Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Frilly And Funkie Challenge #5; "Knock On Wood"....I mean REALLY knock on wood- as in new wood flooring all through our house. Fun.

          This Frilly and Funkie Challenge is one that has REALLY been a CHALLENGE!
I've got literally 20 mins before the deadline closes, so here goes just the basics...

The one on the left is covered in clear contact paper so as to perform its intended duty as a bookmark for the younger Son and Daughter (both huge book readers/collectors). They are the ones who took this trip with us to an overnight stay in Deluth, MN, just to see Lake Superior up close, and then on to Ely, MN...."The Last Stop At The Top" in the USA before getting to Canada. You really ARE next to Canada, but only by International Waters- impossible to cross without a lot of very careful planning, and even then...highly unlikely. A BEAUTIFUL PLACE!!!!

The backside is filled with photos from the Family Expedition, and it really WAS an "expedition" in every way! We found and saw things we had never before seen. What an experience!
Plus; I've never laughed HARDER in my entire LIFE!!
What a hoot! Kids, remember: We'll always have ELY!!!!! ;)

The trees were made from the actual bark of a Birch Tree from the very camp we stayed in. The Birch Trees are very hard to keep alive in over-covering pines that tower and shade them out of the sun. So the bark is very plentiful on the ground- everywhere! I took home a small "sheet" of it. It peeled in several layers to use!! So I was able to build my Tag's tree up to 3 layers.

The "star" of my Tags is the WOOD itself! And with good reason, I have only gotten SOME of this on here, even though I did two tons of pics for the process. The reason is simple: we are redoing THE ENTIRE HOUSE from the carpet/linoleum we have had over all the years replaced with the all new wood flooring that we are installing OURSELVES. Not an easy process, but as you can see from the background of these photos; OH SO VERY SWEET!!!
BONUS: I am cleaning and washing every item in the house as we go. Yep. You read that correctly!

So saying, I have literally busted my behind this past three weeks, and so has my poor, raggedly tired ChiefHubby. Thankfully, he pulled out the days off - just TODAY- for us to go up to see the younger set of couple kids THIS WEEKEND for EASTER !!! I am SO EXCITED!!! We have not seen them since Christmas and usually, it is longer than that (from Thanksgiving till May 1st). So I am really, really MISSING my younger kids!! We had Easter for our GrandSon last Sunday during his Mommy's (older Daughter) Birthday, and now we won't miss the younger Son's Birthday, either!!

This Challenge is sponsored by The Funkie Junkie Boutique where you can find tons of very affordable craft items (you'd be surprised how many of these things we are using to put in the new wood flooring when we need a tool that will help us better)!! And these Frilly and Funkie Blog Challenges are open to EVERYONE- 'pro-crafty' or just wondering what you can make on your first time out. So join the fun on the next Challenge and YOU might be a lucky PRIZE WINNER!!

Thanks to all those who pop in to see what is happening here, and for all the OH SO VEEERY KIND COMMENTS that give me a HUGE SMILE to pass on to others !!!
Until next time....

Be Safe & Happy Blogging!!!!


Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I love your beautiful wood floors! I want to do this in our home as well. The hubster....not so much! LOL Anyway, birches are my favorite tree, so I love your incredibly creative use of birch bark! Thanks for joining the fun at the Frilly and Funkie "Knock on Wood" Challenge! It's always a pleasure to have you play along!

Sara Barker said...

Lyla, first off, your tags are stunning with that REAL bark bark on the trees! How clever are you to make the tree out of this natural treasure! Adding the photos on the back of the tags make for a wonderful gift to your kiddos. I'm so pleased you were able to get these into our Knock on Wood challenge at Frilly and Funkie!

Your new wood floors are stunning! I know this is a lot of work, especially paired with washing everything as you go along. But how rewarding in the end!

Birch trees are a favorite of mine, and we have a beautiful river birch out front that has given me lots of bark to use on projects over the years. Hugs!

Cec said...

Great tags/bookmarks and how fun that you used real birch bark. Love your new wood floors. Our floors need refinishing but I am holding off as long as possible because of all the dust it creates. Thanks for joining us at Frilly and Funkie.