Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

"HOME" Book Gifts- For Our Kids...and Our Wittle Peanut !

      I found these books on a Craft "DeStash" event by invitation from Candy Colwell and as promised; here they are for everyone to see the finished look of both. The younger couple kids' book is in still photos, while the book for the older couple kids is in video format. (I made two versions of the video, since one version will remain private just for Wittle Peanut; our Grandson, Cole). I had a lot of fun making these and even more so, choosing the
photos that went inside each! Since these books already come in a bound-back form, all that is needed is covering with your favorite papers/cardstocks and embellishments.  What an easy, affordable, PERSONAL gift...anyone can make!
     Please have a look.... I'll start with the photos of the 'Shabby Chic' of the younger set, then add the video of the older set's.

Covering and making the outside covers of both books first, then adding extra touches as I went.

I chose to do all 7 Gypsies cardstock papers for the youngers' book, and bright/pastel colors for the olders' book. And there, you see a naked baby! Made from Sizzix Doll Body and coordinating clothing Sizzix Dies.

Choosing the photo for their front window was EASY- the ones here were some of my very fave!

You will notice that all the photos so far are in black and white format.
My plan was to have only the very last pages in color- their page for being FINALLY HOME.

She started out on Scholarship to UMBC in Maryland...and he began (also on Honors Scholarship) at Purdue- both doing their own thing. But the pull was there and pretty soon, she transferred, & transfers back into Indiana colleges go back to the bottom of the totem pole, unfortunately...while Brett was at the top of that same pole. Within a year- she had moved up and PAST that bottom... to graduate only 1 semester behind him (but in the same year 2014) WITH DISTINCTION!
All four of our kids have been Honors Students....
and we are VERY PROUD of their hard work and achievements !!!

That last year of Purdue University- they were married August 10, 2013....
celebrating 5 years this year !!! Time is flying way too fast.

There is still one space here at the left- for that first home up in Minnesota. 
That photo is around here SOMEWHERE.....grumble, grumble, grumble.....
I swear, I WILL get that into their book the next trip up!

The first rented house in the downtown of Red Wing. 
Across from the Police Dept and Fire Dept....
and this house actually matched this book's papers in colors and tones- very pretty indeed !!

Her fave holiday is Christmas- family gathering time. So that is the reason for the stockings hung by the chimney- with care! Thanks, again, to the ladies who had the DeStash Event- I was able to also add this TH Alterations Die- Stocking and Candy Cane.

Their final move (so far, as they may choose to move more in their future- who knows?) is the HOME they purchased ! It is huge, and very nice- lots of space inside w 2 levels- and outside for the FurryKids.
The backside- just plain easy-does-it.
Just a little last touch to 'lock it up' to keep it closed.

Now the video of the 2nd book. This one took me longer because there were more elements to the structure of adding the doll to the house. Plus: drool-proofing the doll and the photos.
I used plain old laminating for the photos and if you'll turn up your volume, you'll hear the rest of the make-it details. (Since I am deaf, I cannot remember what it says, lol! So if you have Qs for me to answer, please be sure to mention which part in time of the video you are asking about.)

         Thanks for stopping by, once again! I'll be busy getting more of 2017 crafted items posted on my blog, while keeping up with new Challenges on the Frilly & Funkie Challenge Blog.


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