age of 43, from the same type of cancer that would later claim that Son- my Dad- at age 87 in April 2016. I was 7 yrs old when he met and married my mother, and she had 4 of her own to add to his 6 kids from his first marriage. When my mother left us, I chose to stay with my Dad. And the rest- as often is said- is History! But, while he made sure he met all his financial obligations (for ALL his 10 kids he raised), he also made sure we often got things he never had.
Some of the stories he told me (the short versions)..... He learned how to cook at the age of 5 yrs old, to help his Mom who was blind......He always said he quit school at 6th Grade because he "didn't want to repeat it for the third time", but in reality; he got a job to help his Dad support the rest of the family....There were 2 pairs of socks- total- for 7 kids & if you asked him who got to wear them, he'd answer "The first two kids who woke up. Now you know why I get up so early!", but in reality with how our Dad was; I always wondered if he just went without so one of the younger ones could have the socks.  Another thing I remember is from Dad retiring from his factory job (back when Indiana factories had really good retirement plans complete with medical benefits and not fakey, flakey 401K plans), and he'd showed me his Social Security work record of earnings: he'd made $9 total his first year of working. Yep- you read that correctly: NINE WHOLE DOLLARS for a FULL YEAR of work. Now, with all those stories in mind...... you'll be able to have the perception needed to view this project.

     I'll start with each part and the finished piece of that section.....

Just as this Challenge was posted- a trip for another Blood Draw had me finding a SWEET SCORE on this purchase!
I cut some recycled cardboard that is much thinner, but I still used my Big Shot instead of my Vagabond...
 Choices of cardstocks from my paper drawers...
And added some of my own touches to one of the papers I finally chose to match the outside of the house. (The real home was 2 story and before it was torn down, it had been through various colors over the years, but in my early years, it was white. I chose the lighter yellow for some dimension, instead of white.) And the peeled paint look was very spot on! It just needed to look like the boards were smaller- down to scale.
I used chalk to make the windows look a little dirtier than plain cardboard. Then added some vellum paper for the 'glass'- which COULD have also been at one time, a greased-like older glass.
Then I set the cardboard aside to work on the paper layers. Just for refresher,  I got out Tim Holtz;s Compendium of Curiosities Books I, II, & III to make sure I was going to use as many different techniques of the Resist as I could. I certainly had enough surfaces to try them out on with four sides just to the walls of the outside of this house...then 4 inside, and the roof, too !
 So, here you can see where I actually made this paper into 'my own look' with the Distress Paint and Embossing Powder.
"LOVE" is on both inside halves of the house- the one showing up better (in bottom) stands for the 'hard" kind of love we give our children- the kind that says "NO, you will NOT do that. Because I love you and know what is best for you." The softer kind of love (in the upper half with the doorway) is just barely readable- the kind of love that hugs, laughs, and has fun with your kids. From the way our Dad had a huge sense of humor....I am sure he got a fair share of BOTH kinds of love from his parents in this house! I am very blessed to have grown up with his gift of laughter and joking. SO many FUNNY memories living with that man !!
Seeing the inside of the house with "newspaper" insulated all over the roof and walls...
using Resist TH Tape (Dictionary?? I think!)

Here, you see the outside halves getting some 'weather treatment' with those Distress OXIDES !!! What FUN those things are and now I am going to want a few more colors than the two I started with!!!
(My very fave Vintage Photo, and Iced Spruce, so far. Sitting among the rest of the stash of regular Distress Inks and Paints.)
I even got in there with my Spritzer and some Peeled Paint Distress look like mold on the side of the house.
Each side has something different and a diff kind of Resist Technique.

This is the only side that just has Distress Oxide play.... but 'problems with the mold'!
I wanted some insulation if the siding were pulled off and the Celotex blue insulation was showing. I know that is a newer type of insulation, but the effect worked for me.
So I came up with my own version (or so I thought) of Resist: I took a piece of white cardstock, put a few rows of runner tape on it, then added some Ranger Foil Sheet rub-on in blue. Then I went over it with Distress Inks in Salty Ocean and Chipped Sapphire...then scraped off a bit of the Foil.....and the white came up perfectly sound from underneath !!!
COOL!! A new technique...unless it's been done already. If so.... "Great Minds think alike!" 

After cutting out a chunk- here's the final result on that side.

The roof choice was easy; Tim's own  Resist Stash Cardstock!!! I love how that embossed shines through and the pattern on the paper was perfect for shingles on the roof !!!
I made both roofs look different- as if one were replaced sometime along the way. So one had more tan and then other more of a silvery black like soot was all over it from the chimney... speaking of:
The chimney included another Resist- using the TH Bricks Stencil over the paper with some emboss  again here.
The 'soot' on the inside is Unheated embossing powder using Black Soot- aptly named!!
I decided to leave it without heating it so it would look and feel gritty. Yes- we used to have a wood burning stove in our house many years ago when our boys were young. Now the younger couple set of kids have one in their home!

 Paint Resist was used for the bottom ground....
...and Vintage Photo Distress Oxide and some water spritz....
...ending with some regular Distress Vintage Photo on the edges... and a Gold Distress Paint- edged "One of a Kind" gave this little house the perfect touches from the ground up.
 And with my TH Alterations Tiny Tabs&Tags Die... I cut some good old Kraft Glassine Paper!! I still have plenty of that stuff and still LOVE IT!! So I crumpled it up and typed/printed out a bit of my own words for "humble beginnings". The front door is Resist with those wonderful TH Resist IdeaOlogy Remnant Rubs- both WORDS and NUMBERS types.
The Paper Doll stash has plenty to choose from, and those babies are SO ADORABLE!!! I would imagine that every boy has had a dog. At least; in THIS HOUSE, we have. So I put one there for Dad- he DID have his soft spot for animals though he never wanted anyone to know it. He always had to LOOK tough. And he always had to be the one to take care of things.
It was a rough job to do with these RA inflamed fingers during all the rain we've gotten...but getting the tiny cuts from the ruler paper in the TH Dapper Paper Stash....was well worth it!
I've had this teeny tiny weensy Lincoln penny for a while- from a Bestie in a box of goodies. With a couple of TH IdeaOlogy Mini gave the thought that this little child was going to be expected to work for anything he was going to have in life. And he did. And he taught that same work ethic to his kids- to me. And I know Dad was proud of my ChiefHubby for taking care of me and our family in that very same way.
(While he always teased that he was paying David to keep me.... Ha. Ha, Dad. Veeeeery funny.)
Beneath the front step...which I purposefully re-cut to be uneven and slightly leaning as if the cement were sinking into the ground... another piece of the Kraft Glassine Paper and a couple of Chit Chat words... pay my dues to the one I miss very, very much.
Thanks for the inspiration, Dad!

And, just for fun....
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These Challenges are open to ANYONE! You don't need to be a long-time crafter to do any of these, and I always say; if you've never tried it, you gotta start SOMEWHERE!
THANKS to everyone who visited A Chief's Wife's Heart's A'Fire since I've been back!
If you get a chance, you should DEFFINITELY pop over to 
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I'll be seeing you in the near future on the F&F Challenge Blog -
as a GUEST DESIGNER!! I am sooooo excited!!
And, in the meantime;



Sara Barker said...

Well, you could just tip me over with a feather! I'm really short on time, but I just had to have a peek. I got sucked in by your story, and oh, MY! And we all think we have it so bad! Your story of your dad sounds so VERY much like my dad's. I could go on and on about the similarities, but really am just here to admire your lovely ir-resistable home. Thank you so much for sharing it with us at Frilly and Funkie! Hugs! Sara Emily

Autumn Clark - SewPaperPaint said...

Congrats on your score! I almost got this one, but have never been too good with doing 3D projects. I just love your altered house and the amazing details. Such a cool project! We are so thankful that you shared with us at Frilly & Funkie. Hugs, Autumn

Jenny Marples said...

Absolutely LOVE that you've really gone for it with the resist techniques on this Lyla and what a magnificent residence you've created as a result! So many fantastic details to admire. Thank you for joining us at the Frilly and Funkie Challenge blog xx

Sara Barker said...

So pleased your gorgeous home was chosen as one of our Top Picks at Frilly and Funkie! I absolutely adore this! Hugs!