Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Frilly & Funkie Challenge #4- Interactive Fun... As Guest Designer !

     When my Tag was chosen as a Winner for that first Challenge (F&F Challenge #1 in Articles), and the invitation was made to be a Guest Designer...well, you guessed it: I was excited to say the least! Humbled, came first, actually, followed by the excitement...and then the eventual nervousness of "How am I going to do this?" and "WHAT am I going to do?!" But, when it comes to MY projects: my way is usually 'go BIG' or just toss in the craft rag! I'm usually one to never skip the little details when I do something. So saying....hold on to your studio chair and take a load off your mind for a few! Let's get down to basics here...
                                 First off, meet our Wittle Peanut, Cole! He's our first Grandbaby altogether, but since we have 2 sets of couples kids, he's the first of hopefully TWO 'firsts' since we really don't wanna stop with ONE- this Grandparenting Thing is too much FUN!! It certainly IS worth all the waiting, since you definitely want your kids to be settled in as a couple, and having  good jobs and a house of their own (like we did) is a major bonus! Both our girls expressed hope to be stay-at-home Moms if possible, and Cole's Mommy (our older Daughter) is able to still further her College Degree at the same time being full-time Mommy. Our younger Daughter is a HS Teacher, so I think our Grandkids will have THE BEST MOMS- EVER! We were only able to have our two boys, so if they all choose to have more than we did- or less than we did- it's totally up to them. But as far as THIS Grandma goes...I'm soft putty on this first one. Stick a fork in me. :)  So this project has been in the works for the past 6 to 8 months and finally posting it up just for this Guest Designer spot- PERFECT!
        The featured part of this Challenge is detailed (about midway) down this list of photos. The rests of the photos are just for showing you the entire Folio (Tim Holtz Large Folio) and the other crafted parts of the project. I've even included photos of the Treasure Box that will store this, as well as other items I will save or craft for Cole. I'm hoping to keep up the same thing for each Grandchild that enters into our family. (Hey, I can PLAN, can't I?!)
         S0... by all means, let's take a lookie! There's even a VIDEO at the end of this post, also!

Here's the part with the chosen Interactive Element feature for this Challenge #4...

The right page shows what is actually TWO pages- one in front of the other. The tab with the airplane is supposed to be pulled over to the right side of the book...

The Tim Holtz Remnant Rubs are used here- to tell the reader "don't forget to fly" the airplane over to the right side of the book...

...and a fold-out page is shown with the details of Cole's geneology- from his Great-Great Grandparents on down. This is a hobby of mine since we were married; adding names and dates of family events to a diary/book. I have quite a file of all sides of our families, and I hope to supply each Grandchild with their own information; who they are and who they come from.
On the backside of the folded page is space for photos of the family members listed. This helps match the name to a face. Since Cole has already lost 2 sets of Great-Great Grandparents, as well as a Great Grandma and Great Grandpa on his Paternal side, and just recently lost another GGGrandma... these photos will help him know them.

The older couple set of kids popped the news on us while helping me take my sailboat out of the water. I'd been out on her all that afternoon, singing Crosby, Stills, & Nash's fine tune while tilling her out to the wind to spend that one last afternoon on the lake before taking her out for the winter.  Since they chose a maritime theme for Cole's USNavy Mommy (& her oldest Bro USNavy and Grandpa Rick- her Dad- is USMarines)...this page was fitting!

      I definitely have A LOT of work yet to fill this all out for Cole's first year. This is only a smattering of  Cole's 1st year photos, so I think I'm gonna need another TeraByte Book in the future of more kiddies! And then....well, we'll see what crafty things are next on the agenda!
     After all, Spring will be here and it'll be time to get ye ole sailboat back out. Aye; she'll be yare a'fore the breeze with a clean wake aft o' her!!

         Lastly, there's a video for those of you who want to see the entire thing in motion.

Meemaw had a lotta fun, Peanut! And from the looks in the photos on that tray....
(a mixture of photos from Mommy, Daddy, Grammy& Grampy, Meemaw&Papaw, 
as well as a few official selfies Cole himself did)...
looks like YOU -& lots of your family- did, too!

I need to mention that you can find a little bit about me on the "Meet the Guest Designer" 
& that you can check out all the inspirational entries, as well as 
several bonafide awesome Designers' own takes,
These Challenges are open to everyone !
Who knows? Maybe YOU will come up with the next WINNING ENTRY
to be chosen as Guest Designer!
Or, perhaps your project could be chosen to win a fabulous PRIZE from
But, you'll never know unless you give it a try. :) 

And a HUGE TANX! to those of you leaving such KIND notes!! <3
Even just looking at the number of people popping in to take a peek at things
can really be a big bolster for a Crafter's imagination to work on making paper take a shape, 



Jenny Marples said...

What an amazing portfolio Lyla! Thank you so much for creating that fantastic flip through video too so we can see lots more of the interactive details inside and thank you again for joining us at the Frilly and Funkie Challenge Blog as our Guest Designer xx

Sara Barker said...

Fabulous interactive project, Lyla! Your portfolio is very well thought out and put together, and what amazing treasure it holds! I can feel the love you made it with, and I just know you had so much fun putting it all together. I've only made one portfolio album, and I know it is a labor of love! Well done, and thank you so much for being our Guest Designer at Frilly and Funkie! Hugs! Sara Emily

Sara Barker said...

PS I meant to say, too, thank you for the video! I sure could use a tutorial on making one of those!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Such a fantastic folio! You are a girl after my own heart with all those fabulous pull tabs, folds, flips and flaps! Thanks so much for being our guest designer at Frilly and Funkie, and thanks for the great video, too!

Sara Barker said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my pocket watch card! It sure made my day! I wanted to see how you made your tag, but after having gone back a long way in your blog, I couldn't find it. But I sure did enjoy looking for it! You have made some pretty awesome stuff in the past year! (A girl has to give up at some point, so I didn't look further!) When you get a moment, please send me your link; I would love to see your tag! sled capon at gee male dot com Hugs! Sara Emily