Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Year 2013 & Year 2014 2

Thursday, November 26, 2020

The Funkie Junkie Boutique Challenge #25 "A Time To Be Grateful"... and A Vintage Journey November Challenge "Sets"... Quilted With Love; Red, White, and Blue

WARNING: There are 55 photos- to show how I did each step in the process. But, I kept the chatter to only the first 3 praragraphs. :)
    This is one make that not only sat waiting for me to finish filing the photos and get it blogged, but it literally took just as long as that time just to construct it... and of course- you know me- I made a set of them. "Them" specifically, are quilted books. What's different about them is the fact that they are quilted from PAPER. I merely combined two types of crafting into one type of gift. I am not the quilter- actually I am not much of a sewing fan at all, other than the stitching oddly around tags or the touch of zig-zagged, ragged, fraying (and quite lovely) look. But, I have several friends, and especially 2 people in our extended family who are not only avid quilters, but living the 'quilted life' and are generous givers of their amazing talented skills. I cannot count the number of their quilted items I have seen, and each new make just bowls me over with awe! I am humbled when I tell you that I, also, have been a recipient of many gifts that have matched my inner soul to a T. These 2 ladies have warmed my heart with gratefulness from their passion to bring so many folks under the shelter of a blanket made with so much love. One- my ChickCousin Bestie- has gifted not only my kids, but each Grandbaby as well. The other- my 'fellow Grandma' of our youngest Grandbaby- actually made enough bedding, blankets, coverlets, and matching sets...Baby Pecan (she calls him her Jamie Bug) is set for his childhood in "blankies". During the Baby Shower, as Mommy opened each one- the delight of the crowd was obvious, and I was snapping over 800 photos to make sure I got several shots to choose from for his Baby Album. I would LOVE to be able to sew like that! But each her own, and don't just 'do it'; really ROCK IT! (Like they do!)

    I have been a big fan of quilts since they are included in the Primitive Americana décor. I have many styles and sizes- in stacks and displayed on ladders, beds, chairs, and railings. There are the unique items- that call to my inner Hippie; Beatles hangings, Beatles quilted purses and tech bags (from the ChickCousin Bestie), and even Beatles coasters set (from the fellow Grandma), which I keep in my Craft Studio. And alongside those are several Tim Holtz Eclectic material quilted into pie-shaped doilies (with a cute lace pocket on one slice)- each made by the Bestie, who knows I am a TH Addict. Those things are the "Collection" that my own kids may or may not want. Face it: when you die, your kids don't have to like what you had in your home. So when that time comes, they will all pick out what they LIKE. When one set of Grandparents died (we were very close to all four), we were given the opportunity to choose and I took

Grandma's cookbook, Grandpa's double boiler (he was famous for his Peanut Butter Buckeye Candy and his cookies while Grandma was the cook of the FOOD), and his measuring spoons. I use all of it to make his Buckeye Candy every year, and just got finished last night with 300 of them for this season. Our boys? One chose Grandpa's blanket. The other chose Grandma's favorite green cat pillow- he still has it stashed away. When the ChiefHubby's Mom died, she had sent home the 2 hand-sewn set of quilts made by her own Great Aunt and Grandmother just months before. So I chose the quilt she kept on her own bed. It was a purchased, bagged quilt, but the point was: she loved it and in the months after her death, it brought us great comfort on our own bed, and now shines in a stack in the Guest Room.

   Now, after having read thus far; you can see why I felt an urge to make something special for these two wonderful ladies. I am extremely blessed; I have more people to love- and whom I know pass on that love- than I can name in my lifetime. And GOD loves each even more than that...AMAZING!     

                         So, let's see how this came together!

                                   All crafting materials and tools used are shown in the photos.

This is FELT sheets- the only 'cloth' part of the books.
This was used to cushion the covers (as shown below with cardstock to firm it up
against the "quilted" paper red, white, blue outer cover/spine.)

Tags were cut using both the TH Alterations Movers/Shapers Tag and Bookplates Die,
and the TH Alterations Tag Thinlits Die Set. 

OF COURSE! there needed to be Tim Holtz sewing paper in there!!
(Both Memoranda 12x12 and Kraft Resist 12x12 Paperies)

I am entering this set of 3 "Quilted With Love; Red, White, and Blue"
into the following Challenges:


which is Sponsored by

I hope you'll be able to see even just a few elements that are easy for you to
try out yourself- and come join in on the fun...
I am grateful to all of the two tons of AMAZING PEOPLE
who have shared their crafting talents with me over the years;
I have learned so much, and sharing the "How-To"s - both ways- 
has been WONDERFUL! You've ALL helped bring me this far, for sure.
THANK YOU for all the uplifting comments !!

With one more post to go that finishes out the month of November,
then I am 'off' for the weekend to enjoy being up here
in RED WING, MN, once again:
for the youngest Grandbaby's 1st (Nov. 14th) Birthday...
How sweet it is!

Stay Safe, Wear the MASK, Wash the HANDS, &


Cec said...

I think you need to share a cure for "jaw just hit the floor syndrome" in your posts. The quilted cover is fantastic and add all the great pages inside, these are over-the-top gorgeous books. I am a city gal but the country feel of these is making me smile. I especially love the aged wood papers and bandana paper. Thanks for sharing these with us at The Funkie Junkie Boutique Blog.

sarascloset said...

First off, Happy Birthday to the youngest of the Larimore clan! What a wonderful day that must have been! And now for the books you made: Wow! You know I love it when you go Americana on me! Those quilted covers and papers are amazing, and what a lot of love went into each of them and the papers, tags and pages and trims within each of the albums! Love this project and seeing how it came together! Thanks so much for sharing them with us at The Funkie Junkie Boutique Blog before sending them off to their rightful owners.

Jenny Marples said...

I'm in total agreement with Cec and Sara Emily - these journals are totally spectacular. The 'quilted' covers look incredible and your mix of pages inside works perfectly with them. Thank you so much for sharing your enormous talents with us at The Funkie Junkie Boutique Challenge Blog xx